What is BSNL Happy Browsing in Broadband (DSL / FTTH)

Is this BSNL happy browsing offer is available in 2019, what is the page link for activation on your broadband service, how to activate happy browsing when we required…

What is BSNL Happy Browsing?

An offer allowed by Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited for their broadband (DSL/FTTH) customers to enjoy high speed internet even after crossing fair usage policy limit in their subscribed unlimited broadband plans of BSNL.

Why this offer launched?

As a special gesture to satisfy heavy data usage users of broadband services, ISP introduced the offer for retaining Pre FUP speed at free of cost of the month.

Is this offer applicable every month on all plans?

Yes, it is applicable on all unlimited plans.

How to activate Happy Browsing?

After crossing of defined FUP limit in your subscribed broadband, happy browsing link is displayed like a popup by redirecting the existing browser page, when you click on HAPPY Browsing, then immediately, you will be continued with Broadband PRE FUP speed.

Is this Happy browsing offer available now in 2019?

At present it is not available for customers.

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