How to Change BSNL Broadband Plan? – 2 Methods

How to Change BSNL Broadband Plan? – 2 Methods

Day by Day BSNL Broadband is improving and customers are getting a chance to change BSNL Broadband Plan as per their choice.

Be aware if you are using a BSNL FTTH Connection operated by any Private operator then they won’t let you change the BSNL Broadband Plan to the Lower price.

The Officials in some areas might be unaware of the availability of any latest BSNL Plan in your area but you should confirm it on your own online.

You can simply call the BSNL Customer Care and tell them your Phone Number with District and you will get to know the plans available for you.

How to Change BSNL Broadband Plan?

If you have purchased the BSNL Broadband from a local Private operator and you have good relations together then you can directly ask the operator to change the plan from their platform.

else I have 2 different methods that can help you to change your BSNL Broadband Plan within few days.

  1. Write an Application to the Local BSNL office to change your Broadband Plan
  2. Use BSNL Selfcare Portal to Change your Broadband Plan online.

Please note, the BSNL Broadband connection is a Postpaid connection so when you apply for a plan change your new plan will be activated next month after the 7 days of your application.

1. Write an Application to Change BSNL Broadband Plan:

This is a proven method that I have used to change my BSNL Broadband Plan within a month. First I tried to convince my Private operator but just because I wished to change the Broadband plan from ₹789 to ₹777 they refuse to change.

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Later one of my friends from the BSNL Office told me to write an official Application to the Local BSNL head. Then Here’s what I did.

  • First Write an Application to BSNL Officier, mention your Subject and explain it in detail.
  • Mention the Officier Designation and BSNL Office Address and Date of application
  • Then Also mention your Customer details Phone No, Account No. and Your name with sign.
  • Make a copy of that application (a Xerox Copy)
  • Then Visit the BSNL Office submit your Application get Stamp on both copy and submit the original Application.

Below you will see an example of a Written Application for Broadband Plan Change. You can also download the doc format from the link below.

2. Change BSNL Broadband Plan Using BSNL Selfcare Portal:

BSNL Selfcare portal is specially designed for BSNL customers where they can add their connection of Prepaid, Postpaid, Broadband, Landline, etc., and Access the information they want.

You just need to Sign Up and Add your Broadband connection on BSNL Selfcare Portal before you get started here. Check the BSNL Selfcare Portal detail guide Here.

Now Follow the Steps given below to change your BSNL Broadband Plan Online using BSNL Selfcare Portal.

  • Visit the Selfcare Portal and get logged in – Website link
  • Then on the Dashboard you will see your Broadband Connection Click on the Billing Account Number.
  • Now you are inside your Broadband Account you will see Pending Bills, Data Usage etc.
  • Then in the Left Menu Click on Modify Service Option.
  • In that Modify Service Menu click on the Upgrade Your Plan option.
  • Now you will see a new window Select the Tik option for Agree Terms and Condition and Click Next Button.
  • Now it will ask you to select Serivce type to change Broadband Plan please Select the option with BB not Voice. (eg. Bharat Fiber BB)
  • It will show your Account ID with the Current Broadband Plan Then Click on the Next Button.
  • Now you will see Multiple Plan Opitons to choose Choose the Plan you want. and click on the Next Button.
  • Now the Portal will ask for confirmation showing you the OLD Plan and the New Plan Click on the Submit Change Button.
Steps to Change BSNL Broadband Plan using Selfcare Portal online

Now it will submit your Application and show you a tracking number for that application. You will also receive an email and SMS with tracking id if you have provided a valid email and Phone number.


The BSNL Portal may seem to be offline sometimes or not working properly, I will suggest you go with the 1st method to change your BSNL Broadband Plan. If you face any issues feel free to comment below I will try to answer.

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