Optronix XPON ONU Configuration at for Voice / Internet

Fibre Optronix ONU detailed configuration for voice and internet is presented, check admin username and password with necessary configuration info and find where to get the server IP address to enable secured wifi internet…

Optronix is a new model in FTTH ONT and many do get confused with the configuration pattern, and every Fiber modem or router which does convert your LAN wire network to WiFi or for multiple system connection does have the same confirmation page.

Just get your Optronix ONU username and password used to access the online page of Optronix router, and the configuration once changed will be fixed and can only be changed after you use the credentials.

The configuration is important, as without any proper value anyone who finds your Router name in the WiFi available network does start using it and might end your entire package for a month, and as per the security setup, it is advised to get the Fiber Optronix ONU configuration done as early as possible if not your data will not be available to use by multiple devices in your home.

Optronix XPON ONU Details

IP Address to login192.168.1.1
Default Password1234
WLAN Key (WiFi Key)12345678
Item TypeSubscriber Equipment
Model NumberRL821GWV

The configuration is very easy for the Optronix, if you know little about the values that are being changed in the network settings, and make sure you change these with prior knowledge or else you’ll end up with having no internet in your connection.

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Optronix ONU Router Internet Configuration

  1. Open your browser and go to IP link
  2. Enter your username as useradmin and password as 1234
  3. Go to Network from the menu option provided from the list
  4. Click on delete button to remove all old configuration from Optronix router
  5. Click on Add button
  6. Select Internet from Service
  7. Click on LAN1, LAN2 and SSID for WiFi enabling these settings
  8. Select Linked mode as PPPoE
  9. Select IPv4 type
  10. VLAN Mode as TAG
  11. VLAN ID as 135 as below value as 7
  12. MTU as 1492
  13. Tap to enable NAT
  14. Enter your BSNL FTTH username and password in the fields
  15. Click on Apply button and these Optronix Configuration will be done
  16. Click Status and WAN to check the internet connected status

That’s your new Optronics Fiber Configuration has been done successfully and you can now start using your LAN wired internet to the WiFi setup.

Optronix ONU Voice Configuration

  1. Go to Network from the menu option
  2. Select Voice from Service
  3. Connection Name
  4. Mode Route
  5. IP Protocol Mode as Ipv4
  6. Select Static IP
  7. Enable Vlan and Vlan Id as 1830
  8. Enter IP address of your operator
  9. Provide Subnet Mask and Default Gateway of ISP
  10. Enter Primary and DNS of ISP
  11. Select Service mode as Voice
  1. Can anyone change the Optronix Configuration?

    As per the default Router anyone who has got the default credentials can login and change your Optronix configuration, and if you have set the username and password, then only one who has the credentials can make changes to the Optronix Router configuration.

  2. How to Enable only Wi-Fi in Optronix Router?

    If you are doing the Optronix configuration, then you need to select the Service Type as Internet and then Just select the SSID option but not the LAN option provided, and these will disable the LAN connection and will only allow your router to get the Wi-Fi connection only.

  3. What is the bandwidth to be selected for Optronix Configuration?

    It is always preferred to select the IPV4 along with 40Mbps speed which lets you use the best internet data, and these options will allow you to maximum Mbps for the LAN connection and will give more than 100 Mbps speed to the Wi-Fi connected mobile devices.

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