YOU Broadband: Data Plans & How To Get A Connection In 2023

YOU Broadband: Data Plans & How To Get A Connection In 2023

YOU Broadband: Data Plans & How To Get A Connection In 2023

you broadband plans

YOU Broadband is India’s very first ISO-accredited broadband service provider and a grade ‘A’ ISP. YOU, one of India’s largest independent ISPs, provides high-speed Broadband and voice services to residential, SME, and business clients in 12 cities via a variety of cutting-edge distribution platforms. YOU is quickly growing its footprint in other cities around the country as part of its expansion plans.

YOU Broadband provides Internet-based high-speed access and voice communications. It mainly provides high-speed Internet connectivity to private, industrial, and small and medium-sized business (SME) users. YOU have a dedicated leased line to corporate and SME clients, allowing them to transmit massive volumes of data. The first broadband provider in India to supply homes with speeds of up to 200 Mbps.

Along with all the major telcos, it is among the few firms capable of providing Triple Play facilities. This ensures that consumers can use wifi, make voice calls over the Internet (VoIP), and stream videos all from a single connection. YOU Broadband delivers these services to both consumer and business clients in their respective locations.

There are lots of applications on your computer that could be using the internet, possibly some without you even knowing it. Ensure you clean your computer regularly.

Why You Should Choose Vodafone’s YOU As Your Broadband Provider

Although the majority of Indian broadband services are either decent or cheap, Vodafone manages the unusual task of being both. The brand provides high-quality broadband at low prices, making it a common option, especially for more competitive fibre broadband deals.

The brand has fast enough speeds for most homes, and there are no initial costs when getting a new link built. Here are a few of the most important advantages of picking YOU as your broadband service provider :

  • There are no up-front charges.
  • Excellent value for capital
  • Quickly enough for the majority of homes

Eventually, YOU Broadband offers a range of packages to ensure that they could stick to and satisfy all of their customers’ needs.

YOU Broadband offers services across many cities in India. We’ve compiled a list of all the cities in which you can avail this broadband plan, along with the most popular plans.

YOU Broadband Plans Ahmedabad

YOU Broadband is Ahmedabad’s largest internet service provider, delivering high-speed broadband internet. They are India’s largest ISO-accredited broadband network operator, using cutting-edge technologies and tools to offer the best broadband services in Ahmedabad for households, small to medium-sized businesses, and large corporations.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1062
Unlimited100 Mbps30 days₹826
Unlimited75 Mbps30 days₹738

YOU Broadband Plans Bangalore

In the IT hub of the country, YOU provides comprehensive and affordable plans for its customers to choose from, which you can check out below.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1062
Unlimited100 Mbps30 days₹826
Unlimited50 Mbps30 days₹649

YOU Broadband Plans Navi Mumbai

With engaging tech names like blackbuck and hypersonic, YOU offers distinctive plans catering to those who require high data usage in Navi Mumbai. Browse through their plans listed below.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1062
Unlimited150 Mbps30 days₹944
Unlimited100 Mbps30 days₹826

YOU Broadband Plans Pune

If you’re a YOU broadband customer in Kakinada and are wondering what your plan options are, we have listed each plan offered by YOU, along with essential details like internet speed and validity, which can help you choose the right plan.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited350 Mbps30 days₹2065
Unlimited300 Mbps30 days₹2006
Unlimited250 Mbps30 days₹1205

YOU Broadband Plans Nagpur

One of India’s largest broadband providers, YOU has created a list of plans that cater well with the internet usage and requirements of people living in Nagpur. So, if you’re looking for the best plans from which you can choose, check out the list below.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1062
Unlimited150 Mbps30 days₹944
Unlimited75 Mbps30 days₹767

YOU Broadband Plans Powai

Regardless if you’re a small to medium-sized business or a household of four, YOU have curated special plans for its customers in Powai. So, if you’re wondering what your options are, check out the list below.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1062
Unlimited150 Mbps30 days₹944
Unlimited100 Mbps30 days₹826

YOU Broadband Plans Rajkot

As India’s first ISO-accredited broadband service provider, YOU provides multiple plans for customers across the country, including Rajkot. Browse through the list of plans below and choose the right one for you.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1349
Unlimited150 Mbps30 days₹1080
Unlimited100 Mbps30 days₹791

YOU Broadband Plans Thane

If you’re confused about which YOU broadband plan you should choose in Thane, browse through the list below to compare the various plans offered and match your requirements and budget.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1062
Unlimited150 Mbps30 days₹826
Unlimited60 Mbps30 days₹708

YOU Broadband Plans Vijayawada

With two comprehensive data plans; Supernet and Superjet, YOU broadband customers in Vijayawada have great options to choose from. So, if you’re confused about which plan to choose, compare the price and features of each plan below.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1062
Unlimited150 Mbps30 days₹944
Unlimited100 Mbps30 days₹826

YOU Broadband Plans Aurangabad

YOU Broadband is the largest provider of high-speed internet services in Aurangabad. They are the first ISO certified broadband service provider to offer best breed plans for households, small- and medium-sized businesses. Check out their plans for customers in Aurangabad.

Monthly DataInternet SpeedValidityPrice
Unlimited200 Mbps30 days₹1062
Unlimited150 Mbps30 days₹944
Unlimited100 Mbps30 days₹826

Lots of factors can impact the strength of a wireless broadband signal, such as walls, doors and interference from other gadgets.

Check YOU Broadband Download Speed

It is not difficult to determine the download speed provided by this broadband provider. You will not require any external tools to measure the download speed. All that is required is a web browser. But, before you monitor the download speeds, you should be mindful of a few details that are crucial in ensuring that your broadband is functioning properly.

Amount of Bandwidth

Only if you know how much bandwidth the broadband provider has can you make a calculation and draw a decision. Once you’re informed, you can verify your download speeds using various monitoring websites accessible online using your browser.

Download Versus Upload

Megabits of data per second are used to calculate Broadband speeds (Mbps). When you check your connection speed online, the monitoring site will show both your upload and download speeds. What’s more relevant, you might wonder, uploading or downloading speeds.

Download speeds represent the number of megabits of data that is needed per second to download data from a website, whether it’s images or videos, and upload speed is the megabits of data per second to transfer your computer information to another computation/server.

As most users choose to import data from the Internet that includes images, videos or even films, the download speed is always at the highest. A download speed of minimum 25Mbps is considered sufficient, although an upload speed of 3Mbps is considered adequate.

How To Improve YOU Broadband Speed?

If you’re having trouble with your broadband speed, consider the following tips to hopefully increase the speed and your surfing experience :

  • You should pursue a wired network instead of Wifi.
  • Remove all temporary files from your laptop.
  • Delete all other gadgets that are connected to the network.
  • Remove the malware because it can significantly slow down your PC’s performance.
  • Switch the DNS parameters to see which ones are the fastest.
  • Your device’s drivers should be modified.
  • Upload at an off-peak time.

If these suggestions do not increase the speed of your YOU internet network, call customer service.

Get A New YOU Broadband Connection

It’s extremely simple to get a new YOU broadband connection. All you need to do is visit their website and follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Fill out the form. This form includes basic identification and address related information.

Step 2: Once your application has been submitted, a representative will visit your home and verify the information.

Step 3: After everything checks out, you will get your new connection.

How To Pay YOU Broadband Service Bill?

To pay your YOU wireless broadband bill or to conduct a YOU Broadband recharge,, you have three simple options, which are described below:

  • Online Payment
  • Visit
  • Click on ‘My Account and you’ll be asked for your YOU Broadband login credentials
  • After login select the option ‘Renew Now’.
  • Click on Net Banking/Credit card and enter the payment gateway and then follow the process.
  • Mobile APP
  • Go on to the My Accounts tab in the Mobile app-Upgrade My Account, choose a new package or Renew this Package, and complete the online payment process.
  • Offline payment
  • Through our management executives, we will assist with offline account renewals via cash or cheque. To seek payment collection, you must contact the call center for your particular location. In 48 hours, an employee will come to your place to receive the check.

YOU Broadband Customer Care Information?

As YOU broadband offers it services at multiple cities across India, the contact information changes depending on your current location. So, if you’re trying to contact customer support for any issues or queries related to your broadband connection, visit their website and find the contact information based on your location.

If you’re really struggling to get a workable broadband service and need a short-term fix, you may want to try connecting your laptop or desktop computer to your router with an ethernet cable.


If you’re searching for a high-speed internet connection, You Broadband is a great option. After merging together, YOU Broadband is one of the most popular services to be launched from mobile network giants Vodafone and Idea. So, to ensure you’re able to get fast speed internet like Airtel and good customer service like Reliance Jio, you should consider applying now! For more information on various mobile network providers, keep reading Selectra.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I require a modem?

Dial-up modems are incompatible with cable internet. You will use a special cable modem to link to your device. When you sign up for YOU Broadband service, we will supply you with a modem at an extra rate.

What is FTTH

AFiber to the x (FTTX) refers to every broadband network system that uses optical fiber to provide more or a portion of the local loop used over the last mile. FTTX is a catch-all term for many fiber deployment setups, which are classified as FTTH/FTTB/FTTF (Fiber laid all the way to the home/building/Floor) with copper wires finishing the connection. Since fiber optic cables can hold much more data than copper cables, existing copper-based networks are being substituted by fiber, opening the way for customers to receive Gig interfaces.

What is the Fair Usage Policy (FUP)?

A relatively limited number of users use an enormous amount of network bandwidth, which may degrade the experience of others. The aim of our Equal Use Policy is to provide all users with the best internet experience possible.

How do I stop or disconnect my YOU Broadband Account?

You could terminate or disconnect your YOU Broadband service by sending a disconnection application via phone or email. Depending on your location, you can visit their website.

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