How to know my JioFi number?

How to know my JioFi number?

The most asked question on the internet – How to know my JioFi number? I know sometimes it becomes hard to remember but you can find out your JioFi Number in multiple ways.

Ways To Find Your JioFi Number:

You can find Your JioFi Mobile Number in the Following Ways:

  • By Calling somebody using JioVoice App
  • By Sending SMS to 199
  • By Using My Jio App

Follow These Steps To know Your JioFi Number:

I will share 3 different methods to know your JioFi Mobile Number. Let’s get started one by one.

Trick 1: Know Your JioFi Number using My Jio APP:

I hope you have downloaded the My Jio App and using it to check your Balance and Recharge your Jio Number.

To know your Jiofi Number you need to log in/add another account in your Myjio App.

There you will see the View My Jio Number option that will show up your JioFi Number.

Trick 2: Know Your JioFi Mobile Number By Calling:

For this Trick, You need to use Jio Voice App and log in with the Jiofi Sim.

Then you can dial any number and your Mobile number will show up on the other mobile screen.

Trick 3: The Final Trick Sending SMS to 199

In the worst case if Trick 1 & Trick 2 Fails you can get your Jiofi Number by using this trick.

First of all, write down the IMEI Number of your JioFi device written in the battery section, then proceed.

Insert the Sim in Your mobile and Send one SMS:- Jio and Send it to 199

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If you are using any other sim operator you need to send the same SMS to 7021799999
For more info watch this video below.

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