The Best Suspense Movies On Amazon Prime India Video to Watch

The Best Suspense Movies On Amazon Prime India Video to Watch

It’s nice to get two-day delivery for free, but for movie buffs, the real draw of Amazon Prime is the company’s video streaming service, Prime Video. Any Prime member may watch thousands of movies and TV series, including those only available via Amazon’s Prime service. And when it comes to thrillers, Prime offers a tremendous variety that keeps getting better and better.

Crime movies and psychological thrillers are only some of the options available to you on other OTT platforms. But on Amazon Prime, you may discover something fresh and strange that you’ve never heard of before.

Best Suspense Thriller Movies On Amazon Prime India

Whether you’re a seasoned thriller fan or just getting started, this list has the best suspense thriller movies on amazon prime.

Name CastDirector Year Runtime Rotten Tomatoes Ratings
Akilla’s EscapeSaul Williams

Thamela Mpumlwana

Vic Mensa

Charles Officer202090 Minutes84%
All is LostRobert RedfordJ. C. Chandor2013105 minutes94%
Death In the GunjVikrant Massey

Tilotama Shome

Konkona Sen Sharma2016110 minutes89%
TrappedRajkumar Rao

Geetanjali Thapa

Vikramaditya Motwane2017105 minutes94%
The Boondock SaintsWillem Dafoe

Sean Patrick Flanery

Norman Reedus

Troy Duffy1999108 minutes67%
BurningYoo Ah-in

Steven Yeun

Jeon Jong-seo

Lee Chang-dong2018148 minutes95%
The CourierBenedict Cumberbatch

Merab Ninidze

Rachel Brosnahan

Dominic Cooke2020111 minutes85%
Fight ClubBrad Pitt

Edward Norton

Helena Bonham Carter

David Fincher1999139 minutes78%
The HandmaidenKim Min-hee

Kim Tae-ri

Ha Jung-woo

Park Chan-wook2016145 minutes95%
I see youHelen Hunt

Jon Tenney

Owen Teague

Adam Randall201996 minutes80%
NightcrawlerJake Gyllenhaal

Rene Russo

Riz Ahmed

Dan Gilroy2014117 minutes95%
The prestigeHugh Jackman

Christian Bale

Scarlett Johansson

Christopher Nolan2006130 minutes76%
The Batla HouseJohn Abraham

Mrunal Thakur

Nikkhil Advani2019150 minutes77%
The Usual SuspectsKevin Spacey

Gabriel Byrne

Benicio del Toro

Bryan Singer1995106 minutes89%
VivariumImogen Poots

Jesse Eisenberg

Jonathan Aris

Lorcan Finnegan202098 minutes72%

Akilla’s Escape

IMDb Rating: 5.3/10

While “Akilla’s Escape” already has enough suspense, it adds to it by focusing on Akilla (Sul Williams), a world-weary Akilla who knows this hazardous world well and is attempting to keep him and a little child from becoming too familiar with it themselves.

All Is Lost

IMDb Rating: 6.9/10

All Is Lost takes the concept of not giving too much away to a whole new level, and it pays off well in this tense, unique drama that features only one cast member and a few words. It is amongst the best suspense thriller movies on amazon prime India. When Robert Redford’s yacht collides with a derelict shipping container, we learn a bit of his character.

As his ship starts to take on water, we see how he manages to survive the accident and subsequent tropical storms thanks to his resourcefulness. Only pure exhilaration remains when there are no words to stifle the experience.

A Death in the Gunj

IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

At its core, A Death In The Gunj, directed by Konkona Sen, is a simple drama about an impending disaster that keeps you riveted to the screen. Shutu, his cousin Nandu, and their families are on holiday at Shutu’s aunt’s house. Shutu, an intrinsically sensitive and kind spirit, begins to feel alienated and alone when Nandu and his old friends from the countryside gather together and begin their hijinks.

Shutu steadily unravels and eventually commits the unimaginable as he becomes weary of carrying the weight of his life’s responsibilities. Your jaw will drop when you contemplate the majesty of existence as it unfolds in front of you making it the best suspense thriller Hindi movie on amazon prime India.


IMDb Rating: 7.6/10

If you’re currently in quarantine, Vikramaditya Motwane’s survival thriller will make you appreciate it; it is the best suspense thriller Hindi movie on amazon prime India. With no food, water, or electricity, the protagonist of Trapped is trapped in his recently acquired, bare-bones flat. He had to wake up every day to attempt to make it out of that apartment alive because of his commitment not to die there.

Rajkumar Rao’s acting transforms Trapped into a terrifying experience even without the presence of any spirits.

The Boondock Saints

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10

There were some bumps along the road, but “The Boondock Saints” was well worth the effort. Quite the contrary, it seems to have exceeded everyone’s expectations. As a result of its success, the picture has become a cult classic among moviegoers.

Actors like Norman Reedus and Willem Dafoe have contributed to the film’s success in popular culture. As a bonus, it includes a captivating plot about twin brothers who become vigilantes and battle Russian mobsters while evading an FBI agent’s relentless pursuit.


IMDb Rating: 7.5/10

A year before “Parasite,” a South Korean film called “Burning,” had made efforts in the correct direction, “Parasite” had received Oscar recognition. There were nine films from South Korea on the shortlist for Best Foreign Language Film, but it wasn’t chosen as a winner.

The reasons for this are obvious. In this story, three young individuals form a love triangle that might lead to a horrible outcome. The performances are raw and compelling, and the suspense is masterfully created.

The Courier

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

It’s a history lesson, but it’s far more entertaining because of how “The Courier” engages its audience. It is based on a true story of Soviet nuclear program infiltration that was instrumental in ending the Cuban Missile Crisis.

The foreboding tones and real-world stakes make the tension seem too genuine in the starring part of a British businessman turned spy played by a haunted Benedict Cumberbatch. It is one of the best suspense thriller English movies on amazon prime India.

Fight Club

IMDb Rating: 8.8/10

To examine one of Amazon Prime’s finest thrillers, we’ll have to breach one crucial rule. As a film, “Fight Club” is among the most quotable of all time and one of the most contentious and culturally important of all time. Disillusioned white-collar worker Tyler Durden inspires a “fight club” where he may unleash his fury. As time goes on, this deadly pastime takes a sinister turn.

This thriller has it all with violence, intrigue, counterculture, psychiatric breakdowns, and one of the most recognizable turns in cinema history. More than just a narrative of two males savagely beating one other up.

The Handmaiden

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10

Conman and juvenile pickpocket in “The Handmaiden” are an incredibly gratifying duo in terms of odd partnerships. Count Fujiwara, a fictitious con artist, is introduced as the heiress Hideko, who is duped into marrying him by a pickpocket called Sook-hee early in this psychological thriller. Naturally, this is only the beginning of this South Korean thriller. “The Handmaiden” is not only compelling but also truly enjoyable, thanks to a well-executed blend of sexuality and betrayal.

I See You

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Thrillers are fun to watch since they can be adapted into various genres. Some of the most popular genres are political, sci-fi, and historical thrillers. The best ones include some psychological tension, possibly even creepiness. Stalker meets poltergeist horror in “I See You,” replete with scary masks, kidnappings, and other unexplained happenings that could be supernatural. “I See You” is one of those particularly unnerving works.


IMDb Rating: 7.8/10

Gyllenhaal is at his best in “Nightcrawler,” portraying characters that are out of his element. We see an emaciated Gyllenhaal roam the streets of Los Angeles as the psychotic Lou Bloom, hunting for car crashes and break-ins that he can photograph. An unethical local news station will pay him extra if the incident is dramatic enough. As his newfound success grows, we see an already troubled Bloom dive to new depths of depravity, all in quest of the perfect photo and a sensational headline.

The Prestige

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

When it comes to filmmaking, Christopher Nolan has always taken his work seriously. Many of his plots use a nonlinear approach, delving into issues such as human psychology, reality, and the passage of time. When it comes to science, “The Prestige” is doubly geeky in that it highlights one of the lesser-known episodes in modern history. The 1890s magic scene, obsession, betrayal, and the Nolan work’s twists and turns take this Nolan piece to its startling revelation.

Batla House

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10

Nikhil Advani’s film is based on the true incident of the Batla House Encounter of 2008, albeit with certain creative modifications. ACP Sanjay Kumar and his crew raid Batla House after receiving a report that some students or terrorists hide there. Two of the teenagers and one of the cops are killed in the ensuing confrontation.

As a result, Sanjay and his team are subjected to a barrage of criticism from the media and the general public. Batla House reveals controversial truth to clear up any doubt about the incident.

The Usual Suspects

IMDb Rating: 8.5/10

“The Usual Suspects” is one of those films that should be seen by everyone, regardless of genre. It’s a picture that can be described in many ways and succeeds in each one. It’s a mystery, a thriller, and even a light comedy at times. To add suspense, the narrative benefits from having an unreliable narrator who tells a detailed account of a massacre while being interrogated. This robbery gone catastrophically wrong is made all the more enthralling by the narrative’s structure and delivery.


IMDb Rating: 5.8/10

“Vivarium” essentially jumps rope with that thin line between exhilarating and unpleasant. If you’ve ever felt like you needed a vacation from your mundane suburban existence, you’ll develop cabin fever simply from watching this movie.

Tom and Gemma are looking for a place to call home, but they find themselves unwilling to leave when they visit a cookie-cutter community. When a “child” arrives up on their doorstep, with instructions that if they care for the youngster, they’ll be freed, things grow much creepier. Critics and spectators alike were both intrigued and irritated by the unusual delight of seeing a couple stuck in an eternal subdivision of similar homes and forced to raise a humanoid monster as their kid.

A dynamic collection of outstanding entries from past and contemporary favorites, the Prime Video library is constantly evolving. Subscribers to Amazon Prime Video will have access to thebest suspense thriller English movies on amazon prime India. Aficionados of this genre will not want to miss out on what the service offers them.

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