BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans Uttar Pradesh (East) in 2023

BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans Uttar Pradesh (East) in 2022

BSNL has some of the most affordable and beneficial recharge plans in the country. Since it is a government program, these plans are very inexpensive and also available in low network coverage areas.

BSNL has been a trusted service since the 2000s. They have a bunch of plans ranging from Rs. 10 to Rs. 1400. In this article, we have made a list of all the BSNL prepaid recharge plans in UP east. We have categorized the top BSNL UP East recharge plans, check them out only on Selectra!

BSNL UP East General Top Up

If you’re searching for a plan with enough of talk time for lengthy calls, consider one of the options below.

₹ 10₹ 7.47NA
₹ 20₹ 14.95NA
₹ 30₹ 22.42NA
₹ 40₹ 30.9NA
₹ 50₹ 39.37NA
₹ 60₹ 47.85NA
₹ 70₹ 56.32NA
₹ 80₹ 64.8NA
₹ 90₹ 73.27NA
₹ 100₹ 81.75NA
₹ 110₹ 90.22NA
₹ 120₹ 98.69NA
₹ 150₹ 124.12NA
₹ 200₹ 166.49NA
₹ 220₹ 220NA
₹ 300₹ 251.24NA
₹ 500₹ 420.73NA
₹ 550₹ 550NA
₹ 1000₹ 844.46NA
₹ 1100₹ 1100NA
₹ 2000₹ 2000NA
₹ 3000₹ 3000NA
₹ 5000₹ 5000NA
₹ 6000₹ 6000NA

BSNL UP (East) Voice Plans

For data and talktime combo plans that are both affordable and valuable, take a look at the options listed below.

₹24Voice calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL) @20 paisa/min for 30 days30 Days
₹49100 Minutes voice Calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL)(Call charges after free minutes @45ps/Min) + 2GB DATA.24 Days
₹88BSNL to BSNL @10paisa/min.BSNL to Other @30paisa/min(Per MIN PLANs).BSNL to BSNL @1p/3sec.BSNL to Other @2p/3sec(Per SEC PLANs) for 48 days.30 Days
₹1351440 Minutes voice Calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL) for 24 days.24 Days
₹15922500 Seconds voice Calls(LOCAL/NATIONAL) for 24 days.24 Days

BSNL UP (EAST) Data Vouchers

In these BSNL recharge plans in UP East, you’ll get enough data to download movies or stream live programming. Have a look at the plans below.

₹192GB/DAY1 day
₹5610 GB data for 10 days + ZING10 Days
₹752 GB50 days
₹943 GB75 Days
₹972GB/day + Unlimited calling18 Days
₹982GB/day + EROS Now Subscription28 Days
₹198Unlimited Data (speed restricted to 40 Kbps after 2GB/day) for 50 days + Lokdhun.50 Days
₹25170 GB data + Zing28 Days
₹398UNLIMITED VOICE + UNLIMITED DATA + 100SMS/DAY for 30 days30 Days
₹447Unlimited Voice Calls + 100GB data (speed restricted to 80 Kbps after 100GB) + 100 SMS/day for 30 days+ PRBT + EROS60 Days
₹1498Unlimited Data with speed reduced to 40/kbps after 2GB/day365 Days


The below plans include ISD plans for prepaid BSNL subscribers.

₹ 19All voice calls to Nepal at Rs8.50 per Min.30 days
₹ 22ISD Voice call rate @ Rs.6.49/Min.International SMS Rs3 (Bahrain).30 days
₹ 27ISD Voice call rate in Rs.2.49/Min International SMS Rs3 (Bangladesh Malaysia Hong Kong)30 days
₹ 43ISD Voice call rate in Rs.1.49 per Min International SMS Rs 3 (Canada China Singapore U.S.A.)30 days

BSNL UP (EAST) Plan Extension

The below plans cater to those BSNL customers who are looking to extend their current prepaid plan.

Plan NamePrice (Rs.)Validity
PremiumPerSec_106Rs. 10684 Days
PremiumPerMin_107Rs. 10784 Days
PV_153Rs. 15328 Days
PV_197Rs. 197150 Days
PV_199Rs. 19930 Days
PV_395Rs. 39571 Days
PV_399Rs. 39980 Days
PV_485Rs. 48590 Days
Plan_Voucher_666Rs. 666110 Days
PV_699Rs. 699160 Days
PV_997Rs. 997180 Days
PV_999Rs. 999240 Days
PV_1199(ForInactive_GPII Customers)Rs. 1199365 Days
FRC_1499(Bindas_Bol)Rs. 1499365 Days
PV_1999Rs. 1999365 Days
PV_2399Rs. 2399425 Days
PV_2999Rs. 2999455 Days

How To Recharge BSNL Prepaid In UP (EAST)?

By embracing new technology, BSNL has made it incredibly simple for its clients to recharge their prepaid plans in Uttar Pradesh (EAST). All you have to do is visit BSNL’s official website and follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Input your mobile phone number
  2. Include pertinent contact information, such as your email address.
  3. After clicking next, you will be prompted to select a plan.
  4. Choose your desired plan and go to the checkout page.
  5. Complete the transaction using your selected means of payment, which may include a debit/credit card, net banking, or UPI.
  6. After the transaction is completed, your SIM card will be updated with the desired package.


All of the BSNL recharge plans in UP East mentioned above are extremely comprehensive and feature-filled. So, choose the plan that matches your requirements best! For more information on various BSNL plans or other providers, keep reading Selectra.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for activating the BSNL 4G SIM?

Insert your newly acquired BSNL SIM card into your cell phone and then dial 123 and follow the IVRS machine’s instructions to determine your balance amount. If the balance is known, the SIM card can be used.

Which online BSNL prepaid recharge platform is the best? or the Paytm smartphone application is the most popular online recharge platform in India. It is an easy-to-use and secure service that offers hundreds of cashback and discount offers on all BSNL recharges.

How can I obtain a BSNL SIM card?

Visit a nearby BSNL branch, provide your identification documents and a passport-sized photo, and complete the request form. They would then issue you a replacement SIM card.

Is it feasible to receive cashback when recharging BSNL via Paytm?

Yes, Paytm offers various discounts and cashback offers on all prepaid recharges. You can find cashback deals and coupons on and the Paytm app. The reward is credited to your wallet within 24 hours.

How can you check your BSNL balance and active plan?

Simply dial *123# from your BSNL prepaid smartphone to check the amount, expiration date, and active schedule of your primary account.

What is BSNL BUZZ all about?

You can receive teasers from BSNL BUZZ while your phone is in standby mode. These teasers introduce you to new content in the areas of media, entertainment, sports, business, fun, facts, polling, and lifestyle. Teasers appear gradually and unobtrusively, lasting only a few seconds.

How To Check If My Number Is Subject To Any BSNL Offers?

To check if you can avail any BSNL offers, dial *124*5#1

How to obtain a BSNL Talktime credit?

Send the word “Credit” to 53738.

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