NETGEAR Router Setup – Login, Manage and Change Wifi Password

Need Help in Netgear Router Setup Guide? Just go through the headings below and choose what you want help with.

You can log in to the Netgear Router using the IP address or the universal Address given for all Netgear Routers.

Netgear Default Login IP Address:


Netgear Default Admin Username and Password:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: password

NETGEAR Wifi Router Setup Guide List:

Here in this article, We are going to see the following setup guides while using the Netgear Router.

  1. How to Get log in to the Netgear Admin Panel?
  2. How to Change the Wifi and Admin Password in Netgear Router?
  3. How to RESET the Netgear Router?
  4. How to use Netgear Router as Extender?

Let’s Get Started with Each Guide one by one, now be ready and connect your Router with the PC to get started with the Setup Guide.

How to Get Logged in to the Admin Panel of Netgear Router?

Step 1: Make sure your Router is connected to your PC and power is turned on.

Step 2: Now visit the Default IP of your Router to visit the Admin Login Page.

Step 3: Use your Default Username And Password to get Logged in. (Tip: here you can use username and password as admin & password respectively)

Now Click on the login button and You are successfully Logged in to the Admin page. If you face any error please RESET your Router by the steps given below. You can check the Router backside for Default IP and Username with Password.

How to change the Wifi Password in Netgear Router?

Step 1: First of all Get Logged in to the Admin Panel of Your Router.

Step 2: Go to Setting >> Wireless and Check for the Security Option.

Step 3: Change the Security Option to WPA2 PSK and Enter the Password for Your Wi-Fi as shown in the image. (make sure you remember the password you have set.)

Step 4: Now Click on the Apply Button and wait till your router Reboot or Manually RESTART your Router.

Now Each device connected to your router will get disconnected automatically. You will have to connect all Wi-Fi devices with the new password you have set.

How to change the Admin Login Password in Netgear Router?

Step 1: Make Sure you are logged in to the Admin Page to get started.

Step 2: Go to Advanced Settings >> Administration >> Set password check image below.

Set new Admin Password for Router

Step 3: Enter the Old Password if you have not changed it use ‘password’ as the old password, set a new Password as you want, and re-enter the new password.

Step 4: Enable Password Recovery and you will get the hint if in case you forgot the password. And Click on Apply Button.

This setting helps you to make your router secure from strangers that can har your Router Settings by Logging in to the Admin panel.

How to RESET the Netgear Router?

Warning: If you have no option and you are ready to set up everything again in that condition you may go for the RESET process of your Router. Because once you Reset your Netgear Router everything will get erased and default settings will get applied.

Step 1: Take your Router Turn it on and Look for the Reset/WPS Button on it.

Step 2: Long press the RESET/WPS button for more than 15 seconds and wait for Reboot.

Step 3: After the Router is successfully Reboot Log in to the Admin Panel with the Default IP address and Username with Password.

Step 4: Check the WAN settings, and WIFI Settings and if everything is changed then your Router has been successfully Reset.

How to Use your NETGEAR Router as Extender?

In this process, we will need a NETGEAR Router and a Modem or other Router with an Active Internet Connection on it.

Let’s take the Spectrum Modem and connect the Netgear router to the spectrum modem to use the Netgear Router as Extender.

Step 1: Get Logged in to the Netgear Router Admin Panel first.

Step 2: Now go to the Advanced Setting >> Wireless Repeating Function and Enable the Wireless Repeating Function.

Step 3: Now enter the IP Address that will be used for this Repeater/Extender Network. (Please choose a different IP address than you are using already.)

Step 4: Then Enter the MAC Address of the spectrum modem in the Base Station MAC Address, to connect Netgear with the spectrum modem as a Repeater/Extender.

Step 5: Now Click on the Apply button to save changes and check whether the Router is Acting as a Repeater or not.

Suggestion: Setting up the Wifi Repeater function in TP-Link Router is Easy than NETGEAR Router. So know the Purpose before purchasing any Router.

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