The Most Cost-Effective Internet Broadband Options By BSNL Telecom!

The most cost-effective internet broadband options by BSNL Telecom are now in Uttarakhand offering high-quality rocket bandwidth via Fiber Optic and DSL for homes and businesses, with the fastest speeds for smart phones and other wireless devices.

Netizens in the Uttarakhand telecom circle can make an online request to BSNL for high bandwidth at their doorstep, subject to technical feasibility.

List of Fiber Plans

 Monthly Rent6 Months’ Rent1 Year Rent Plan NameSpeed
1.44905388Fiber Basic30Mbps till 3300GB, beyond 2Mbps
2.499  100GB CULUp to 50Mbps to 100GB
3.59907188Fiber Basic Plus60Mbps to 3300GB data, after 2Mbps
4.749 0Super Star 1100Mbps to 1000GB, beyond 5Mbps
5.7770 Fibre TB PlanUp to 100Mbps 1000GB
6.779  Super Star 1Up to 100Mbps to 1000GB
7.79909588Fiber Value100Mbps to 3300GB, beyond 2Mbps
8.849  Fibre Value PlusUp to 100Mbps to 1500GB
9.94900Super Star premium 2150Mbps to 2000GBG, beyond 10Mbps
10.949  Super Star 2Up to 150Mbps to 2000GB
11.999011988Fiber Premium200Mbps to 3300GB, beyond 2Mbps
12.1277702413409Fiber Premium Plus200Mbps to 3300GB, beyond 15Mbps
13.1495  BBG ULD 1495 PlusUp to 10Mbps to 140GB
14.1999  Fibre SilverUp to 300Mbps to 4500GB
15.2499  Fibre Silver PlusUp to 300Mpbs till 5000GB
16.4499  Fibre RubyUp to 300Mbps to 6500GB
17.5999  Fibre GoldenUp to 300Mbps to 8000GB
18.16999  Fibre PlatinumUp to 300Mbps to 21000GB

List of DSL Plans

 Monthly Rent (Rs)6 Months’ Rent1 Year Rent PlanSpeed
1.29900100GB CUL10Mbps to 100GB then 2Mbps
2.39921954190200GB CUL10Mbps to 200GB data/day, beyond 2Mbps
3.55530535828500GB CUL10Mbps to 500GB, after 2Mbps
4.77908569Super Star 110Mbps to 779GB, beyond 2Mbps
5.94900Super Star 210Mbps to 1100GB, after 5Mbps
6.12990136401600GB CUL10Mbps to 1600GB, then 5Mbps

All the specified broadband plans are classified as unlimited for voice and data with a FUP restriction for internet access.

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