This Number is No Longer in Service – Error Message Solution!!

This Number is No Longer in Service – Error Message Solution!!

Have you ever received This Number is No Longer in Service any reply back from the number you messaged? Then there are multiple possibilities of getting such an error message from your receiver.

One of the Most possible chances of getting a reply This Number is No Longer in Service is your Telecom Company has blocked that number due to some reason.

This means when you try to Message or Call the number is no longer in use or blocked by the Service Provider due to some legal issue or technical glitch.

If you are looking for What to do next? and need to contact the receiver anyhow then keep reading I have shared some good solutions.

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What does this “This Number is No Longer in Service” Mean?

The message that you received that Number is no longer in service means either the number has been taken by the service provider due to no bill payment, or any other issue, OR your receiver is tricking you.

In the first case, you can try a different number and make a call or Random Message and check if the error is the same or not.

Because if the number is not in service then it will show the error for all and if the receiver is tricking you then you will get to know.

Solution for this Error – How to Contact that Number!!

Now, let’s move to multiple possibilities and the solutions for the error message you are getting after sending a message to any number.

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1. The Reciever May be Out of Service by the Telecom Company:

Either the company you are trying to contact is shut down or has not paid their telecom bills so the number you are trying to reach is not is service.

OR the company is a Fraud and due to complaints, their service has been discontinued by the telecom company.

You can try their alternate numbers or directly visit the Main office and ask for help.

2. The Reciever is Tricking you by sending same message:

If anybody doesn’t want to make contact with you or reply to you then they might be fooling you by sending the same Error Message as a reply to your message.

Then You can simply call the number from unknown mobile and just wait for a response.

3. The Reciever May have poor Network Connection:

If in case the receiver is currently in such an area where the network is not stable or very rare to get the network then it is possible you might receive such a response.

If you trust the receiver then drop a voice mail to call you back and wait for the response.

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