Top 6 Broadband Plans And Their FUP Limit

Top 6 Broadband Plans And Their FUP Limit

According to 2021 reports, India is ranked 70th in the nations with the fastest broadband connectivity. During the lockdown phase, the increasing user base also worked as motivation for unlimited wired internet connectivity in India, though with the FUP limit imposed.

According to a report published by Statista, the internet penetration rate in India has increased from 38.02% in 2018 to 50% in 2020. Another report shares that India has over 747 million broadband subscribers and the numbers are consistently rising.

With the increase in demand, the ISPs are putting the best of their efforts to lure their target audience with the best broadband plans with unlimited data. However, there’s a glitch.

The unlimited isn’t actually the way it sounds. While you may access the internet, the speed will decrease after a defined FUP limit by your ISP.

What is the FUP limit?

FUP limit means Fair Usage Policy. It is a limit set by regulating authority/ISP to ensure that the user doesn’t hog the greater bandwidth. The internet service providers put a cap on a certain amount of data usage. Until the mark, the user can consume data at high speed, however, once the cap is crossed, the user can access the internet but at a decreased speed.

Long story short, the internet you receive is unlimited, but the speed is limited.

Before we learn about the best broadband plans and their FUP limits, let’s get ourselves acquainted with some of the FAQs related to the same and have their answers.

What is a FUP restriction?

This is another term for the FUP limit imposed by ISPs across the globe.

How to remove the FUP limit?

The truth is there’s no way you can get rid of the FUP limit. Though you may find some videos on YouTube claiming to give a solution for this, the fact remains unchanged. You can’t bypass the proxy.

The best broadband service providers in India with FUP limit

Now that we have a little extra insight, let’s get to know about the 6 best broadband service providers in India and their FUP Limit.

The best broadband service providers include:-

  • Jio Fiber
  • Airtel Fibernet
  • BSNL Broadband
  • ACT Broadband
  • Hathway Broadband
  • You Broadband


Jio is leading the industry in not just wired but also wireless internet connectivity. The company is offering unlimited internet on all its plans starting from INR 399 to 3999/month.

FUP LimitJio FUP limit is set at 3.3 TB monthly data, after which you’ll receive an average speed of 2 MBPS.

However, 3300 GB of data per month sounds sufficient for a regular user. Besides this, Jio also offers other benefits like: –

  • Free OTT subscriptions of 14+ platforms on plans above INR 999.
  • 15 days and 30 days of free internet on paying 6 months and one-year fees straight respectively.

Airtel Fibernet Plans

Airtel didn’t perform well with its ADSL plans and eventually to make its place in the market, it launched the Fibernet plan. The broadband plans start from as low as INR 499 with a whopping speed of 40 MBPS.

FUP LimitThe ISP has set a cap on 3333 GB data usage per month, after which the speed falls to 2 MBPS.

The internet service provider also offers an INR 3999 Airtel VIP plan, which is claimed to offer a speed of up to 1 GBPS. As a complementary benefit, the plans offer

  • OTT subscription
  • Airtel Xtream app
  • Amazon Prime
  • Zee5 app

BSNL Broadband

The budget ISP offers broadband plans starting from INR 300. BSNL unlimited broadband plans do not just come in your budget, they are also known to deliver better speed in comparison to other ADSL service providers.

FUP LimitWhile the basic plan offers you an internet speed of 20 MBPS, the BSNL FUP limit check is set at 50 GB. As you move further with increased plans, the FUP limit also increases. Once exhausted you get a speed of only 1 MBPS with no further FUP.

The service provider also offers BSNL Fiber broadband.

FUP LimitThe plans start from INR 449/month and offer 30 MBPS speed with a FUP cap of 3.3 TB. It also has a plan of INR 1500 a month that’s capped at 4 TB.

Undoubtedly the FUP limit is way too high for a normal user. Once the limit is touched, BSNL fibre broadband offers you an internet speed of 2 MBPS.

ACT Broadband

ACT isn’t as widely spread as its competitors in the list, but the ISP offers good internet speed in India.

It has 4 plans as mentioned below:-

  • ACT Bronze -Speed 50 MBPS
  • Silver- Speed 150 MBPS
  • Gold -Speed 200 MBPS
  • Platinum- 300 MBPS

The rental starts at INR 549 and ranges up to 1249/month.

FUP LimitThe ISP has set the FUP limit at 3.3 TB, after which the speed falls to 2 MBPS.

Also, you need to keep in mind that its plans are subject to change with the city and state. For example, ACT broadband is slightly expensive in Chennai. Though you might have more options to choose from based on your need. It also has a special plan priced at INR 2999, which offers a speed of 1 GBPS. Talking about additional benefits, you can get a free router, 350 Netflix cashback per month, etc.

Hathway Broadband Connection

The ISP is well spread across India and is available in almost every major city. Until last year, they were offering 100 MBPS speed at just Rs 600 a month. However, their plans have now changed. One major difference between Hathway and her ISPs is that you can’t pay for plans on a monthly basis. The minimum that you have to enrol is for 3 months. Currently, it is offering 5 plans, with an internet speed of 50 MBPS.

FUP LimitThe primary difference between the plans is the FUP limit which is capped at 50 GB, 100 GB, 150 GB, and 200 GB for plans priced at INR 2549, 2999, 3899, and 4499 respectively for 3 months. Speed post FUP limit for the former two will be 2 MBPS and the latter two will be 3 MBPS.

It also has a special plan priced at 2399 quarterly. It offers a truly unlimited speed of 2 MBPS irrespective of how much data you use. That is, it has no FUP limit.

You Broadband

This comes from the house of Vodafone. Though currently confined to a handful of cities, you may expect broadband in your city soon. However, there’s one thing that’s probably pushing it behind in the race is the minimum plan it offers.

The base plan is priced at INR 899 per month and offers 30 MBPS speed. If you want to go for a higher speed, you might end up shelling off INR 1809/month to have 100 MBPS speed. Needless to mention that this is twice as expensive compared to Airtel and Jio.

FUP LimitThe provider has set FUP at 1 TB per month. However, post FUP you receive a speed of 4 MBPS, which is higher than other ISPs in India.

Concluding Note

These were some of the best broadband plans and their FUP limit in India. While Airtel and Jio are clearly leading the market, the other listed ISPs are performing well in some states and cities in India. Are you using any broadband connection? Which one’s your broadband plan? If not, which of these will you prefer to have? Do let us know your views.

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