Exciting DTH Entertainment Channel Packs Families Will Love

Exciting DTH Entertainment Channel Packs Families Will Love

TRAI’s new DTH restrictions have been in effect for over two months. So far, the new restrictions have not been well received by subscribers. The new restrictions have resulted in an increase in DTH costs, with customers now obliged to pay additional taxes and levies for channel bundles.

However, the laws have also permitted DTH providers to offer bespoke channel bouquets, giving customers the choice of selecting channel bouquets containing popular channels at somewhat cheaper costs.

Is it time for you to recharge your DTH pack? Listed below are some of the best deals you can get. These plans are offered through prominent DTH providers like Tata Sky, Dish TV, d2H, Airtel Digital TV, and Sun Direct.

Please note that the entertainment channel packs mentioned below offer good value for money for those who want a mix of different entertainment channels at affordable prices.

Airtel DTH Entertainment Pack

There are several excellent deals available to Airtel Digital TV users. If you prefer an all-in-one package with a good selection from all genres, the Rs 380 plan is a good choice. The plan includes 120 entertainment channels, including all of the genre’s most prominent networks. The bundle also includes 30 HD channels, which is beneficial for people who are enrolled in HD service.

Besides this, you can also choose an a la carte pack, wherein you can choose your favourite Hindi & English channels. To help you, we’ve listed all the channel names, numbers and prices for these channels below:

Hindi Entertainment Channels

Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&TV HD120HD₹22.42
Big Magic124SD₹0.12
Colors HD117HD₹22.42
Colors Rishtey129SD₹1.18
DD Kisan152SDFree
Investigation Discovery135SD₹1.18
Investigation Discovery HD136HD₹2.36
SET HD112HD₹22.42
Shemaroo TV132SDFree
Sony Pal132SD₹1.18
Sony SAB126SD₹22.42
Sony SAB HD127HD₹22.42
Star Bharat114SD₹11.80
Star Bharat HD114HD₹22.42
Star Plus105SD₹22.42
Star Plus HD106HD₹22.42
STAR Utsav131SD₹1.18
The Q137SDFree
UTV Bindass134SD₹1.18
Zee Anmol140SD₹0.12
Zee TV108SD₹22.42
Zee TV HD109HD₹22.42

English Entertainment Channels

Airtel DTH Channel ListAirtel DTH Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Colors Infinity HD174HD₹10.62
Comedy Central HD176HD₹10.62
Star World HD166HD₹10.62
Zee Cafe168SD₹17.70
Zee Cafe HD169HD₹22.42

Tata Sky Entertainment Pack

If you have a Tata Sky subscription and want an all-in-one plan with a good variety of channels from various genres, you might go with Premium Sports English. The pack is costly at Rs 522 per month and includes only 130 channels as well as Tata Sky services. However, you will receive a combination of all major TV channels from various genres such as movies, sports, Hindi entertainment networks, English entertainment channels, kids channels, infotainment channels, and more.

Furthermore, you can create your own pack of entertainment channels in Hindi and English, using the information given below:

Hindi Entertainment Channels

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&TV HD137HD₹22.42
Big Magic176SD₹0.12
Colors HD147HD₹22.42
Colors Rishtey173SD₹1.18
DD Kisan198SDFree
DD National114SDFree
Investigation Discovery155SD₹1.18
SET HD128HD₹22.42
Sony Pal174SD₹1.18
Sony SAB134SD₹22.42
Sony SAB HD132HD₹22.42
Star Bharat122SD₹11.80
Star Bharat HD121HD₹22.42
Star Plus117SD₹22.42
Star Plus HD115HD₹22.42
STAR Utsav171SD₹1.18
UTV Bindass153SD₹1.18
Zee Anmol172SD₹0.12
Zee TV143SD₹22.42
Zee TV HD141HD₹22.42

English Entertainment Channels

Tata Sky Channel ListTata Sky Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Colors Infinity226SD₹5.90
Colors Infinity HD224HD₹10.62
Comedy Central230SD₹5.90
Comedy Central HD229HD₹10.62
Disney International HD232HD₹14.16
HBO HD363HD₹17.70
Star World206SD₹9.44
Star World HD204HD₹10.62
Star World Premiere HD208HD₹10.62
Zee Cafe220SD₹17.70
Zee Cafe HD218HD₹22.42

DishTV Entertainment Pack

Dish TV always delivers the cheapest monthly channel bouquets, and their new all-in-one pack gives the greatest value among all DTH carriers. The Super Family package is a good option if you want a bundle that has a good mix of channels from different genres for entertainment. At Rs 265 per month, you’ll get an effective distribution of popular channels from various genres, totaling 197 channels.

However, if you want a cheaper alternative or if the Super Family plan doesn’t have the channels you desire, you can create a custom entertainment pack by choosing your preferred channels from the list below:

General Entertainment

Dish TV Channel ListDish TV Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&TV HD108HD₹22.42
Aakash aath1413SDFree
Adithya TV963SD₹10.62
Amrita TV709SDFree
Asianet HD1901HD₹22.42
Asianet Plus703SD₹5.90
Big Ganga1552SD₹0.59
Big Magic118SD₹0.12
Chardikla Time TV1152SDFree
Colors Bangla1411SD₹8.26
Colors Bangla HD1410HD₹16.52
Colors Gujarati1272SD₹5.90
Colors HD120HD₹22.42
Colors Infinity505SD₹5.90
Colors Infinity HD504HD₹10.62
Colors Kannada1711SD₹22.42
Colors Kannada HD1710HD₹22.42
Colors Marathi1209SD₹11.80
Colors Marathi HD1208HD₹20.06
Colors Odia1304SD₹7.08
Colors Rishtey137SD₹1.18
Colors Super902SD₹3.54
Colors Tamil1808SD₹3.54
Comedy Central514SD₹5.90
Comedy Central HD513HD₹10.62
DD Arunprabha1514SDFree
DD Bangla1429SDFree
DD Chandana1729SDFree
DD Girnar1279SDFree
DD Kashir215SDFree
DD North East1513SDFree
DD Podhigai1849SDFree
DD Punjabi1169SDFree
DD Rajasthan245SDFree
DD Sahyadri1229SDFree
DD Saptagiri1629SDFree
DD Yadagiri1627SDFree
Enterr10 Movies407SDFree
ETV HD94HD₹22.42
ETV Plus1615SD₹8.26
ETV Telugu1604SD₹20.06
Gemini Comedy923SD₹5.90
Gemini TV1609SD₹22.42
Gemini TV HD93HD₹22.42
Investigation Discovery126SD₹1.18
Jaya TV956SD₹7.08
Kairali TV1911SDFree
Kalaignar TV957SDFree
Kaumudy TV1917SDFree
KTV HD91HD₹22.42
Makkal TV971SDFree
Manjari TV1309SDFree
Mazhavil Manorama1915SDFree
Media One TV723SDFree
Mega TV966SD₹3.54
Polimer TV968SDFree
PTC Punjabi1154SDFree
Puthuyugam TV1833SDFree
Raj TV958SD₹3.54
Ruposhi Bangla1427SDFree
SET HD104HD₹22.42
Sony Aath1407SD₹4.72
Sony Marathi1211SD₹4.72
Sony Pal4010SD₹1.18
Sony SAB107SD₹22.42
Sony SAB HD106HD₹22.42
Star Bharat116SD₹11.80
Star Bharat HD115HD₹22.42
Star Jalsha1404SD₹22.42
Star Jalsha HD1403HD₹22.42
Star Maa1606SD₹22.42
Star Maa HD1605HD₹22.42
Star Plus113SD₹22.42
Star Plus HD112HD₹22.42
Star Pravah1206SD₹10.62
Star Pravah HD1205HD₹17.70
Star Suvarna1707SD₹22.42
STAR Utsav4013SD₹1.18
Star Vijay1806SD₹20.06
Star Vijay Super1835SD₹2.36
Star World509SD₹9.44
Star World HD508HD₹10.62
Star World Premiere HD530HD₹10.62
Sun Bangla1415SDFree
Sun TV1802SD₹22.42
Sun TV HD90HD₹22.42
Surya TV1904SD₹14.16
Tarang TV1307SD₹11.80
Udaya Comedy1702SD₹7.08
Udaya TV1715SD₹20.06
UTV Bindass145SD₹1.18
Vasanth TV970SDFree
Zee Anmol125SD₹0.12
Zee Bangla1409SD₹22.42
Zee Bangla HD1408HD₹22.42
Zee Cafe503SD₹17.70
Zee Cafe HD502HD₹22.42
Zee Kannada1709SD₹22.42
Zee Keralam1906SD₹0.12
Zee Marathi1202SD₹22.42
Zee Marathi HD1201HD₹22.42
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh1189SD₹0.12
Zee Punjabi1156SD₹3.54
Zee Salaam203SD₹0.12
Zee Sarthak1302SD₹22.42
Zee Tamil1804SD₹14.16
Zee Telugu1602SD₹22.42
Zee TV111SD₹22.42
Zee TV HD110HD₹22.42
Zee Yuva1204SD₹1.18

Videocon D2h Entertainment Pack

Diamond Combo is the finest all-in-one plan for d2H subscribers. At Rs 319, it is one of the cheapest all-in-one plans available from major DTH carriers. The bundle includes a good mix of SD channels from various categories, such as kids, sports, and entertainment. The bundle includes a wide variety of both Hindi and English entertainment channels.

If you’re looking for other entertainment TV channels that aren’t included in this plan, check out the list of entertainment channels available from this network operator here.

General Entertainment

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&TV HD908HD₹22.42
Aakash aath801SDFree
Amrita TV610SDFree
Anjan TV859SDFree
Big Ganga858SD₹0.59
Big Magic112SD₹0.12
Chardikla Time TV779SDFree
Colors Bangla797SD₹8.26
Colors Bangla HD976HD₹16.52
Colors Gujarati872SD₹5.90
Colors HD904HD₹22.42
Colors Infinity HD936HD₹10.62
Colors Marathi752SD₹11.80
Colors Marathi HD971HD₹20.06
Colors Odia825SD₹7.08
Colors Rishtey121SD₹1.18
Comedy Central185SD₹5.90
DD Arunprabha846SDFree
DD Bangla805SDFree
DD Bharati480SDFree
DD Bihar862SDFree
DD Chandana661SDFree
DD Girnar878SDFree
DD Kashir792SDFree
DD Madhya Pradesh898SDFree
DD Malayalam612SDFree
DD National149SDFree
DD North East844SDFree
DD Podhigai553SDFree
DD Punjabi784SDFree
DD Rajasthan868SDFree
DD Sahyadri749SDFree
DD Saptagiri703SDFree
DD Urdu786SDFree
DD Uttar Pradesh864SDFree
DD Yadagiri702SDFree
ETV HD988HD₹22.42
ETV Plus697SD₹8.26
ETV Telugu693SD₹20.06
Gemini Life699SD₹5.90
Gemini TV691SD₹22.42
JaiHind Tv635SDFree
Kairali TV608SDFree
Kalaignar TV545SDFree
Kaumudy TV613SDFree
Mazhavil Manorama605SDFree
Mazhavil Manorama HD990HDFree
Media One TV631SDFree
Mega 24562SD₹1.18
Mega TV580SD₹3.54
PTC Punjabi771SDFree
Raj TV554SD₹3.54
Ruposhi Bangla802SDFree
SET HD906HD₹22.42
Sony Aath803SD₹4.72
Sony Marathi757SD₹4.72
Sony Pal159SD₹1.18
Sony SAB113SD₹22.42
Sony SAB HD911HD₹22.42
Star Bharat107SD₹11.80
Star Bharat HD905HD₹22.42
Star Jalsha798SD₹22.42
Star Jalsha HD977HD₹22.42
Star Maa692SD₹22.42
Star Plus101SD₹22.42
Star Plus HD902HD₹22.42
Star Pravah753SD₹10.62
Star Pravah HD972HD₹17.70
Star Suvarna HD996HD₹22.42
STAR Utsav156SD₹1.18
Star Vijay543SD₹20.06
Star World179SD₹9.44
Star World HD934HD₹10.62
Star World Premiere HD933HD₹10.62
Studio One+701SDFree
Sun Bangla804SDFree
Sun Life592SD₹10.62
Sun TV542SD₹22.42
Surya TV602SD₹14.16
Udaya TV651SD₹20.06
UTV Bindass120SD₹1.18
Zee Anmol116SD₹0.12
Zee Bangla796SD₹22.42
Zee Bangla HD975HD₹22.42
Zee Cafe181SD₹17.70
Zee Cafe HD935HD₹22.42
Zee Kannada653SD₹22.42
Zee Kannada HD997HD₹22.42
Zee Keralam604SD₹0.12
Zee Marathi751SD₹22.42
Zee Marathi HD970HD₹22.42
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh778SD₹0.12
Zee Salaam787SD₹0.12
Zee Sarthak826SD₹22.42
Zee Tamil547SD₹14.16
Zee Telugu694SD₹22.42
Zee Telugu HD984HD₹22.42
Zee TV103SD₹22.42
Zee TV HD903HD₹22.42
Zee Yuva757SD₹1.18

Sun Direct Entertainment Pack

Sun Direct is a digital broadcast services company located in Chennai. The company’s satellite network, which transmits digital satellite tv to Indian households, was introduced in 2007. This list includes all SD and HD Sun Direct Entertainment channels that are currently available to viewers.

Take in the finest in entertainment and information. A comprehensive list of channel numbers and subscription costs may be found here. So, if you’re looking for the best entertainment channel pack from Sun Direct, scroll down to choose your favorites and customize your TV user experience.

Hindi Entertainment

Sun Direct Channel ListSun Direct Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
ABP News571SDFree
Sony Pal313SD₹1.18
Sony SAB320SD₹22.42
Star Gold332SD₹9.44
Star Plus306SD₹22.42
STAR Utsav322SD₹1.18
Star Utsav Movies322SD₹1.18
UTV Action335SD₹2.36
UTV Movies338SD₹2.36
Zee Anmol312SD₹0.12
Zee Cinema336SD₹17.70
Zee TV308SD₹22.42

English Entertainment

Sun Direct Channel ListSun Direct Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Comedy Central465SD₹5.90
Movies Now401SD₹11.80
Romedy Now403SD₹7.08
Sony Pix406SD₹11.80
Star Movies404SD₹14.16
Star World454SD₹9.44
Zee Cafe460SD₹17.70


There’s no doubt that by choosing the right DTH plan, you can save on a lot of money without compromising on the content you can broadcast. So, if you love to get your daily dose of entertainment, create your own custom entertainment pack and pay for only those channels that you love and watch!

For more updates about DTH providers and their plans, keep reading Selectra.

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