Gmail Hacked – 6 Methods to Fix Compromised Google Account

Here is 6 methods to recover Gmail Hacked. Find each and Fix the report hacked gmail account to continue google services online…

Gmail has got over one billion active users and a long list of features for its users. It is one of the most used and popular Email platforms, which is available for free. It has always been a prominent name in the list of email services, and the risk of getting the accounts is always seen as high.

It’s quite regularly that Gmail users do complain about their account getting hacked. However, it does alert you if there was a wrong password entry or a different location being used to access your account. So, in this article, you can learn action steps to take about your hacked gmail account.

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Gmail Hacked

In case, if your gmail hacked or in general words if the Gmail Account compromised. Then there are a few steps which you can take instantly to recover and secure it.

  1. Go to Gmail page and click on Sign In button to access your account
  2. If hacked, it will prompt you for a two step authentication process
  3. Answer the security question and if successful you may logged in
  4. Click on Security from the left navigation panel and choose Recent Events
  5. Here choose activities and click on Yes or No for login activities
  6. As well, select the Devices you logged in from the Manage Devices option
  7. Remove the device, if you’re not sure, and only login into your known devices
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Essential Details Required for Recovering Hacked Gmail Account

Here are some essentials which may require if you’re trying to recover your Gmail Account. These can be initial steps which you might go through to get your Gmail Account back. Having this list of details might help you recover the Hacked Gmail Account.

  1. Password used lastly for your Gmail Account
  2. Last time you logged In, along with Date, Month, and Year
  3. Month and Year of your Gmail Account creation
  4. Security question answers, which you selected while creating an account
  5. Email Addresses of recently contacted users from your Gmail
  6. The recovery email address that you fixed when you created the account
  7. Mobile Number linked with the Gmail
  8. 4 Google products that you were using with these Gmail ID

How to Recover Gmail Hacked Account using Mobile Number

Here you will come across a process, which will help you to recover the Gmail Hacked Account by using the linked Mobile number.

  1. Visit the Gmail Official website and enter your ID in the Sign in page
  2. Now click on ‘Forgot Password And then enter last remembered password
  3. Click on Next and enter your linked Mobile number to send OTP4
  4. Select Send and enter the OTP received to your mobile number
  5. Once verified, you may ask to set a New password for Gmail

Recovering Gmail Hacked Account with Recovery Email ID/Gmail ID

In most cases Gmail does ask you to set a Recovery Gmail account, which will help you to recover the Gmail Account using your recovery email or gmail id.

  1. Go to the Gmail page and enter your ID to visit the Password page
  2. Here click on Forgot Password and then enter the password
  3. Next, click on Try Another way and then select the Recovery Email option
  4. Enter the recovery email address and wait for OTP to sent
  5. Type the received OTP and click on verify to confirm your identity
  6. That’s it! Now set the new password in the ‘Change Password Page’
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Recovering Gmail Hacked Account with Security Questions

In case, if you have not set any mobile number or recovery email address for your account. Then you can still recover the Gmail Hacked Account, if you have set the security question.

  1. Visit the Forgot Password page and then enter the last remembered password
  2. Now click on try Another way and then select the ‘Security Question’ option
  3. Type answers for all security questions which will be from 1 to 5
  4. Once verified, you may take to ‘Change Password page’
  5. Set the new password twice and click on submit button to confirm

Recover Gmail Hacked Account using Identity Option

This may used mostly by Gmail users to recover Gmail hacked accounts. As most users don’t remember their Recovery Email Address or linked mobile number or even security questions. Then this option does help mostly to recover the Gmail account.

  1. Go to the ‘Forgot password’ form the Sign in page of Gmail
  2. Here select ‘Verify your identity’ option by click on ‘Try another way’
  3. Now start answering the randomly used question about your account
  4. Answer all 5 questions correctly and then click on the Submit button
  5. If verified, the ‘Change Password page’ loaded on screen

Recovering Gmail Hacked Account with Review request

If all the above cases do not help you to recover the account, then Gmail provides an option to review your request. These come as a last hope for recovery of a Gmail account.

  1. In the account verification page, select the ‘Review your Request’ option
  2. It comes on continuously selecting ‘try another way’ at every page
  3. Enter your alternative email address and submit the same
  4. Gmail will take some time and will contact you if they found proper
  5. An verification code may sent in alternative email if details are verified
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  1. Does Gmail Hacked Account lose all contacts from it?

    If your Gmail hacked and in case you have recovered it as quickly as possible, then there are less chances of losing your details such as contacts, pictures and emails. In re cases, if hackers delete everything, then there are no options to recover them.

  2. Can I find who hacked my Gmail Account?

    If you have received an email hacked or you feel, as such your account hacked, then you can check the device activities from the Manage Device option from Security. Here you can view which device used to access your Email and confirm if it is you or someone else.

  3. What to do if my Gmail account hacked?

    If your Gmail account hacked, then you might need to use all the above said methods to receive your account. If your answers are correct and genuine, then surely your Gmail hacked account may recovered.

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