Reviews And Findings On Reliance Jio Network Services

Reviews And Findings On Reliance Jio Network Services

Reliance Jio is India’s largest 4G network provider. The Jio family is growing rapidly by engaging and creating a digital ecosystem within the country. Selectra has attempted to provide our readers with certain facts and common reviews which we have compiled based on the findings from our research team. You can go through the below Jio review and see if they would meet your requirements.

Our Thoughts On Jio Services

We have collected data and responses from many users and network experts across the country. Finally, we were able to summarise our findings on Reliance Jio network reviews, which are sure to be beneficial to you. Listed below are the main observations from our team.

Our Team Found These Positives

We studied and researched many aspects of Jio Network service and listed down the positive factors. Jio network has the highest 4G availability within the country. Their bandwidth speed is also commendable in most regions, including rural regions. The majority of the customers are happy with the voice call quality. Also, the data plans have been found to be affordable and attractive. Most users commented that the call rates are also far better with the Jio network. We can say that Jio provides a great overall consistent and quality network.

Factors That Need Improvement

Customer service was rated poorly by most customers. Jio network has to work on enhancing its customer service experience. The lack of response or lag in response from customer service is one area that needs major improvement. While data speed for browsing, opening emails, accessing sites and other basic operations were fine, video streaming, online games, uploading videos etc are severely lacking.

Our Findings

We have listed the main factors that were considered when conducting a comparative study among the various service providers in India. These findings are based on surveys and facts from studies for the same.

4G Availability

Jio services remain the leader in providing 4G availability within the country. They have proved themselves by retaining their first position among other service operators with a fantastic score of 98.2%. We have researched and found that in the past six months, their score has grown and established their ground as the front runners in India. Based on the Jio App review, on a scale of 0-10, the Jio network has scored 9.2 in 4G coverage experience. Their competitors are far behind in this aspect.

Latency Experience

Jio was a winner in Latency experience till recently. Latency refers to the lag or delay that users experience as the data takes around to make it through the network. The less the lag, the faster users can enjoy their usage. The average response time for Jio services is now 56.3 milliseconds. They have slipped into the second position. With a little more push, they could return to be the winners in this category when compared to the other service providers.

Video App experience

Jio is slowly picking the pace as there have been noticeable increments in customer video experience ratings. They have reached a score of 53 points, occupying the third position among other competitors. This has helped Jio service to enter the Fair category. Belonging to this category also means that there are instances of slow load times and stalling on higher frequencies while the video is being played. We suggest Jio services have to improve on providing a high-quality video experience to its customers.

Voice App Experience

Jio is in tight competition when it comes to ranking the Voice App Experience. On a scale of 0-100, the Jio network now stands at 73.6 points. Currently, this enters the Poor category, however, it is on the brim of entering the Acceptable category which requires 74 points. Jio needs to work harder to achieve the Acceptable category which would then mean that users are satisfied with the performance. Being in the Poor category at present, Jio users have registered clicking sounds during a call, periods of silence on the call, frequent distortion during services.

Download Speed Experience

Again Jio has been found to be comparatively far behind at 7.3 Mbps of download speed. The other competitors have managed to reach 9-10 Mbps in six months. This suggests that Jio users experience slow download rates and are not very pleased with the experience. The same has been expressed in many of the Reliance Jio wifi reviews by consumers.

Upload Speed Experience

Upload speed experience is a factor that is considered to be very important when rating an operator’s success. Jio users are engaging in more content creation these days and no longer stick to content consumption. Hence they prefer networks where the upload speed is high. Jio is currently at a disadvantage as it has managed to come up to 2.6 Mbps upload speed for 4G, while the operator in the leading position has a 4.6 Mbps speed.

Is Jio fibre worth buying?

Jio fibre reviews have mixed responses. While most customers enjoy the fibre broadband services and are happy with the speed, some have expressed their displeasure. Those who are not happy mainly state that the speed is good only during the free trial period. This is yet to be verified, however, you can keep it in mind and check with the operator beforehand. As of now, the Jio Gigafiber review finds that the majority are satisfied with the quality of service provided.

Here are some user reviews –

The speed was great during free period but declined afterwards


Better speed and service then vodafone broadband


Helped me a lot while working from home. good speed


Jio international roaming reviews

Reliance Jio had introduced the Jio international roaming plans claiming them to be the most economical and beneficial. However, the general review is that the services are good only for the initial week after which the service gets interrupted. Another major concern was the lack of customer support in rectifying the issues faced.

Jio postpaid reviews

It seems Jio has to work more on enhancing their Postpaid services. When most people began working from home during the last year, there have been more complaints about the lag and interruption between zoom calls and meetings. So make sure you clear this area with the Jio service provider in your locality.

Here are some user reviews –

Found it so much satisfying compare to other network providers


Voice calls are good but i faced lot of issues with internet speed


Faced lot of issues with net while working from home and customer service did not resolve any


Jio mobile review

The Jio Phone mobile has a 2.40-inch,240×320 display which is powered by a Spreadtrum SC9820A processor, including 512MB of RAM as well as a 2-megapixel rear camera. The Jio phone reviews show that while the Jio mobile is handy, the absence of a hotspot is a disadvantage.

Is Jio pricing Strategy effective?

Reliance Jio stands ahead of other service providers in providing a favourable pricing strategy to the users. Most customers are satisfied with the various Jio packs available. The offers and benefits have been labelled as economical and worth the money spent.

What do user’s think about Jio Customer Service?

Jio customer service reviews reveal that the group has yet to go further in bringing about positive changes in their Customer support department. The lack of response and failure in follow-ups have upset many customers. While the customer service is great during the trial period, a lot of improvement has to be made once the subscription is confirmed.

Feedback on Jio prepaid plans

Most of the Jio prepaid plans have been welcomed heartily by customers. While the pricing and accompanying benefits are pleasing, the complaints are mainly due to loss of connectivity. The Jio prepaid reviews show that customers are happy with the affordability and speed, however, certain issues remain when connectivity is considered.

Read what Jio users have to say

The above observations were made based on the findings of the research team at Selectra. We have considered Jio prepaid reviews, Jio broadband connectivity and reviews on other services as well. Now we bring you the direct responses from Jio subscribers, You can see for yourself what they have to say.

Worth the money spent

Jio has given seamless connectivity and great bandwidth speed. I find good value for my money spent. So overall satisfied with their service.’ Jio set-top box review is also favourable among our circle of friends.


Cost-effective service

Jio has provided affordable plans which have reasonable speed also.


Poor reachability

My home is in an interior area and I find it hard to get proper upload speed. The connectivity is lost in between. Took the service after reading Reliance Jio sim reviews, but not so happy with the coverage issue.


Recommendable service

I find Jio to provide good services. The 4G connection is good and the quality of the calls is also nice. I will surely recommend this to others.


Affordable service, poor customer care

The Jio recharge packs are affordable and provide adequate data packs also. Satisfied with the packs, however not getting a good response from customer care.


Overall good service

The data speed is ok while checking emails and browsing. I find the call rates also cheaper. There are some connectivity issues, but overall the service is good.


Poor customer service

I am not happy with the customer care at Jio network. I called many times, still, there was no response. I have an issue with the SMS quota and haven’t been able to resolve it yet.


Economical plans, good connectivity

The Jio data plans are all economical. They are user friendly and easy to recharge also. I enjoy the smooth connectivity which helps me finish my projects faster.


Unhappy about the response from customer care

It is so hard to get a proper answer from Jio customer care. When we manage to reach through the associate, we are always advised to refer to the website for details. No proper communication.


Less lagging intervals

I am happy with the service as there is no lag as other networks. I can easily complete watching movies without many breaks.

ViswasMadhya Pradesh

Why you should trust us?We have compared, reviewed and studied what customers and experts have to say about Jio Services. We know how important it is to honour our customer’s trust and make our recommendations based on a reliable investigation conducted by our research as well as the editorial team. So go ahead and use our services to help you decide what you need.

These Jio reviews are based purely on consumer and corporate opinions, evaluated by our research team and then presented in a simplified manner for your understanding.

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