Plans for UL (VNO) Cat-B Licensees from BSNL VOIP SIP Trunk Service

BSNL Tariff Schemes for UL (VNO) Cat-B Licensees for “Access Service Authorization”, to deliver VoIP services based on SIP Trunk…

The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited Consumer Fixed Access (CFA)-Tariff committee has accepted the following revised Tariff plans for the UL (VNO) Category-B Licensee for Access Service Authorization, for offering VoIP Services based on SIP Trunk service.

Monthly Charges per 1000
DIDs (in Rs.)
No. of DIDsCall Charges for 60 Sec
Pulse (in Rs. /Min.)
Monthly Free calls per
1000 DID (In Rs.)

 DIDs (Direct Inward Diallings) are only to be provided in 1000-unit blocks.

The ratio of concurrent channels in the SIP Trunk to be given is 1:20, i.e., 50 concurrent channels for every 1000 DIDs.

Gold class MPLS (Multiprotocol Protocol Label Switching) spoke VPN will be used for backhaul. The aforementioned fee includes everything. No additional bandwidth expenses will be incurred.

VNOs (Virtual Network Operators), applying for complete circle/multiple SDCA service can use MPLS spoke VPN at a central location within the circle/SDCA. VNO, on the other hand, will be responsible for adhering to all regulatory requirements.

The MPLS speaking VPN bandwidth is 100 Kbps per concurrent channel.

According to fixed line regulatory rules, each SDCA (Short Distance Charging Area) will have its own numbering scheme. The assigned number should be used in accordance with the national numbering strategy for fixed landlines based on SDCA codes, according to the VNO.

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The SDCA wise indication will be distributed in a 1K block. Each SDCA will be assigned a unique 30 IP address.

In accordance with fixed line regulatory rules, SDCA granted indicators shall be linked with appropriate SDCA allotted IP address. The VNO will be responsible for sending SDCA-specific DID and main numbers from the SDCA-specific IP subnet.

Over a single MPLS spoke VPN link, VNO equipment should be capable of SIP registering SDCA wise allotted pilot indicators utilizing matching SDCA wise assigned IP address.

Each 1K concurrent channel requires one registration.

To enable NAT, SIP registration, and SIP Digest Authentication, VNO equipment must also be completely compatible with IMS standards.

Voice codecs PCMA/PCMU are supported.

Only the T.38 over PCM fax codec is supported.

VNO willbe responsible for all feature controls, such as ISD capability, individual invoicing, and so on, for each individual client.

VNO is responsible for all regulatory and security implementation in accordance with standards at VNO and client sites to prevent abuse, hijacking, security breaches, and assaults, among other things.

The VNO is solely responsible for any abuse, hijacking, security breaches, attacks, and other incidents using the SIP Trunk, and is accountable for any regulatory and financial consequences that result.

VNO must also comply with all regulatory standards outlined in the DoT guidelines and licensing agreement.

Other Situations

Unlimited ONNET Calling (BSNL Landline and Mobile) is available to VNOs for a set fee of Rs 10/- per DID.

Other than yearly advance payments, the Advance Security Deposit (Refundable) will be one month’s charge.

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All ISD calls are charged at the current ISD tariff rates and orders. The additional security deposit costs for the ISD facility will be in accordance with current regulations.

The transmission nodes and fibre laying costs utilized to provide service to the VNO premises must comply with existing regulations.

Charges for customer premises equipment and installation will be in accordance with MPLS VPN industry standards.

BSNL is only allowed to bill the VNO; it cannot bill individual customers (DIDs).

All of the rates listed above are exclusive of GST, and these tariff instructions will go into effect on December 1, 2020.

For one year, the aforementioned price is given to UL (VNO) Category-B Licensees for Access Service Authorization to provide VoIP services based on SIP Trunk service. After one year, it may be reconsidered.

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