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ZEN internet broadband is the fastest and reliable. The article covers ZEN Broadband plans, tariff details and various broadband deals, plans and packages…

Zen whereabouts

It was launched by the chairman Mr. Richard Tang in 1995. It is considered as one of the oldest broadband which initially used to provide its services in schools & small scale businesses in the Rochdale area.

Zen Internet Broadband is considered as the fastest & reliable broadband for both home & business purpose. The company is having the strength of approximately 413 employees & all of them being dedicated & hard working people making the internet services very reliable.

Because of the hard work of the employees as well as CEO (Paul Stobard) & Chairman (Richard Tang), the company won several awards in 2006 at ISPA i.e. Internet Service Provider’s Association, namely “Best Business ISP”, “Best heavy Business Broadband”, “Best uncontended service” Not only this the chairman of ZEN was named as Customer Service Entrepreneur of the year by Ernst & Young at Manchester. That is why the other name of ZEN is Award winning broadband as well.

ZEN Internet Broadband Plans

ZEN Superfast fibre Broadband & Ultrafast Fibre Broadband & ZEN Fast Broadband

PlanContract TypePhoneDownload SpeedUpload SpeedUsage Price
Unlimited Fibre 1
12 Month ContractWithout Phone31
Mostly for browsing and phone not included£31.99/month + £29.99 set-up fee
Unlimited Fibre 212 Month Contract Without Phone67Mbps18 MbpsMajorly for box-sets & streaming & phone calls not included£35.99/month£29.99 set-up fee
Unlimited Broadband12 Month Contractwith Phone line rental10
1 MbpsMostly for browsing and phone included£32
£29.99 set-up fee
ZEN broadband plans

Various other ZEN broadband deals in more detail

  1. Unlimited fibre 1 – It includes the phone line rental & 12 months’ contract with 35 Mbps average download speed & 6 Mbps average upload speed. It is considered as an ideal package for browsing & shopping. The consumer can avail the benefits of this package by spending just £ 21.99 per month plus £19.99 set up costs.
  2. Unlimited fibre 2 – The set up cost remains the same as the previous package which is £19.99 & monthly cost being £36.66 per month. The customers can enjoy unlimited downloads & the average speed in the package is 66Mbps. Like the previous package, the 12 months’ contract is also essential.
  3. Unlimited fibre 1 + Every room WiFi – The average speed provided in this package is 35 Mbps with unlimited downloads. The per month cost of this package comes out to be £37.98 with an additional set up cost of £29.94. The package includes a 12-month contract.
  4. Unlimited fibre 2+ Every room Wifi – The cost of this package comes out to be £42.98 per month and £29.94 one time set up cost. It provides 66 Mbps speed with unlimited downloading capacity with minimum 12 months’ contract.
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In all the above packages, the landline rental is provided. The consumers need to pay according to the usage i e they have to pay for the calls they make. In case the customers wish to make regular calls depending upon their necessity, they can also sign up for the all-inclusive call packages.

The packages included are as under:

  1. Line rental plus – The customers can make unlimited & endless calls to the numbers Starting with 01, 02 & 03 landline numbers & by paying just £10 per month can also make the calls to numbers starting with 0845.
  2. Calls to Mobiles – the customers can choose
  3. the timings i e. 250 minutes, 500 mins. or 2000 mins. The network providers included are EE, Three, Vodafone, 02, Tmobile& Orange.
  4. International Calls – The customers can choose 250, 500 or 2000 calls per month for abroad numbers.

The Customers can reach to ZEN broadband providers by sending an email at [email protected], in case they have any complaint or query. For general queries the customers can contact them from Monday to Friday between 9 to 5pm at 01706 90 2000.

The official address of the company is as under:

  1. Zen Internet, Sandbrook Park, Sandbrook way
  2. Rochdale, OL111RY.

To Summarize, we can say that Zen internet Broadband is an excellent, pocket friendly, fastest & having consistently high trust pilot scores No other competitor can even think of reaching such a level where Zen has already reached.

Benefits of using ZEN Ultrafast Fibre Internet

  • UK’s one of the most fast providers
  • Full support from UK
  • Award-winning service
  • We’ll never slow you down
  • Unlimited usage data
  • best router
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Customer Care /Help desk details:

Customer enquiries01706 902001
Sales01706 902573
Website DetailsWebsite details
Helpdesk details for ZEN Internet

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