New BSNL Connection Apply – BSNL Broadband Service

New BSNL Connection Apply – BSNL Broadband Service

BSNL is the Most Trusted Telecom Company in India for Landline and Broadband service. You can Apply for BSNL Broadband Service using an Offline Form submitting it to the nearby BSNL Office.

If you apply online using the BSNL Selfcare Portal it may take more time than the offline Application. But before you apply for any connection please check what broadband services are available in your area.

In the Digital India initiative, all Government offices in Indian cities and villages are connected to the Internet using Broadband Connection.

Types of BSNL Broadband Service:

Once you find out that BSNL is providing Broadband connection in your nearby area check the following BSNL Broadband Services and apply for the right one for you.

There are three types of BSNL Broadband Connection:

  1. BSNL DSL Broadband (Copper Line) – Speed = ~100 MBPS
  2. BSNL Fiber Broadband (Optical Fiber) – SPeed = ~1 GBPS
  3. BSNL Fiber WiFi (Wireless Broadband) – Speed = ~100 MBPS

How to Apply for BSNL Broadband Connection:

You can Apply for any connection online/Offline based on the availability in your area. The Application and Connection Charges may change as per the area you are in.

For BSNL Broadband Online Application – Click Here

For BSNL Fiber Broadband Online Application (Bharat Fiber) – Click Here

You can also download the Offline Form and Submit it to the Nearby BSNL office to get a new BSNL Broadband Service. Download Form here

After the application is submitted, the Connection Agent will contact you and give you a total Estimate for the Installation and Plan of your Broadband. (may differ as per the Location)

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To stop your BSNL Broadband connection write an application to the Local BSNL office with the proper info and submit the application. Also, keep one copy with you as proof for future use.

Best Plans to Choose for BSNL Broadband:

BSNL FTTH or Bharat Fiber or Optical Fiber is the Best Broadband type you can choose for. And while choosing this service you can check for your need if you can work with 30MBPS Internet speed then the Basic Plan worth ₹449 without GST is enough for you.

The ₹999 BSNL FTTH Plan is the Popular Plan among all users as it gives you 200MBPS Speed and Hotstar Premium is Free to use.

It is known as the Unlimited Plan but after you use 3300GB of the Internet in a Month your Internet Speed will get reduced to 2MBPS.

BSNL FTTH Broadband Best Plan to choose

BSNL Broadband Without Landline:

When you get a New Broadband Connection you get a free Telephone service along with the BSNL Broadband Service.

Please check the Plan you have chosen because not all Plans include Unlimited Free Landline Calls.

BSNL Broadband Bill Payment:

The important note about BSNL Broadband Service is this service is Postpaid, which means if you use or don’t use the Internet you will get a Fixed Amount bill Every month.

Whatever Broadband Plan you choose you will be charged 18% extra GST on it while your Monthly Bill is generated so the ₹999 Plan will cost you ₹1178.

To Pay this bill you can use the Landline Number you get with your Broadband Connection you can use the BSNL Payment Portal, or other Apps like PhonePe, Paytm, AmazonPay, etc.

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I prefer the third-party Apps to pay my bills as they give me some cashback Amazon Pay normally gives ₹50 Cashback.

Paying BSNL Broadband Bill using Phonepe app

Step 1: Open the PhonePe/AmazonPe/Paytm app and go to Bill Payment

Step 2: Then Select Broadband/Landline Option and enter your Landline Number to Fetch the Bill.

Step 3: Verify the Bill and click on the Pay button.

That’s it you can easily pay your BSNL Broadband Service Bill online within 3 Steps.

BSNL Broadband Customer Service Complaint Number:

For Basic complaints like LOS in Broadband Signal or Internet is not showing or router is having any issue you can contact the Local contractor.

But if you think your local operator is not helping you out please call on the following numbers or register an Online Complaint using the BSNL Selfcare Portal.

For BSNL Broadband Complaint – BSNL Broadband Helpline Number ‘1504’ Number:- 1800-345-1504

Register any BSNL Complaint online easily – Visit Here

BSNL Broadband Service Provider Near Me:

You can simply visit the nearby BSNL Office and inquire about what type of connection they can provide. Another way is to search on google BSNL Broadband Service Near Me and check for online listed service providers and contact them.

If you want to book a BSNL FTTH connection in your Area then Click here and book your Location online on Google Map.

BSNL FTTH Broadband Vs Other Broadband in India

BSNL Broadband Vs other Broadband in India:

BSNL was the leading player in Landline and Wired Telecom Service till 2015 but now the Private Players like Jio, Airtel, Railtel, and other small private local providers are in the competition.

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You just have to check if there is anybody in your colony using the Broadband Service and if yes get the Service Provider Contact number from them.

If not BSNL then go for Jio Fiber if you are looking for the Broadband Connection only for Entertainment purposes. Otherwise, Airtel Fiber is best suitable for Work from home and Business Use.

Check the Comparison for the best Broadband – BSNL FTTH Vs Airtel Fiber

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