The Top 6 Internet Speed Test Websites (2022)

The Top 6 Internet Speed Test Websites (2022)

The Top 6 Internet Speed Test Websites (2022)

internet speed test websites

Text Do you know disconnecting individuals from the internet is against international law and a violation of human rights? Are you struggling with a slow internet speed, or are you curious to know what and how your internet provider is stacking up? Isn’t having a fast internet speed as crucial as having an internet connection at all?

Well, it will be illogical to know your internet speed without doing a meticulous speed test. Supreme-quality internet speed tests help to clear up existing ambiguity in real-time.

There are some top speed test websites that will help you gauge if you are receiving the internet speeds as assured by your provider or if there are other interferences that you need to fix.

Before we move on to that, let us first learn other supporting (and important) elements concerning internet speed tests.

Importance of Internet Speed Tests

People use speed tests for various reasons. We have collated some of the most common reasons below:

  • You want to ensure that you receive exactly what your ISP has assured you for a noticeable fee.
  • You want to evaluate if your home/office internet needs an upgrade. With the ever-evolving internet usage habits, every household/office ends up upgrading its plans regularly.
  • You are concerned that an excessive number of users are tolling on your network, which might be affecting your overall internet speed.
  • You wish to check metrics such as upload or download speed or ping rate for other reasons.

There could be other reasons for using speed tests, and probably you have in mind while reading this. No matter what the reason is, it all boils down to wanting additional information for your household/office internet situation.

Best Practices in Internet Speed Tests

We will now look into how to make the best use of an internet speed test. There are some standard best practices that will facilitate you in attacking the cause of your internet problems (if any):

  • Use multiple devices (in the same location) to conduct the speed test – as you then get to know if the problem is device-specific or otherwise.
  • Conduct the test both in normal and ideal conditions. A normal condition means that you have the same number of devices connected to the network as you would in day-to-day life. And an ideal condition is when you have less load on the network. Doing this will help you understand if your concern area is your ISP or bandwidth.
  • Recheck your upload and download speeds to avoid any ambiguity.
  • Conduct numerous tests throughout the day. Why? Because there could be specific hours in the day when your internet is not fast or slow because of the usage elsewhere in your locality.

Essentials of an Internet Speed Test

Before we break into the list of the top websites, let us look into the essentials of internet speed test websites:

  • Reliability: What is the point of performing a speed test which does not offer reliable results? The speed test results given by a website must be accurate.
  • Convenience: Speed test websites should have an uncomplicated interface where the users input small bits of information and press ‘Start.’ Yes, that’s all!
  • Well-organized Website: And ideal internet speed test website has a good design that makes the users read and understand the information effortlessly without interfering with the speed results.
  • Servers in Various Areas: Performing speed tests with nearby areas’ servers is the ideal way to go. Why? Because speed results (including ping rate) may be affected by your location.

We hope that you have considered all the crucial aspects of choosing your ideal internet speed test website. Without further a due, we present to your our top website choices for your internet speed test.

Top 6 Internet Speed Test Websites

Here is a list of our top 6 internet speed test websites. We hope this piece of information will help you pick the one that best suits your needs.

  1. Selectra Speed Test

    Selecta speed test is one of the most systematic and good-looking internet speed test websites. Whether you are tech-savvy or a low-key tech-loving user, Selectra’s internet speed test will provide you all the necessary data points without using heavy tech-jargons.

    We found the Selectra speed test results reliable, accurate, and free from biases. You will not have to browse through different pages to start or end the test. The test can be performed on both mobile phones and desktops, making it a user-friendly and convenient option for users.

  2. SpeedOf.Me

    Internet users can try this test if they want to examine the consistency of their connection. Besides showing the standard upload speed, download speed, and ping rate, this test will also tell you the consistency of your connection. The test also has a history section that allows you to compare your previous tests easily.

    If you are testing your internet speed for purposes concerning video calls, gaming, or other related activities, SpeedOf.Me is where you need to hit.

    The test is different for users on mobile and desktop. Its mobile internet speed test is more accessible and easy to use. You just need to visit the link and start the test—no need to download any app.


    Ookla internet speed test is probably the most popular speed test worldwide. has everything expected from it – all the basic information easily available and covers an enormous list of servers across the nation.

    After making an account, users can record and compare the test results before or after changing plans or anytime between that. You will also be able to save records from specific devices, let us say your laptop, mobile, or tablet.

    We wish Ookla’s internet speed test had fewer ads popping up on the screen. Ads could potentially interfere with the speed results basis your connection type and the nature of the ads.


    If you are one who likes to go in-depth with all the data points, then look nowhere except This speed test provides comprehensive and accurate results. Most importantly, the test focuses on its functions and is independent of any prejudice.

    Don’t get worried after landing on the home page. Yes, the user interface may not be as simple as other internet speed test websites. Yes, you might have to click through a page or two to get to your results finally, but you will leave with the most in-depth data points about your network. Basically, it will all worth the effort.

    With, you will also be able to compare your speed test results with the averages of your locality, city, and even more.

  5. Internet Health Test

    Suppose you are the one who is looking for additional information from your speed tests other than the standard upload, download speeds, and ping rate and want to examine the consistency of your network in various situations. In that case, all you need is an internet health test.

    The website is light to the eyes and gives you more data points from other internet speed test websites. Its versatility includes selecting your host from various locations, allowing you to customize your test, and giving your insights about network consistency. This website, however, does not have any data logging features.

  6. Xfinity Speed Test

    If you are one who is not tech-savvy when it comes to reading complicated internet speed results, then the Xfinity speed test is meant for you. Its website is simple and straightforward. The results provided are standard and reliable, free from any bias, and cannot be saved for future reference.

    One differentiating factor about this internet speed test website is that it helps users understand the speed results in a contextual, engaging manner. For example, it will give you recommendation points about your download speeds and ways to generate accurate results from the test.


Occasionally performing internet speed tests is a smart way to ensure that you are receiving the services you actually paid money for. Additionally, doing so will also help you identify any sources of interference. We are hopeful that one of the above-listed free internet speed test websites will meet your requirements.

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