An Evolving List of the Best Internet Providers in Goa 2023

An Evolving List of the Best Internet Providers in Goa 2022

Recently moved to Goa, and looking for a new internet provider in Goa? We have got you covered. We understand finding an internet service provider in Goa is not a cakewalk since it is not one of the best places with internet accessibility. That being said, the network is improving gradually.

From Airtel broadband in Goa to BSNL and Jio, most of the mainstream telecom companies are already offering great plans in this state. We have cited some of these below. Apart from these, we recommend getting in touch with a local internet service provider in Goa. A local provider might be better than the popular ones, as they are more committed to helping customers and growing their customer base.

Let’s take a quick look at some providers who can set up a broadband connection for you at your home or office space. While choosing a plan, we suggest choosing a plan that gives you an option of flexible monthly and yearly plans. Now, let’s get started.

1. BSNL Broadband in Goa

One of the oldest government telecom ventures, BSNL, offers the same quality of connectivity in Maharashtra and Goa. This means you do not worry about tariff and connectivity in Goa, as it is similar to that in the state of Maharashtra. Mentioned below is a comprehensive list of the various BSNL broadband plans in Goa.

If you have a plan that suits your requirements, get in touch with the BSNL team right away. BSNL’s support team will help you get a new connection or replace an old one within a span of a few days.

BSNL Broadband PlanFUP LimitRent per Month
100 GB CUL100 GB/Month, then 2MbpsINR 299
200GB CUL200GB/Month, then 2MbpsINR 399
500GB CUL500GB/Month, then 2MbpsINR 555
Super Star -1 with free Hotstar779 GB/month, then 2MbpsINR 779
Super Star -2 with Hotstar Premium1100GB/month, then 5MbpsINR 949
1600GB CUL1600GB/month, after 5MbpsINR 1299

2. Tata Broadband

Tata is another great broadband service provider you can choose in Goa. As a matter of fact, the Goa domestic and international airport is managed by Tata Broadband regarding internet connectivity. So, you can rest assured that you won’t have any disappointments with this provider. Depending upon your location in Goa, you can choose from one of the plans by getting in touch with them.

3. Algera Broadband

With speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps, get Goa’s fastest internet and phone service in a fantastic value package. They will link you faster than any other supplier, thanks to Goa’s fastest lead times.

Algera Broadband offers voice services over the same line as your connection to the internet. Which implies no more cables. They provide directly linked telephone solutions by connecting to their network transport voice switches through their Alegra Business, a totally owned and controlled network. These services are delivered directly via a specialized fiber pair and are presented through fully managed (TDM) CPE. Additionally, resilience choices are available.

SPEEDSpeed: upto 40MbpsSpeed: upto 150 MbpsSpeed: upto 200MbpsSpeed: upto 300MbpsSpeed: upto 300 Mbps
DATATill: 65GB, 2.5Mbps afterTill: 55GB, 6Mbps after`Till: 300GB,

15Mbps after

Till: 700GB, 35Mbps afterTill: 1.5TB, 50Mbps after
Validity1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month1 Month
SPEEDSpeed: upto 40MbpsSpeed: upto 150 MbpsSpeed: upto 200MbpsSpeed: upto 300MbpsSpeed: upto 300 Mbps
DATATill: 400GB, 2.5Mbps afterTill: 55GB, 6Mbps after`Till: 2.5TB, 15Mbps afterTill: 4.5TB, 35Mbps afterTill: 12TB, 50Mbps after
Validity6 Month6 Month6 Month6 Month6 Month

4. Jio Broadband in Goa

A fairly recent internet provider in Goa, Reliance broadband offers wired internet packages in the state of Goa. What sets this provider apart from others is that you can monitor the amount of data you consume. This will help you keep an eye on the data you use every day, and then switch to a new plan if needed.

Plan NameData LimitMonthly rental
Bronze3300 GBINR 399
Silver3300 GBINR 699
Gold3300 GBINR 999
Diamond3300 GBINR 1499
Diamond +3300 GBINR 2499
Platinum3300 GBINR 3999
Platinum+3300 GBINR 8499
Plan NameData LimitQuarterly rental
BronzeUnlimitedINR 1197
SilverUnlimitedINR 2097
GoldUnlimitedINR 2997
DiamondUnlimitedINR 4497
Diamond+UnlimitedINR 7497
PlatinumUnlimitedINR 11997
Platinum+UnlimitedINR 25497
Plan NameData LimitSemi-annual price
BronzeUnlimitedINR 2394
SilverUnlimitedINR 4194
GoldUnlimitedINR 5994
DiamondUnlimitedINR 8994
Diamond+UnlimitedINR 14994
PlatinumUnlimitedINR 23994
Platinum+UnlimitedINR 50994
Plan NameData LimitAnnual price
BronzeUnlimitedINR 4788
SilverUnlimitedINR 8388
GoldUnlimitedINR 11988
DiamondUnlimitedINR 17988
Diamond+UnlimitedINR 29988
PlatinumUnlimitedINR 47988
Platinum+6600 GB Data/ MonthINR 101988

5. Hathway Broadband

Another known company giving nationwide connectivity via fiber-based internet broadband services is Hathway. This is one of the few broadband providers that offers business-specific plans with multi-office connectivity that you can choose from.

To know more about Hathway’s plans, we recommend, getting in touch with the team using the details below:

  • Address: No. 703, Gera’s Imperium 1, Patto Plaza, Panaji, Goa 403001
  • Phone: 0832 671 3000

6. GWave

Unlike the companies mentioned above, GWave is a local broadband service offered by United Telecom Services Ltd. Indeed this internet service provider does not provide an extensive range of data plans. But, choosing a homegrown company can have an upper hand when it comes to customer service and management.

Plan NameFUPMonthly price
100 MB-Hom-Lim6060 GBINR 540
150 MB-Hom-Lim300300 GBINR 1111
150 MB-Hom-Lim500500 GBINR 1415
150 MB-Hom-Lim1TB1 TBINR 1915
150 MB-Hom-Lim1-5TB1.5 TBINR 2541
100 MB-Hom-Lim200200 GBINR 846
150 MB-Hom-Lim7575 GBINR 635

Along with these plans, this provider offers packs for 90 days, 180 days, and 360 days. You can check the price of these plans and data limit by visiting its website.

7. Joister Broadband

Joister Broadband is another local provider you can choose from in Goa or Maharashtra. This company promises to provide high-quality fiber internet with up to 16 MBPS. This internet service provider has offices in Vasco da Gama and Mapusa.

This internet service provider aims to deliver outstanding connectivity services and support that are brilliant, intuitive, and increasingly digital. Whether you are looking for a corporate leased line, wifi, or even wholesale bandwidth, Joister Broadband can help you with almost everything. For more details about this local provider, visit its website.

8. Railwire

Railwire broadband is an effort by the Government of India and Railtel Corporation of India to provide affordable and reliable broadband. This broadband company started out by providing internet access to train stations and areas around them at reasonable prices.


These are some of the top broadband providers in Goa you can choose from. We anticipate that this list would assist you to make an informative decision. Before finalizing the provider, we recommend getting in touch with them, explaining your requirement and budget, and then making a decision.

If you are interested in learning more about internet service providers, keep visiting Selectra.

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