Which is the Best Broadband Service Provider In Kanpur?

Which is the Best Broadband Service Provider In Kanpur?

It has been around a decade since people started to depend on the internet for everything, like paying bills, entertainment, studying, working, and even interacting with their close ones. Internet usage has been growing steadily in the market, and every day lots of people are subscribing to the internet.

Since the world was hit with a pandemic in 2019, everything came to a standstill. India being a developing country, had to start planning and executing everything from scratch. Most of the sectors were asked to work from home, starting immediately. Mobile internet is not something that working-class people can use at work from home. They had to get broadband connections according to the network availability in their area and later on work.

People might hesitate to buy a new phone or any other electronic gadget, but broadband has become an essential part of our lives. All new electronic gadgets are not SIM portable; instead, they need a wi-fi connection to work.

List of some of the famous Broadband connections in Kanpur are:

  1. Hathway Broadband Connection
  2. Airtel Broadband Connection
  3. Tikona Broadband Connection
  4. Reliance Broadband Connection
  5. ACT Broadband Connection

Hathway Broadband Connection

Hathway Cable & Datacom Limited (Hathway) is a significant cable broadband provider in India. It also offers cable television services through Hathway Digital Private Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of India’s leading multisystem operators.

As of Q1FY19, Hathway had a PAN India ISP license and was the first cable television services provider to offer high-speed cable broadband services in 16 cities (4 metros and three small metros), with over 5.5 million homes traversed and 0.77 million subscribers. According to research done by EUROMONEY, Hathway was named one of the best-managed media firms in Asia in 2013.

The Indian Telly Awards have named Hathway the top MSO nine times for its outstanding Cable TV and Broadband Internet Services, as well as the “Star News Brand Excellence Awards for Brand Excellence in Digital Products for Internet Services in 2011.”

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Airtel Broadband Connection

Airtel provides high-end speed internet service on the Fiber broadband connection in Kanpur. Airtel Xstream fiber offers customers with Fiber optic internet connection which increases the speed of the internet connection into a high-speed net.

Airtel’s fastest internet connection speed in Kanpur is up to 1Gbps, which means the downloading speed will be comparatively fast, and there will be less buffering. This FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is based on fiber optic. It can connect up to 10 devices. Better HD video streaming, uploads, and large file downloads are available with these Kanpur internet packages.

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Tikona Broadband Connection

Tikona has risen to the top of the list of top Broadband Service Providers in India’s top 25 cities, out of a few hundred ISPs. Tikona was founded in 2008 by Prakash Bajpai and now serves over 2,75,000 satisfied customers. More than 10,000 SMEs are among our clients. These were accomplished by offering the greatest broadband plans and customer service to subscribers.

The consumers liked high-speed internet, high-quality service, and cost-effective options. Tikona is now synonymous with exceptional broadband plans that deliver 2 to 10 times more GBs for the same price as other providers, as well as a reliable internet connection. The various broadband plans of Tikona offer the much-desired benefits of broadband, such as speed, quantity, and dependability.

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Jio Broadband Connection

Reliance has launched a new broadband plan under its name by JioFiber. These broadband services have also been revised to provide people with unlimited data at high speeds at lower pricing. Reliance Jio’s unlimited broadband rates now start at Rs 399 per month, making it one of India’s most cost-effective broadband providers.

JioFiber broadband rates range from Rs 8,499 per month to Rs 8,499 per month for speeds up to 1Gbps. JioFiber is a wonderful option for purchasing if you’re seeking a new internet connection or just want to switch from another service provider.

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ACT Broadband Connection

ACT (Atria Convergence Technologies Ltd.) since inception has become the most admired company in the world, one that inspires radical social change while delighting and empowering customers. The company provides services in a variety of cities including Kanpur as well.

This broadband provider company is one of the most well-known cables and broadband companies in the country, providing cutting-edge services to approximately 2 million delighted customers. Further, they are trying to provide high-end internet service to their customers at reasonable rates.

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Hathway Broadband
NameSpeedDataPrice in Rs & Validity
Hathway Hero Unlimited 50 mbps Plan50 mbpsUnlimited1500 for 3 months
Hathway Hero 40mbps Plans40 mbps500 gb1500 for 3 months
Hathway GPON 200200 mbpsUnlimited849 for 1 month
Airtel Broadband
NameSpeedDataPrice in Rs & Validity
Standard broadband plan100 mbpsUnlimited799 for 1 month
Entertainment broadband plan200 mbpsUnlimited999 for 1 month
Professional broadband plan300 mbpsUnlimited1499 for 1 month
Tikona Broadband
NameSpeedDataPrice in Rs & Validity
Tikona 100mbps100 mbpsUnlimited699 for 1 month
Tikona 150 mbps150 mbpsUnlimited799 for 1 month
Tikona 200 mbps200 mbpsUnlimited899 for 1 month
Reliance Broadband
NameSpeedDataPrice in Rs & Validity
Jio Fiber 399 monthly plan30 mbpsUnlimited399 for 1 month
Jio Fiber 699 monthly plan100 mbpsUnlimited699 for 1 month
Jio Fiber 999 monthly plan150 mbpsUnlimited999 for 1 month
ACT Broadband
NameSpeedDataPrice in Rs & Validity
ACT Starter plan40 mbpsUnlimited549 for 1 month
ACT Bronze Plan50 mbpsUnlimited549 for 1 month
ACT – A max 500 plan40 mbps500 gb500 for 1 month


In conclusion, the above-mentioned broadband connection is the best internet connection provider currently in Kanpur, which is affordable and the internet speed provided by these operators is very good. Those who are facing problems by their service provider can refer to the above-mentioned operators and select the operator according to their preference.

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