What is GP1 & GP2 of BSNL Mobile and its Offers

Find the new updated time periods for BSNL GP1 and GP2, and which facilities you have at the time of Grace period on your prepaid mobile.

What is BSNL GP1

GP is Grace Period, and GP1 for subscribed BSNL prepaid plan starts from day 1 of expiry of the account under BSNL GSM mobile services, and the period of 7 days from the expiry date. In this time, all the available balances if any may add to next recharge, and with in GP1 time operator allows to get all incoming calls by barring the outgoing voice and data/sms services.

What is GP2 in BSNL Mobile

  • The Grace Period Two is a time for which subscribed BSNL prepaid plan starts from the 8th day of expiry date, and this GP2 applicable for all BSNL prepaid plans. If any existing balances available before expiry may not carry for GP2 period, and also all the VOICE / SMS / DATA services completely barred, and the time for BSNL GP2 is 165 days from GP1.
  • The total GP1 (7days) and GP2 (165 days) period is 172 days from the data of expiry for all BSNL prepaid plans.
  • Allowing the main validity extension of active/GP-I/GP-II by the recharge of STVs/Combo /Plan vouchers of MRP equal to or more than Rs.49.
  • GP-II and beyond GP-II customers have to do minimum recharge of Rs.107/- for returning to Active state.
  • Restrict/ curb the O/G SMS facility to chargeable short codes with all those prepaid vouchers whose MRP is less than the smallest voucher provide the unlimited voice facility for 30 days validity under GSM prepaid service.
  • With effect from 29.08.2020, The competent authority has decided to withdraw the Top up Recharge facility extended to GP-II customers on Pan-India basis. Also the lifetime customers who are under GP2 were automatically migrates to BSNL Premium Per Minute Plan (107) w.e.f. 01.12.2021.
  1. Can the validity will extend for BSNL STVs in GP1 and GP2 periods?

    Customers are allowed to recharge STVs/combo vouchers of MRP Rs.75 and above during GP I & GP II period and make the customers in active status under the base plan with a validity of the recharged STVs/Combo vouchers for all plans (Corporate & circle specific) of retail customers, and this is implemented from 14.02.2020.

  2. How & When this Grace Period start for a BSNL prepaid customer?

    The subscriber has to recharge with Plan voucher after every “plan/recharge validity” period or any applicable recharge to avail the benefits under this tariff plan, In case of recharge with applicable STV/Combo voucher, the validity of tariffs plan will be extended corresponding to validity of that STV/Combo voucher.

    In case of non-recharge with plan voucher or any applicable recharge at the end of validity period, BSNL reserves the right to provide the plan benefits in a curtailed manner during the grace period with GP-I of 7 days and GP-II of 165days, and in case this recharge condition is not met, post the grace period, the services will be suspended.”

  3. What will happen after GP2 expiry for BSNL Mobile number?

    After the completion of 172 days expiry, the mobile number will be deactivated completely, and release into market allowing to book online through Choose Your Mobile Number Portal for activation to any subscriber who comes first for activation.

  4. Why we are not getting the incoming calls after recharge in GP2 period?

    When a customer is in Grace Period 2 (deactive status) and recharged with any applicable plan voucher, he will be allowed to do outgoing calls immediately, but after 3 to 4 hours of time, all the incoming services will be restored by the mobile operator and becomes active.

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