MTNL Mumbai Broadband / FTTH Complaint Online

Post your complaint online regarding MTNL Triband (Broadband), Landline, FTTH service on any telecom service provided in the Mumbai zone, and check the status and fault history…

The MTNL Mumbai Selfcare portal for the customers is different and any complaint registered online from this region needs to be attended on a priority basis, so find the below-given process.

MTNL Complaint Mumbai

  • Open MTNL Mumbai Selfcare complaint portal
  • Select Complaint Booking
  • Enter LandLine / Triband / FTTH Number by ignoring STD code
  • Click View Details to find the customer details (Customer Name)
  • Select Landline or Broadband
  • Enter Mobile Number
  • Select Complaint Type (Instrument Fault / Deadline / Miscellaneous)
  • Click Register > Note down the complaint number
    • That’s it, MTNL Mumbai broadband complaint has been raised now and the team will look at the earliest to resolve your query, and the service request number to be safely kept so that you can use it in the future to track your complaint records.

  1. Can a complaint on Over Usage of the FUP limit be raised?
    • Yes, customers can anytime use the option of MTNL Broadband customer service to make their issues resolved if having any doubt in FUP usage or utilization can be asked by raising appropriate complaints to the MTNL.
  2. My Download Speed is reduced very soon, What to do?
    • This is a regular issue for customers who stream videos and movies continuously, thus, in this case, the utilization of FUP does complete and the speed of the internet will be reduced to below threshold value, and thus customers need to recharge their account with an extra FUP limit to enjoy good speed internet.
  3. Can I raise a complaint to deactivate my MTNL Account?
    • Customers can anytime call the MTNL customer care number or raise an online complaint to resolve the service failure or for any billing, and the deactivation request can submit to the authorities only.
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