Want Some Reduction In Charges-BSNL Custody Plan

  Hey, want some reduction in your BBoWiFi services and Broadband or BSNL Bharat Fiber (FTTH) rental charges, for a certain amount of time??

Well, consider taking up the BSNL Safe Custody scheme.

  Now, what is BSNL Safe Custody?

BSNL Safe Custody is a service provided by BSNL.

BSNL Safe Custody is BSNL technical infrastructure’s preservation scheme involving the subscription line of BSNL Landline / Broadband / Fiber to the Home services with modest rates, and the current details by disconnecting the BSNL telecom services while not in use for a period.

Customers in urban areas/metro cities pay the same fees when they request Custody. Upon request, the charges for rural locations vary. FTTH was previously unavailable; however, it is now available for BSNL broadband safe custody for the maximum possible time.

 Safe Custody Charges List

Safe Custody ChargesService
Rs. 50/month for Urban Area

Rs. 30 /month for Rural Area
BSNL Landline on Copper
Rs.150/month for both Rural and Urban+ Broadband on Copper+ Landline
Rs. 200/ monthFiber-Based plans including Air Fiber having FMC below Rs.800
Rs. 300/ monthFiber-based plans including AirFiber above Rs.800

The tariffs listed above will take effect on May 10, 2021.

Having an FTTH or BSNL Broadband under safe custody is a type of temporary disconnection of service to minimize prices by up to 90%, thus customers can take advantage of this chance if they are not utilizing telecom services for a period.


  • Is it necessary for us to return Accessories to Safe Custody?

The BSNL shall recoup from the customer for holding the modem / CPE / Accessories supplied by the BSNL (i.e., not having customer-owned) during the Custody time

  • What is the Safe Custody Minimum Period?

The minimal time of safe custody is one month. All Broadband, Bharat Fiber and Landline over Wi-Fi (BBoWiFi) services are subject to this requirement. Subscribers can, nonetheless, recuperate their connection(s) at any time, within a month, by paying monthly safe custody charges for the entire calendar month during the safe custody end.

From the date, the connection (Landline / Bharat Fiber / BBoWiFi) must be kept under “Safe Custody.”

  •  How are Advance Rental Charges changed?
If a triennial/biennial/annual/half-yearly payment client switches to a safe custody plan, just as in other annual payment cases, the customer will be provided an adjustment credit for the unutilized period, which will be adjusted in the following invoices.
  • How do I start using BSNL Safe Custody?

The service shall allow the authorized subscriber to submit a written request to the commercial officer at CSC. It explicitly states that the connection (Landline / Bharat Fiber / BBoWiFi) must be kept in “Safe Custody” as of the date.

  • When will we be required to pay BSNL Safe Custody Fees?

The monthly charges that are included in the bill are fixed. You will pay the fee before (in advance) or after the restoration of Custody of the subscription service.

  • How can you maintain the BSNL Broadband safe in your possession?

DSL/Bharat Fiber Broadband is a landline-based add-on service. The cost of keeping both services in safe custody is $150 per month. The prices are low if one cancels the internet service and activates the safe custody for Landline, where such connection kind is not implacable for FTTH.

  • What is the safe custody pricing pattern?

From the start of Safe Custody through the end of Safe Custody, the customer will be charged the monthly amounts listed above.


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