BSNL Retailer CTOPUP Commission on Recharge, MNP, Bill Payment

Identify the new commission structure for BSNL CTOPUP mobile of a retailer, Check the OTF (One Time Fly) paid on new plan voucher activation and recharge for plan extension or migration, and also find the highest MNP commission given to BSNL retailer, and when it credits.

Retention bonus shall be provided to Franchisees / BRDs/Retailers as a as 1% of Recharge value (as declared by BSNL from time to time), of all the subsequent rechargesdone by the subscribers acquired by the respective channel partner for 12 subsequent months following the acquisition. All subsequent PV/STV/TOPUP recharges shall be ligible excluding FRC. The scheme will be applicable for 6 months from 01.07.2022.

For Bharat Air Fiber Plans having FMC > INR 2500 (in the first year) and having FMC > 3300 (from 2nd year and onwards), in addition to the existing revenue share as per the respective year & Plan, additional 15% incentive on billed amount above Rs 2500/- (for first year) and above Rs 3300/- (from 2nd year and onwards) shall be paid to Bharat Air fiber partners as incentive. This arrangement shall be applicable from 01.011.2021 for period of three year.

BSNL CTOPUP Commission is a form of incentive payment to retailer of BSNL on percentage basis in value of each transaction that can be done which a customer orders towards prepaid recharge or postpaid bill payment.

OTF Structure on BSNL Prepaid Plans

SIM Card PlanRetailer FRC Commission in Rs
DKYC CAF Commision per each new FRC upto 31.03.2021Rs.10
106 (Per Second Plan)21.04
107 (Per Minute Plan)21.01
Plan 18654.13
429 (Digital India Plan)56.01
Plan 36560
Plan 485100
666 (Sixer plan)110, For Migration = 25,
PV 79770
997130, For migration = 45,
Plan 2999420 (Rs.300 for Migration / extension)
1999160 (Rs.100 for Migration / extension)
STV 973
STV 1182
BSNL Retailer Commission List

To motivate channel partners in these in hyper competitive days in turbulent telecom market and to arrest increased Port Out(PO) / Port In(PI) MNP ratio, BSNL is hereby conveyed regarding extension of existing MNP incentive scheme and Trade scheme, FOS incentive scheme for further three months upto 30.09.2022.

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MNP Commission

ParticularsCommissionAdditional Incentive if achieved minimum 5 Port In per month
FRC amount < Rs 180Rs. 60Rs. 10
FRC amount from Rs 180 Rs 399Rs. 100Rs. 50
First Recharge > Rs 400Rs. 115Rs. 100
  • MNP incentive equivalent to 80% of the plan voucher shall be given to channel partners on loading of FRC which is equal to the value of second recharge.
  • SIM replacement cost of Rs.50 which will be taken in cash from customer, On successful SIM replacement through BSNL sales channel i.e. Franchisees/retailers Rs.10 will be deducted from the balance of CTop Up SIM of the channel partners (i.e. franchisee/retailer) through which SIM replacement is being done.

Additional FOS incentive /penalty scheme for channel partners was introduced w.e.f. March 2022 on account of the implementation of sales force automation solution (SFAS) on PAN India basis.

  1. Penalty for not using the SFAS by FOS –Penalty not to be imposed on channel partners before completion of pending points of SFAS &the same shall be intimated accordingly.
  2. Incentive for using the SFAS by FOS – An additional incentive of Rs.1000/- per month per FoS for all the FoS that login to SFAS at least for 10 days during a month, shall be implemented from June 2022

OTF on BSNL Bill Payment

  • 2% OTF to be paid for CBP bill payment amount related to Landline, Broadband, Bharat Fiber, Mobile or any other BSNL postpaid service.
  • 1% of bill amount shall be paid to Channel partners as an incentive for bill collection charge with maximum limit of Rs 10 (including GST) under Business Model I / II / III on initial basis, and the amount shall be credited by ITPC through FTTH wallet to FTTH channel partners.
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BSNL Retailer CTOPUP Commission may be changed from time to time as per the operator’s corporate guidelines, and all the above mentioned OTF (One Time Fly) payments may be differed slightly as per the conditions.

How much amount can a BSNL retailer can recharge to a roaming number

BSNL increased the daily capping limit of CTOP UP of retailers on roaming transactions upto Rupees 2000 from 1000 in all the circles with effect from 09.12.2019, which can be utilized for TOPUP/STVs/ Plan vouchers like 1699 / 1999 etc..

what is the Capping limit?

The amount limit per transaction which is defined to a CTOP UP mobile number available with retailer to recharge for roaming mobile numbers.

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