How to Change BSNL Broadband Username and Password?

How to Change BSNL Broadband Username and Password?

When anybody asks for help to Change BSNL Broadband Username and Password then there are two meanings to this.

  • Change BSNL Broadband PPPoE Username and Password
  • Change BSNL Broadband Router Username and Password
  • Change BSNL Broadband Wifi Password

Now please decide what you want to change and read the guide accordingly. Here I will try to cover almost every customer POV so that everyone gets the solution.

Advice: Whatever the reason please do not change any setting/Password on your Broadband Account or Router Settings if you don’t know technical things.

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Why Change BSNL Broadband Username and Password?

There are some general reasons and some common reasons why anybody would change their BSNL Broadband Username and Password.

The Common reason is people want to remember their username and password for future purposes and don’t want to call the service guy for small reasons.

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How to Change BSNL PPPoE Username and Password?

The BSNL Broadband PPPoE Username and Password works like APN in Mobile for the Internet. If you typed the wrong PPPoE Username and Password then you will not be able to access the Broadband Internet.

Note: BSNL Broadband PPPoE Username is Fixed once generated by the BSNL. But you may change the Password.

How to Change BSNL Broadband PPPoE Username and Password
  • First Visit the BSNL Selfcare Portal and Log in to your Account. (address:-
  • In the Dashboard go to Modify Services >> Change BB Password
  • Then You will see one Popup Warning, click on Change Password Button again.
  • Then one new Page will get open with instructions to change BSNL PPPoE Password
  • There you will get access to change your BSNL PPPoE Password.
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Note: Most of the Time BSNL won’t tell you the PPPoE Password or let you change it so do not try to change any settings in this part of your account to keep using uninterrupted Internet service.

How to Change BSNL Router Admin Username and Password?

This Part is easy to change, and you must Secure your Router by changing the default Admin Username Password to your new one.

Most of the Routers come with a default Admin Login Username and Password that is Username= admin and Password= admin.

Steps to Login to BSNL Router Admin Panel:

  • First Check the Admin Login IP on the backside of your Router and visit the address.
  • Most of the time the IP address is OR
  • Then Enter the Default Username and Password given on the backside of your Router.
  • Most of the time the Username and Password are admin
  • Then Enter the Captcha if any and Click on the Login Button.

Steps to Change BSNL Router Admin Username and Password:

  • Now go to Administration Settings and there you will see Change Username and Password settings.
  • Change the Login Username and Password and click Save changes.
  • Now Restart your BSNL Router and Check the New Username and Password by Logging in again.

This setting is important because if you keep the default username and password as it is then anybody can hack your router settings and do changes to just tease you and disturb your work.

How to Change BSNL WiFi Name and Password?

Now let’s change the most commonly used WiFi Password, and make it secure. Your WiFi is the entry door for anyone to access your BSNL Router and Connected devices.

You can also make your WiFi Secure if you don’t want your neighbor or anybody to access your Internet through WiFi and divide your Download Speed.

  • First Get Logged in to your BSNL Router Admin panel, with your username and Password.
  • Then you will see Network/Wireless Settings click on the option.
  • There you will see WAN Settings click on that.
  • Now you will see SSID this is your Wifi Name if you want to change the wifi name change this SSID.
  • Below the SSID you will see the Security option there choose Authentication Type as WPA2/PSK
  • Below that enter your Security key this is your WiFi Password confirm the Password once again.
  • Now scroll down and Click on Save Changes Button.

Now Restart your BSNL Router to apply all changes and try to connect your WiFi with the New password.

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