Will Political Conflicts Curb Huawei’s Hopes In Indian business?

Will Political Conflicts Curb Huawei’s Hopes In Indian business?

Huawei prepares a long term strategy for business development in India. With the current political conflicts going on between India and China, the prospects of the Indian Government agreeing to the plans of the Chinese telecom gear maker any time soon, appear minimal.

Huawei Asia Pacific Vice President, Jay Chen has expressed hopes of retaining a strong foothold in the Indian business market and is positive that the company will be considered in the Indian telecom market for future initiatives.

The Indian telecom market shows immense potential and is apt for long term investments. The telecom industry here has several contributing factors that when put together form a conducive environment for untapping colossal possibilities.

The senior officials in Huawei are well-aware of the unsettling developments concerning political differences between India and China. They are harbouring hopes that the Indian government will look into the probability of permitting Huawei to work out its plans at a future date, even if not at once.

“India is a very big market with huge potential and Huawei has a long-term strategy in India. We understand the current situation and it’s possible that sometimes the situation might change. “Our strategy however remains unchanged and we have our confidence in this market. You know, this market currently has a huge requirement and huge space for further growth and development… this is something that will not change,” Chen said.

The Current Scenario

The actual scenario prevailing definitely does not look promising with regards to the long term plans Huawei has in mind. India is now keeping the company at a distance and is not permitting any involvement in the 5G expansion plans.

The Government stand, however, does not hinder the decision of Huawei officials to continue their expansion strategy in the country.

“India has a huge potential and space to grow. We have a long-term strategy for the future in a huge market like India. We are very closely monitoring the India market with regards to policy, current environment, and developments in the industry,” Chen said.

Huawei will continue to hold ICT training ( information and communication technology ) programs in India even under the prevailing circumstances.

“In India we also conducted some ICT training programs and as per our strategy under the existing situation that we are in India. We put more focus on ICT skill development… as you mentioned business has some challenges now but making contributions in terms of the talents continues. “India will receive all the coverage we support, same as all the other countries in our region. We will provide support without the difference,” Chen said.

Huawei has achieved and sustained monumental growth in all its operations and projects undertaken. This is a proven fact and it is exactly how Huawei has become a technology giant. We are yet to know what the Government will decide whether Huawei will serve as a trustworthy telecom gear provider.

Whatever the decision, let’s hope that it covers the best interests of the country, both in terms of safety as well as technological advancement.

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