The Complete Videocon D2H Channel List

The Complete Videocon D2H Channel List

Videocon d2h is among the most prominent Direct-to-Home (DTH) providers, sometimes known as simply d2h. This operator provides a whopping 485 d2h channels including news, entertainment, sports, and cartoons.

It provides a 4K Ultra HD set-top box that can transform your TV into a smart TV capable of browsing social media at affordable prices and packages.

So, if you’ve recently become a subscriber and are curious about the many channels available to you, scroll down to see a complete list of channels and their matching channel numbers.

General Entertainment

We can’t fathom our lives without entertainment, therefore this Videocon D2H channel list of all the entertainment channels is surely going to be one of the most important channels you select for your package.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&TV HD908HD₹22.42
Aakash aath801SDFree
Amrita TV610SDFree
Anjan TV859SDFree
Big Ganga858SD₹0.59
Big Magic112SD₹0.12
Chardikla Time TV779SDFree
Colors Bangla797SD₹8.26
Colors Bangla HD976HD₹16.52
Colors Gujarati872SD₹5.90
Colors HD904HD₹22.42
Colors Infinity HD936HD₹10.62
Colors Marathi752SD₹11.80
Colors Marathi HD971HD₹20.06
Colors Odia825SD₹7.08
Colors Rishtey121SD₹1.18
Comedy Central185SD₹5.90
DD Arunprabha846SDFree
DD Bangla805SDFree
DD Bharati480SDFree
DD Bihar862SDFree
DD Chandana661SDFree
DD Girnar878SDFree
DD Kashir792SDFree
DD Madhya Pradesh898SDFree
DD Malayalam612SDFree
DD National149SDFree
DD North East844SDFree
DD Podhigai553SDFree
DD Punjabi784SDFree
DD Rajasthan868SDFree
DD Sahyadri749SDFree
DD Saptagiri703SDFree
DD Urdu786SDFree
DD Uttar Pradesh864SDFree
DD Yadagiri702SDFree
ETV HD988HD₹22.42
ETV Plus697SD₹8.26
ETV Telugu693SD₹20.06
Gemini Life699SD₹5.90
Gemini TV691SD₹22.42
JaiHind Tv635SDFree
Kairali TV608SDFree
Kalaignar TV545SDFree
Kaumudy TV613SDFree
Mazhavil Manorama605SDFree
Mazhavil Manorama HD990HDFree
Media One TV631SDFree
Mega 24562SD₹1.18
Mega TV580SD₹3.54
PTC Punjabi771SDFree
Raj TV554SD₹3.54
Ruposhi Bangla802SDFree
SET HD906HD₹22.42
Sony Aath803SD₹4.72
Sony Marathi757SD₹4.72
Sony Pal159SD₹1.18
Sony SAB113SD₹22.42
Sony SAB HD911HD₹22.42
Star Bharat107SD₹11.80
Star Bharat HD905HD₹22.42
Star Jalsha798SD₹22.42
Star Jalsha HD977HD₹22.42
Star Maa692SD₹22.42
Star Plus101SD₹22.42
Star Plus HD902HD₹22.42
Star Pravah753SD₹10.62
Star Pravah HD972HD₹17.70
Star Suvarna HD996HD₹22.42
STAR Utsav156SD₹1.18
Star Vijay543SD₹20.06
Star World179SD₹9.44
Star World HD934HD₹10.62
Star World Premiere HD933HD₹10.62
Studio One+701SDFree
Sun Bangla804SDFree
Sun Life592SD₹10.62
Sun TV542SD₹22.42
Surya TV602SD₹14.16
Udaya TV651SD₹20.06
UTV Bindass120SD₹1.18
Zee Anmol116SD₹0.12
Zee Bangla796SD₹22.42
Zee Bangla HD975HD₹22.42
Zee Cafe181SD₹17.70
Zee Cafe HD935HD₹22.42
Zee Kannada653SD₹22.42
Zee Kannada HD997HD₹22.42
Zee Keralam604SD₹0.12
Zee Marathi751SD₹22.42
Zee Marathi HD970HD₹22.42
Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal Pradesh778SD₹0.12
Zee Salaam787SD₹0.12
Zee Sarthak826SD₹22.42
Zee Tamil547SD₹14.16
Zee Telugu694SD₹22.42
Zee Telugu HD984HD₹22.42
Zee TV103SD₹22.42
Zee TV HD903HD₹22.42
Zee Yuva757SD₹1.18


Alacarte packs provide users with access to Videocon d2h Movies channel choices. The Videocon d2h Movies channel listing with the number can be seen below.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
&flix HD946HD₹22.42
&pictures HD920HD₹22.42
&prive HD947HD₹22.42
Asianet Movies621SD₹17.70
B4U Bhojpuri862SDFree
B4U Kadak210SDFree
B4U Movies229SDFree
Bhojpuri Cinema860SDFree
Box Cinema212SDFree
Colors Cineplex221SD₹3.54
Colors Gujarati Cinema881SD₹1.18
Enterr10 Movies225SDFree
ETV Cinema707SD₹7.08
Fakt Marathi759SDFree
Gemini Movies706SD₹20.06
J Movies568SD₹2.66
Jalsha Movies806SD₹7.08
Jalsha Movies HD978HD₹22.42
Kairali We609SDFree
Maha Movie233SDFree
MN+ HD948HD₹11.80
Movies Now255SD₹11.80
Pitaara TV777SDFree
Public Movies665SDFree
Raj Digital Plus569SD₹1.77
Romedy Now249SD₹7.08
Sony Max201SD₹17.70
Sony Max 2239SD₹1.18
Sony Max HD921HD₹20.06
Sony Pix243SD₹11.80
Sony Pix HD944HD₹17.70
Sony Wah240SD₹1.18
Star Gold205SD₹9.44
Star Gold 2227SD₹1.18
Star Gold HD916HD₹11.80
Star Gold Select231SD₹8.26
Star Gold Select HD919HD₹11.80
Star Maa Movies708SD₹11.80
Star Maa Movies HD989HD₹22.42
Star Movies241SD₹14.16
Star Movies HD943HD₹22.42
Star Movies Select HD949HD₹11.80
Star Suvarna Plus656SD₹5.90
Star Utsav Movies234SD₹1.18
Surya Movies620SD₹12.98
Udaya Movies664SD₹18.88
UTV Action211SD₹2.36
UTV Movies207SD₹2.36
Zee Action237SD₹1.18
Zee Anmol Cinema228SD₹0.12
Zee Bangla Cinema807SD₹2.36
Zee Bollywood235SD₹2.36
Zee Cinema203SD₹17.70
Zee Cinema HD915HD₹22.42
Zee Cinemalu709SD₹11.80
Zee Cinemalu HD985HD₹18.88
Zee Picchar662SD₹3.54
Zee Talkies758SD₹2.36
Zee Talkies HD973HD₹22.42


Stay up-to-date with the latest news from around the world by searching for your favorite Videocon Dth news channels in this Videocon D2H TV guide.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Aaj Tak303SD₹0.89
ABN Andhra Jyothi719SDFree
ABP Ananda813SDFree
ABP Asmita877SDFree
ABP Majha762SDFree
ABP News310SDFree
Al Jazeera365SDFree
Asianet News628SDFree
Assam Talks853SDFree
BBC World News361SD₹1.18
CNBC Awaaz341SD₹1.18
CNBC Bajar874SD₹1.18
CNBC Prime HD969HD₹1.18
CNBC TV18381SD₹4.72
CNN International359SD₹0.59
CNN News18355SD₹0.59
DD India395SDFree
DD News328SDFree
DD News HD328HDFree
Dighvijay 24×7 News680SDFree
DY 365849SDFree
ET Now387SD₹3.54
ETV Andhra Pradesh718SD₹1.18
ETV Telangana721SD₹1.18
Gulistan News790SDFree
HM TV726SDFree
IBC 24897SDFree
India Ahead362SDFree
India News308SDFree
India News Haryana785SDFree
India Today357SD₹1.18
India TV315SDFree
Jai Maharashtra767SDFree
Janam TV614SDFree
Janta TV783SDFree
Jaya Plus584SD₹0.59
Kairali News634SDFree
Kalinga TV833SDFree
Kanak News837SDFree
Kolkata TV815SDFree
Lok Sabha TV329SDFree
Manorama News629SDFree
Mathrubhumi News630SDFree
Mirror Now356SD₹0.59
NDTV 24×7351SD₹3.54
NDTV India305SD₹1.18
Nepal 1843SDFree
News 24313SDFree
News 7 Tamil581SDFree
News Live848SDFree
News Nation304SDFree
News Time Bangla817SDFree
News18 Assam North East852SD₹0.12
News18 Bihar Jharkhand857SD₹0.12
News18 India344SD₹0.12
News18 Kerala632SD₹0.12
News18 Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh893SD₹0.12
News18 Punjab Haryana Himachal780SD₹0.12
News18 Rajasthan865SD₹0.12
News18 Tamil Nadu589SD₹0.12
News18 Urdu789SD₹0.12
News18 Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand885SD₹0.12
Polimer News583SDFree
Prag News850SDFree
Pratidin Time851SDFree
PTC News782SDFree
Public TV674SDFree
Puthiya Thalaimurai583SDFree
R Bharat311SDFree
Raj News Kannada676SDFree
Raj News Malayalam633SDFree
Raj News Telugu729SDFree
Rajya Sabha TV330SDFree
Republic TV360SDFree
Saam TV766SDFree
Sakshi TV720SDFree
Sandesh News876SDFree
Sathiyam TV587SDFree
Shemaroo TV123SDFree
Sudarshan News322SDFree
Sun News579SD₹1.18
T News725SDFree
Thanthi TV549SDFree
Times Now353SD₹3.54
TV5 Kannada681SDFree
TV9 Bharatvarsh307SDFree
TV9 Gujarati875SDFree
TV9 Kannada689SDFree
TV9 Marathi764SDFree
TV9 Telugu722SDFree
Twenty four636SDFree
V6 News724SDFree
Velicham TV590SDFree
Vendhar TV560SDFree
Zee 24 Ghanta818SD₹0.12
Zee 24 Kalak878SD₹0.12
Zee 24 Taas773SD₹0.12
Zee Bihar Jharkhand345SD₹0.12
Zee Business343SD₹0.12
Zee Hindustan301SD₹0.12
Zee Madhya Pradesh Chhattisgarh891SD₹0.12
Zee News307SD₹0.12
Zee Rajasthan News866SD₹0.12
Zee Uttar Pradesh Uttarakhand887SD₹0.12


There are several top-rated sports channels in which you can view all of your favorite sports events, such as the IPL, T20, and World Cup, as well as other sporting events. The majority of these channels are available on Videocon D2H. Check in to your favorite sports stations and catch up on all of the newest tournaments and games.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
DD Sports435SDFree
Eurosport HD932HD₹7.08
Sony Six423SD₹17.70
Sony Six HD928HD₹22.42
Sony Ten 1411SD₹22.42
Sony Ten 1 HD927HD₹22.42
Sony Ten 2413SD₹17.70
Sony Ten 2 HD931HD₹20.06
Sony Ten 3415SD₹20.06
Sony Ten 3 HD926HD₹20.06
Star Sports 1401SD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 HD923HD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 Hindi407SD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 Hindi HD925HD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 Kannada689SD₹22.42
Star Sports 1 Tamil521SD₹20.06
Star Sports 1 Telugu750SD₹22.42
Star Sports 2403SD₹7.08
Star Sports 2 HD924HD₹22.42
Star Sports 3436SD₹4.72
Star Sports First431SD₹1.18
Star Sports Select 1429SD₹22.42
Star Sports Select 1 HD929HD₹22.42
Star Sports Select 2430SD₹8.26
Star Sports Select 2 HD930HD₹11.80

Kids Entertainment

Kids frequently become upset when they are unable to discover their favorite channels while browsing through the channels, thus this Videocon D2H channel list will ensure you’re subscribed to your child’s favorite channels.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Cartoon Network501SD₹5.02
Chintu TV684SD₹7.08
Chutti TV595SD₹7.08
Discovery Kids518SD₹3.54
Disney Channel505SD₹9.44
Disney Junior517SD₹4.72
Hungama TV503SD₹7.08
Kochu TV640SD₹5.90
Kushi TV740SD₹4.72
Marvel HQ511SD₹4.72
Nick HD+950HD₹11.80
Nick Jr516SD₹1.18
Sonic Nickelodeon514SD₹2.36
Sony Yay519SD₹2.36


All music fans would like the combination of music channels. Videocon d2h features a plethora of music channels which will keep you up to date on all the newest chartbusters as well as timeless tunes from the past.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
7S Music522SDFree
9X Jalwa528SDFree
9X Jhakaas767SDFree
9X Tashan773SDFree
B4U Music522SDFree
Gemini Music712SD₹4.72
Jaya Max573SD₹2.66
Mega Musiq575SD₹2.36
MTV Beats279SD₹0.12
Murasu TV556SDFree
Music India531SDFree
PTC Chak De772SDFree
Public Music669SDFree
Raj Musix Kannada667SDFree
Raj Musix Malayalam625SDFree
Raj Musix Telugu714SDFree
Sahana TV593SDFree
Sangeet Bangla810SDFree
Sangeet Bhojpuri861SDFree
Sangeet Marathi760SDFree
Star Maa Music713SD₹1.18
Sun Music571SD₹7.08
Sun Music HD983HD₹22.42
Surya Music624SD₹4.72
Tarang Music829SD₹2.36
Udaya Music666SD₹7.08


Environment, sci-fi, wildlife, and other genres are featured on Videocon d2h entertainment channels. Videocon d2h has India’s major entertainment channels, namely Discovery Channel, History Channel, and others.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Animal Planet453SD₹2.36
Animal Planet HD World965HD₹3.54
Ayush TV687SDFree
D Tamil594SD₹4.72
DD Gyan Darshan478SDFree
DD Kisan479SDFree
DD Panini475SDFree
Discovery Channel441SD₹4.72
Discovery HD World952HD₹7.08
Discovery Science455SD₹1.18
Discovery Turbo471SD₹1.18
History TV18 HD953HD₹8.26
Nat Geo Wild461SD₹1.18
Nat Geo Wild HD957HD₹5.90
National Geographic445SD₹2.36
National Geographic HD954HD₹11.80
Safari TV641SDFree
Sony BBC Earth474SD₹4.72
Sony BBC Earth HD966HD₹11.80

Lifestyle & Fashion

Videocon d2h’s lifestyle channels provide the greatest image and audio quality, which truly enhances the experience of the content aired on these channels. Browse through Videocon D2h’s fashion and lifestyle channels to find your favourites.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Fox Life467SD₹1.18
Fox Life HD959HD₹1.18
TLC HD962HD₹3.54
Zee Zest147SD₹1.18

General Entertainment Channels

To keep yourself occupied with the Entertainment TV series, Videocon d2h provides all sorts of general entertainment channels (GEC) in many languages. In this Videocon D2H channel list, search for your favorite Videocon DTH general entertainment channels (GEC) numbers.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Asianet HD991HD₹22.42
Asianet Plus609SD₹5.90
Colors Kannada658SD₹22.42
Colors Kannada HD994HD₹22.42
Colors Super659SD₹3.54
Colors Tamil553SD₹3.54
Dangal Kannada668SD₹3.54
Darshana TV643SDFree
Jaya TV546SD₹7.08
Makkal TV586SDFree
Polimer TV550SDFree
Star Maa Gold696SD₹2.36
Star Maa HD987HD₹22.42
Star Suvarna654SD₹22.42
Star Vijay HD981HD₹22.42
Star Vijay Super548SD₹2.36
Sun TV HD980HD₹22.42
Udaya TV HD995HD₹22.42
Vasanth TV552SDFree
Zee Keralam HD993HD₹9.44
Zee Tamil HD979HD₹22.42


Consider the entire Videocon D2H Devotional channel list with the finest picture quality. Alacarte packages are accessible for users who want to pick extra devotional channel choices.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Aastha Bhajan487SDFree
Angel TV597SDFree
Aradana TV742SDFree
Bhakti TV745SDFree
Channel WIN793SDFree
Disha TV485SDFree
Jinvani Channel494SDFree
Madha TV599SDFree
Peace of Mind497SDFree
Powervision Tv646SDFree
Prarthana TV839SD₹2.36
PTC Simran781SDFree
Satsang TV486SDFree
Sri Sankara TV688SDFree
Subhavaartha TV743SDFree
SVBC 2600SDFree


Here is excellent news for everyone who loves the language of the region. Videocon d2h provides an extensive selection of regional channels including the majority of languages being spoken from start to end in the country.


Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Zee Biskope859SD₹0.11


Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Captain News591SDFree
Kalvi TV597SDFree
Nambikkai TV578SDFree
TravelXP Tamil593SD₹1.77
Zee Thirai547SD₹5.90


Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Marathi Bana759SDFree
Shemaroo Marathibana759SDFree


Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
MH One775SDFree
Zee Punjabi770SD₹3.54


Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
News 1st682SDFree
Power TV678SDFree
Siri Kannada660SDFree


Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
DD Odia827SDFree
Manjari TV830SDFree
Nandighosha TV840SDFree
News18 Odia838SD₹0.12
Prameya News7835SDFree

Regional Shopping

Active d2h Shopping is a Videocon d2h satellite platform teleshopping channel.

Videocon d2h Channel ListVideocon d2h Channel NumberHD/SDPrice
Kannada Naaptol652SDFree
Malayalam Naaptol604SDFree
Tamil Naaptol544SDFree
Telugu Naaptol695SDFree


Now that you have the complete channel list for Videocon d2h, it’s time to find the best package that suits your budget and requirement. Carefully browse through this list and pick the channels that air your favourite content!

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