Vodafone Idea Service Reviews 2023

Vodafone Idea Service Reviews 2021

If we just look at Vodafone and Idea’s history as separate network providers, the performance isn’t great. However, people had great expectations after Vodafone and Idea’s merger, and it was predicted that this company would become the top service provider in the country. However, this is far from true. With poor data speed complaints and untrained staff, Vodafone Idea has failed to impress their customers. In fact, some analysts are predicting that this telecom provider will be shutting down soon.

However, if we dig deeper, Vodafone Idea isn’t all bad. It offers some services that are unparalleled and even top service providers like Airtel and Jio can’t compare.

If you just browse through a couple of reviews, you’re bound to miss on factors that actually matter. This is why our experts at Selectra have browsed through thousands of Vodafone Idea reviews left by customers all across the country. So, if you’re on the fence about whether you should choose Vodafone Idea or not, check out analysis based on customer reviews.

Vodafone Idea Network Coverage Review

When it comes to Vodafone Idea’s network coverage, there are some very unhappy customers who have constantly complained about the bad network. However, there are a few customers who have left a positive review as well. The main differentiator between both types of customers is largely their location. Hence, Vodafone Idea’s network coverage largely varies based on location and area.

Here are some of the review left by customers :

Good network coverage and reliable provider. Nothing I found to dislike. The reliability of the network has increased after the merger of Vodafone and Idea.

Deepak ShuklaVodafone Idea customer

Pathetic service. I had to attend a very important meeting and was unable to hear or see anything. Kept seeing the message ‘bad internet connection’. In the era where other service providers are moving towards 5G speed, Vodafone Idea’s 4G speed also feels like 2G. Mergers are supposed to go good, but after Vodafone Idea, the network connection wasn’t up to the mark at all.

Ashish MehraVodafone Idea customer

Really bad network. The network bar is constantly stuck at one, no matter where I go, the range doesn’t improve. It’s really difficult to do anything.

Anita Mishraodafone Idea customer

Vodafone Idea Broadband Review

While Vi’s broadband connection hasn’t won any awards to date, it is one of the most praised services offered by the telecom provider. Due to its affordable plans and ultrafast download speed, Vi’s broadband connection is quite popular among the masses.

The primary reason for this is that Vodafone Idea provides fiber-optic broadband connections to its customers, which is known to provide high speed and good coverage.

Here are some of the reviews left by customers related to Vi’s broadband connection :

I recently switched Vodafone’s broadband connection due to its affordable plans. I was pleasantly surprised by its speed. It’s been 3 months since I am using this connection and I don’t have any complaints yet.

Pratik SomaneVodafone Idea customer

I was sceptical to use Vi’s broadband connection as I didn’t have a great experience with the company’s postpaid connection. But, they’ve done a much better job with their broadband services. I would, however, like to point out that the connection is a little unstable, especially during heavy rainfall and I am often left without any internet connection despite paying for a broadband connection. I’d recommend the company work on this and I will surely not be looking for any other connection again!

Rahul SharmaVodafone Idea Broadband customer

Vodafone Idea Calling Review

According to a study conducted by TRAI, Vodafone Idea has triumphed over all other service providers in India when it comes to voice and calling quality. This service provider scored 4.8 out of 5 voice quality ratings in February 2021.

What makes Vi’s calling quality different from most is its consistent quality indoors and outdoors. Moreover, as per customer feedback and reviews, the calling quality doesn’t drop much while travelling as well, which is a point of struggle for other telecom providers.

Check out some of the popular review provided by customers below :

I know Vi gets a lot of flak for its shady and unsatisfactory coverage, but I have specifically chosen a dual SIM phone so I can use Vodafone Idea’s SIM for high-quality calling. I use other service providers for data, but Vi is my go-to option for making calls.

Rohit VermaVodafone Idea customer

Switched to Vi recently. I am on the fence about the data as it doesn’t give much speed, which is frustrating at times. But, I am really happy about the calling quality. Regardless of where I am, even if I have just one bar of the network, the call rarely drops, and when it does go through; it’s seamless!

Ankita SuryaVodafone Idea customer

Vodafone Idea Prepaid Plans Review

If we have to compare Airtel and Vodafone Idea’s prepaid plans, there’s a difference of just INR 1 between each service provider. However, Airtel provides a host of different features, including Wynk subscription and FUP calling, however, Vi doesn’t extend the same generosity.

Moreover, Vodafone Idea’s prepaid customers often complain about the bad network coverage and their data cap being exhausted extremely fast. Overall, Vi doesn’t perform well among its prepaid customers.

Here are some of the reviews provided by customers :

Vodafone’s prepaid coverage is absolute rubbish. When I am in my hall, it works great, walk into my room and it’s gone. For the money I pay, without any perks or benefits, they should have at least got the bare minimum right.

Girish LokhandeVodafone Idea customer

The speed at which my data plan is used for my Vodafone Idea SIM is astounding. I stream just 2 movies on Netflix and I’ve finished my data cap, but when I do the same with my Airtel, which offers the same data, I have data left. I don’t understand much about how this works, but something really seems amiss here.

Gargi BishtVodafone Idea customer

Vodafone Idea Postpaid Plans Review

Similar to Vodafone Idea’s prepaid review, the company’s postpaid customers aren’t too happy with the services either. Not only have multiple customers posted their complaints and unhappiness about the network coverage on social media and review sites, but some have also even vowed to never use the service provider again. These kinds of reviews have surely cost the Indian service provider a lot of customers.

Along with the network coverage, what a lot of customers are complaining about are the huge bills that they receive at the end of every month. Allegedly, Vi bills multiple surcharges to its postpaid customers, which causes them to pay a lot more than agreed upon.

The reason why this is so frustrating for customers is that the main benefit of opting for a postpaid plan is that they are able to budget for the predefined bill amount. However, as Vi’s bills often exceed that amount, it entirely defeats the purpose.

Check out some of the reviews left by customers below :

The bill I just received for my Vi postpaid plan is insane. It’s almost double the amount that I agreed to pay. Guys, this is just not happening!

Lavanya KumarVodafone Idea customer

Network – bad, costs – bad, the bill – really very bad. I have been your loyal customer for 2 years now Vi, please give me one good so I can stay on.

Karan BellVodafone Idea customer

Vodafone Idea Customer Care Review

Even if a service provider’s offerings aren’t stellar, they can still retain customers by providing exemplary customer support. However, despite receiving fairly negative reviews, Vodafone Idea’s customer support doesn’t fare well either, which is quite surprising.

Customers have often left public reviews and comments about the untrained, rude, or uncooperative staff, who aren’t very aware of their own services.

Check out some of the reviews below :

Pathetic customer support, Vi. I have been on a call with three different customer executives and not a single one can give me the information I need. Such a waste of time!

Karthik SharmaVodafone Idea customer

I am highly disappointed by Vi right now. I have been facing network issues since morning. I have an important meeting to get to and no one in the customer support can seem to help me. Instead, they are being rude to me. I don’t understand why I chose this network.

Kavita SinghVodafone Idea customer

Vodafone Idea: Final Verdict

Like every side has two coins, services offered by network providers have their share of pros and cons as well. However, based on the reviews left by customers, Vodafone Idea, unfortunately, has more negative than positive.

The Good

  • Vi offers good and fast broadband competitive rates
  • Vi’s calling quality is unparalleled and has even outdone other operators

The Bad

  • Vodafone Idea’s postpaid and prepaid coverage is not great and often leaves customers stranded in tough situations
  • Vi’s customer support needs to be better trained to help customers properly
  • Vi doesn’t offer many perks, add-ons and benefits as compared to its competitors
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