Monthly Tariff Plans from BSNL

Great News!! The satellite-based NB IoT data service is now available in India, thanks to a partnership between Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited and M/s Skylotech India Limited.

Monthly Tariff Plans on Pre-Payment from BSNL Skylo

PlanMonthly Costs (in Rs.)Permitted Data Usage/MonthMaximum Manual Messages/MonthAuto Message UTP
(Update Frequency in Minutes)
Plan 25U30025 kB301440 min
Plan 50U40050 kB3060 min
Plan 100U600100 kB5030 min
Plan 150U800150 kB10020 min
Plan 175U900175 kB`20010 min
Plan 300U1500300 kB2505 min
Plan 2000U75002200 kB10001 min


An auto-message is a regular, periodic update including internal sensor data such as time stamp, speed and location. It’s the standard UT to Platform update (UTP). The auto-maximum message’s data size is 50 bytes, and the values are accessible by the client and do not involve any overhead.

Message: Message refers to the device’s manual communication. The maximum message data size is 100 bytes.

The data utilized in the Manual Message and Auto Message (UTP) and is included in each plan’s authorized data consumption.

BSNL Skylo Triennial and Biennial Plans

TriennialAdvanced payment of Monthly plan X 3336 months and 3 months free
BiennialAdvanced payment of Monthly plan X 2324 months and 1 Month free

Additional Terms and Conditions

  •  A one-year minimum service commitment is required.
  • Customers must deposit all subscription costs in advance for a minimum commitment period of one year.
  • Early termination expenses for the unspent period within the first year are not refundable.
  • All relevant taxes, including GST, will be added to the final bill.
  • Messages or data will not be rolled over monthly.
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BSNL’s Extended Warranty of UT for Satellite-based Narrow Band IoT Data Service

DetailsEnd Customer List Price (INR)Skylo Share (in INR)BSNL Share (in INR) (@26.4% With AGR @8%)
2nd year Extended Warranty (sum of 2nd year extended warranty and 1st year warranty)1200883.20316.80
3rd year Extended Warranty25651887.84677.16

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