Kuwait International Roaming for BSNL Mobile in M/s ZAIN Network

PAN India Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited launched Prepaid International Roaming for their customers. This plan of BSNL is available in Kuwait in association with  M/s ZAIN KUWAIT. Following are the rates prepared for the prepaid international tariff BSNL in KUWAIT. This plan is applicable to Dual IMSI seamless Roaming SIM cards cover under the BSNL GSM Mobile services.

ParticularsInternational Tariff
Mobile Originated call ( Local & National)Rs. 5.53/ Minute
Mobile Originated call to IndiaRS. 28.50/ Minute
Mobile Terminated callRs. 14.40/ Minute
Mobile Originated SMSRs. 5.53
Mobile Terminated SMS
Data (GPRS)Rs. 0.0049/10 KB
Mobile Originated Call to Other countriesTariff in Rs./ Minute
Rest of the world45.94

SDR KWD Rate : 0.1421344, SDE INR Rate : 97.1666

This tariff provided with voice and data calls as per the agreement with the Zain KUWAIT  and last up to 31.03.2019.

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Type Of CallsDuration/ Volume/ Event Base Charge in KWD As Per IOT (Per Minute/ Per 10KB/ Per Event/ )

Duration/ Volume/ Event Base Charge
in SDR (Per Minute/ Per 10KB/ Per Event/ )
Duration/ Volume/ Event Base Charge After 20% Markup in SDR (Per Minute/ Per 10KB/ Per Event/ )Duration/ Volume/ Event Base Charge After 20% Markup in INR (Per Minute/ Per 10KB/ Per Event/ )
Mobile Originated Call (Local and National)0.0200.047470.056965.53
Mobile Originated Call to India0.1030.244460.2933528.50
Mobile Terminated Call14.40
Data (GPRS)0.00001660.000040.000050.0049
Re st of the world0.1660.393980.4727745.94
CountryCountry CodePrefixZone
Inmarsat Atlantic East – A8718711Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic East – B8718713Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic East – M8718716Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic East – Mini M87187176Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic East (Sky)8718715Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic West – A8748741Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic West – B8748743Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic West – M8748746Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic West – Mini M87487476Zone10
Inmarsat Atlantic West (Sky)8748745Zone11
Inmarsat Indian – A8738731Zone11
Inmarsat Indian – B8738733Zone11
Inmarsat Indian – M8738736Zone11
Inmarsat Indian – Mini M87387376Zone11
Inmarsat Snac870Zone11
Inmarsat Pacific – A8728721Zone12
Inmarsat Pacific – B8728723Zone12
Inmarsat Pacific – M8728726Zone12
Inmarsat Pacific – Mini M87287276Zone12
Inmarsat Pacific (Skyphone)8728725Zone12
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