Register at BSNL E Auction Portal for Vanity Number

In BSNL, E Auction web portal is there, in which BSNL carried out the selling process of fancy mobile numbers. In e Auction, BSNL sells the  VIP or vanity mobile numbers to the customers by online competitive bidding. For this process, one needs to spend ample time on the site to get the premium number. Customers get fascinated by the special GSM Mobile Services with their unique sequences.

The customer can participate in the auction only by registration and login onto the BSNL web page. The auction for the vanity numbers starts from low to high, from rupees up to lakhs or maybe more than that. It mostly depends on the available competitors at that time.

The initial registration process starts from this website.

How to Register for BSNL E Auction Web Portal

Here are the steps for registration of E Auction Web Portal and it takes only a few minutes.

E Auction web portal is a transparent process to transform your premium to vanity mobile number.

1. Open the browser : Browser should enable the Adobe Flash Plugin

2. Go the web portal as

Open the e auction web portal and apply for premium number.

3. Click onto the vanity number for the requires state.

There are some specifications for auction going on. Like green color indicates the auction is going on at present while orange color indicates the auction is not available for the required state.

4. Click on Login/Register option present onto the screen

At the topmost right side, click on icon login

5. Enter details

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Enter the person details like email id, mobile number and then submit.

6. Sign Up

Once you sign up, OTP will come to our number to login for e auction portal.

To book for vanity number, BSNL sends the date of auction by SMS or by on email for a period of 5-15 days.

Take part in auction and get the VIP number as per your likes.

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