BSNL Balance Check Number – Dial *123#

BSNL Balance Check Number – Dial *123#

Instantly Check Your BSNL Talktime or Data Balance using this Code *123#. There are different codes for a different purposes. Also, you can use *124# to check your BSNL 4G Data Balance.

Before any android app was launched the BSNL Codes were our friends that we used to check BSNL Balance and Validity.

After that, the phones got evolved and numbers, Text, and Codes were not used that much. Especially after the revolution of the unlimited plan now we do not check the balance frequently and with the app, we get to know all info within a minute.

Please Note: Be sure before you use any USSD code, that there are various BSNL Codes that are still active and use to Activate or Deactivate any paid service on your phone.

Let’s check all codes one by one, if you have any doubt feel free to ask me in the comment box.

BSNL Balance Check Codes – All Codes 2023

Here I will share all necessary BSNL Codes useful for BSNL Balance Check, BSNL Offer Check, and the PUK Code for BSNL Sim.

Check the BSNL codes below or click on any code to use it directly, no need to copy it to your phone.

BSNL CodesCode Use
*123#Check Main Balance
*123*6# or *123*10# 2G/3G Data Balance Check
*124#BSNL 4G Data Balance Check
*123*8#BSNL night Balance Check
*124*5#BSNL Special offer Check
*8888#BSNL Number Check
*123*1#BSNL Sim Validity
*125#BSNL SMS Balance Check

BSNL Codes for Balance Check and Offers

BSNL Balance and Validity Check Number:

Follow the easy 3-step guide to check BSNL Balance using Number or Ussd Code.

  • Just Dial *123# on your Mobile and press the Call Button
  • Now you will see the Main Balance and Validity of your BSNL Number
  • To check BSNL Remaining Data Balance just Dial *123*6# OR *123*10#

Tip: If you type “BAL” and send an SMS to 121 then you will get a reply with the Remaining Balance on your BSNL Sim.

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You can also check your BSNL Balance online by using BSNL App or Selfcare Portal

today there are several Unlimited plans available for BSNL Prepaid network. So the use of BSNL Ussd Codes for checking balances is no more in use.

  • But not all users top up with unlimited plans so they can use these codes given in the table above. To check the main balance you can dial *123#
  • Even though you are using the BSNL Sim for incoming only you need to recharge it with some value to keep the Sim valid for the incoming calls. To check Sim validity dial *123*1# Code.
  • The Unlimited Internet is not really unlimited it comes with a daily cap limit of 1 to 2 GB of Data. And to keep the usage track you can use *123*6# or *123*10#  to check your BSNL 2G/3G Data balance.
  • In case you are using a 4G Unlimited Data plan and want to check the remaining 4G data on your BSNL number dial *124# to check the remaining 4G Data.
  • Those who are free at night and prefer to call at night can recharge with a Night call balance and you can check your remaining night call balance by using *123*8# Code.
  • Not much used but if in case you need to check your BSNL SMS Balance just dial *125# code.

BSNL Code for Special Offer Check:

If you are using BSNL as a secondary Sim and want to recharge with a Special offer on BSNL then check your recent Best offer using *124*5# this code.

If you have forgotten your BSNL Number and want to know it just dial *8888# and your number will pop up on your mobile screen.

BSNL PUK Code to Unlock BSNL Sim:

There is one option on your Phone to lock the SIM and if in case you have activated the option then you will require one code to unblock your SIM which is called PUK Code.

You can get your BSNL SIM PUK Code using another mobile number just send one SMS type PUK <19 Digit SIM Number> and send it to 53733.

You can check the Sim number given on the Sim check the image shown below to find your BSNL Sim Number.

Detail numbering on Sim card

Steps to Unblock your BSNL Sim:

  • Send the SMS and get your BSNL PUK Code
  • Then Unlock your Phone with BSNL Locked Sim Card
  • You will see one Message on Screen by Entering PUK Code Here
  • Enter the PUK code you received (10 attempts) and Press the OK button.
  • Then You need to enter a new SIM Pin and confirm it again.
Enter PUK Code and Press OK Button

By this, you can unlock your BSNL Locked Sim using the PUK Code.

Tip: Whenever you handle your phone please handle the Settings carefully. Your Sim was blocked because you entered the old Sim Pin incorrectly 3 times.

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