BSNL Caller Tune Deactivate Online without Login

You can deactivate BSNL caller tune in online or by using 2 other methods like SMS or with BSNL tune app, let’s check the deactive process in online without login…

Caller tunes is a service that BSNL recharge plan customers or postpaid users can use anytime and as well can withdraw it anytime, and the service allows them to select their preferred song or any BSNL popular songs as their tunes.

Any caller calling their number will be allowed to listen to these BSNL Tune without the normal rings, and there are even options to set your name in the Tune and let that be listened to by someone who is calling you.

BSNL Tune activation is an amazing way to entertain the caller by removing the normal trying sound, and in the same manner, the deactivation is carried in an easy way if the customer is not that happy with the service or doesn’t have any BSNL Tune to be there.

How to Deactivate BSNL Tune

Selecting the BSNL Tune is a customer choice and if they don’t want to continue with the service, below are the steps that can be used to stop their BSNL Tune service.

Method 1:

Here you can stop the BSNL Tune service by calling the service number which is toll free and just select the option to deactivate the Tune.

  • Daily 56700 number and then click on another services category from list
  • Now click on Subscription option to stop the BSNL Tune service

Method 2:

Use your SMS option to get the BSNL Tune stopped in your mobile, and a message to be sent from the BSNL number on which service is to be stopped.

  • Send an SMS to 56700 and 56799 toll free number
  • Entry SMS as UNSUB and send to above number
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The SMS with un-subscription will be sent to your number through SMS once the deactivation of the service has been successfully done.

Method 3:

BSNL Caller Tune Deactivate Online

This is the convenient option yet the longest process which can be used to deactivate the BSNL Tune service.

  • Launch your browser and search for
  • Enter your MSISDN number or mobile number
  • Click on Submit
  • Check the status of the customer
  • Click Deactivate and that your subscription will be stopped

The above three methods do deactivate your BSNL caller tune subscription in seconds, and each should be followed by using your registered mobile number with BSNL.

  1. How to activate BSNL Tune?

    Customers who are having an BSNL connection can use the number 5670087 which is toll free to activate their BSNL Tune service or send an SMS to 56777 as NT to activate the selected tune song as their Tune or can activate through BSNL tunes application.

  2. Will BSNL Tune be chargeable?

    Yes, the BSNL Tune service is chargeable and based on your selection of songs the among will be added to the respective account, and this BSNL Tune amount will be deducted when you recharge your number with normal balance.

  3. Can I get BSNL Tune after unsubscription?

    is the customer’s choice to opt for any service or withdraw them at any time, So if customers wish to get the BSNL tune again on their number, then they can select the appropriate option by sending the activation code or try calling a toll free number to select their favorite song as BSNL tune.

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