D-Link Router Setup – Login, Manage and Change Wifi Password

Here I am with D-Link Router Setup and will share with you some simple tips to manage your Router for various purposes.

The main purpose of a Router is to Give High-Speed Internet and Provide Coverage at Long Range, which can be satisfied by using the Router Repeater/extender.

D-Link Default Login IP Address:

  • https://dlinkrouter.local

D-Link Default Login and Password:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: Leave it, Blank

D-Link Wifi Router Setup List:

So, Here is the D-Link Wifi Router Setup Guide List that I will share in detail below.

  1. How to Login to the D-Link Admin Panel?
  2. Change Admin and Wifi Password in D-Link Router.
  3. How to RESET the D-Link Wifi Router?
  4. How to use the D-Link Router as Wi-Fi Repeater/Extender?

Let’s Get Started with Each Guide one by one, now be ready and connect your Router with the PC to get started with the Setup Guide.

How to Get Logged in to D-Link Router Admin Panel?

Step 1: Make sure your Router is Connected with your PC using LAN or Wifi.

Step 2: Now type OR https://dlinkrouter.local and wait for the Login Page to Load.

Step 3: Use your Default Username And Password to get Logged in. (Tip: here you can use username as admin & there is no password leave that blank.)

Congrats!! You are now successfully Logged in to the Admin panel of your D-Link Router. Now You can proceed with any settings you want. If you are facing any issues while logging you can try the Router RESET Process.

How to change the D-Link Router Wifi Password?

Step 1: First of all Get Logged in to the Admin Panel of Your Router.

Step 2: Go to Wireless >> Click on Manual Setup and You will see a window like the following image.

Step 3: Now you can change the Wifi Name from the Wireless Network Settings option by changing the SSID.

Step 4: Then below that in Wireless Security Mode change the Mode to WPA2 Below that select the Cipher type AES then select PSK and Enter your Wifi Password. Then click on the Save Settings button to save.

Now Each device connected to your router will get disconnected automatically. You will have to connect all Wi-Fi devices with the new password you have set.

How to change the D-Link Router Admin Login Password?

Step 1: Make Sure you are logged in to the Admin Page to get started.

Step 2: Go to Tools >> Admin you will See the Admin Password tab, check the image below. (For Some Routers you may go to Maintainance >>Device Administration.)

D-link Admin Password Reset

Step 3: Here You are not able to edit the Admin Username but you can set Admin Login Password and User Login Password. User Login has limited access to admin Access.

Step 4: Then Click on Save Settings and your Admin Login Password is Changed now. (Note: By default, you will not need any password to log in.)

This setting helps you to make your router secure from strangers that can har your Router Settings by Logging in to the Admin panel.

How to RESET Your D-Link Router?

Warning: If you have no option and you are ready to set up everything again in that condition you may go for the RESET process of your Router. Because once you Reset your D-Link Router everything will get erased and default settings will get applied.

Step 1: Take your Router Turn it on and Look for the Reset/WPS Button on it.

Step 2: Long press the RESET/WPS button for more than 15 seconds and wait for Reboot.

Step 3: After the Router is successfully Reboot Log in to the Admin Panel with the Default IP address and Username with Password.

Step 4: Check the WAN settings, and WIFI Settings and if everything is changed then your Router has been successfully Reset.

How to Use your D-Link Router as Extender?

In this process, we will need any Router and a Modem or other Router with an Active Internet Connection on it.

Step 1: Get Logged in to the D-Link Router Admin Panel first.

Step 2: Now go to the Wireless Settings >> Wireless Repeater and Enable the Wireless Repeating Function.

Step 3: Now Click on the Site Survey button to search for Wifi Networks available and wait for the List to show.

Step 4: Then Select the Wifi Network and Click Next Button. Then if the wifi is secured you will need to enter the Wifi Password to get Connected.

Step 5: Now Click on the Apply button to save changes and check whether the Router is Acting as a Repeater or not.

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