BSNL New Tariff and SIP Trunking Plans from the NGN System

CFA (Connecting Facility Assignment) has consented to the new rate plan for SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) Trunking services from the Next Generation Network (NGN) system, based on the advice of the BSNL tariff committee (above 50 channels). The NGN system’s SIP Trunking service has tariffs, new plans for over 50 till 10000 concurrent channels, and a discount option on advance payment charges…

BSNL New Tariffs and SIP Trunking Plans

Monthly Charge per Concurrent Channel in Rs.1 sec Pulse #15
sec Pulse #
sec Pulse #
sec Pulse #
Concurrent Channels Per SIP TrunkMonthly Free (Local +STD) calls in minutes per channel
55010.90.80.750 – 90 & 1 9CAPS (Call Admission Per Second)600
4000. –490 & 5 Call CAPS (Admission Per Second)450
3500. – 990 & 10 CAPS (Call Admission Per Second)400
3000. –1900 and 10 to 19 CAPS (Call Admission Per Second)350
2500. –4900 and 20 to 49 CAPS300
2000. –10000 and 50 to 100 CAPS250

There will be no code or surrogate costs, and CAPS for concurrent channel plans of 1000-10000 will range from 10 to 100, with 1 CAP for every extra 100 concurrent channels.

All ISD calls will be charged according to the current ISD tariff orders/rates.

The minimum number of concurrent channels is 50, while the maximum number of channels per SIP trunk is 10,000.

For 50-990 concurrent channel plans, multiples of 10 will be used, and for 1,000 to 10,000 concurrent channel plans, multiples of 100 will be used.

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PBXs must, in general, support registration. Per 1000 concurrent channels, one registration is required.

Bandwidth will be computed based on the codec types and number of concurrent channels and will be about 100kbps for PCMA and PCMU codecs and 50kbps for G.729 and AMR codecs.

Advance Rental Option and Payment Plan Costs

Charges to be paid forApplicable forValidity
12 Months13 Month ServiceOne Year
24 Months26 Month ServiceTwo Years
36 Months39 Month ServiceThree Years

Other than yearly advance payments, the Advance Security Deposit (Refundable) will be a month’s charge depending on concurrent channel costs.

Backhaul will be delivered over a Gold Class MPLS VPN, with the stated cost being all-inclusive and no extra bandwidth charges.

Except when a surrogate registration facility is used, geographic redundancy assistance is offered.

Any additional media/equipment installation must be treated as a separate entity and priced according to industry standards.

BSNL Backup SIP Trunk Service Tariff

Plan NameBackup SIP Trunk Plan
Monthly Costs/per Concurrent ChannelRs. 300/-
Number of Concurrent Channels10-100
Incremental Concurrent ChannelsIn 10 paces
Call Charges (STD+ Local)Rupee 1/Min (60 Sec Pulse)
Number of Free Monthly Calls (STD+ Local)Nil
Number Of Free DIDs/Concurrent Channel10

SIP Trunk Tariff Plan for Canara Bank Bangalore

1. Monthly charge / CC: Rs. 499/- (Except GST)
2. Monthly Tariff for 50 CC: Rs. 24,950/- (Excluding GST)
3. Free monthly Calls (Local + STD): Unlimited

4. Number of Concurrent Channels: 50
5. No cost DIDs for 50 CC: 150

 SIP Trunk Plan for Premium Sales Corporation, Surat

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1. Monthly Tariff: Rs. 5000/- (Excluding GST)
2. 25000 Mins of Free Outgoing Calls 3. Number of Concurrent Channels: 10
4. No cost DIDs: 30

Promotional Offer on BSNL SIP Trunking Plans

From 15.12.2021, SIP Trunk Trial Plan will be available for new customers on a promotional basis for 90 days on a pan-India basis with the tariffs below.

Plan NameSIP Trunk Trial Plan
Concurrent Channels10
Monthly ChargesNil
Duration1 month

For SIP Connectivity, the customer must subscribe to a compatible BSNL FTTH/AirFiber Plan on a charged basis.

The aforementioned Trial plan will only be available for one month.

If a client wishes to continue using the SIP service after the trial time has ended, he must select a standard SIP trunk plan configuration from the available alternatives and pay the necessary fees. The PABX Franchisee must guarantee that the IPPBX/EPBAX given by the PABX Franchisee is recovered.

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