How to Track Jio Mobile Number Current Location Online

Lost your Phone? Do you have Jio Mobile Number in it? then Don’t worry just follow these steps and Track Jio Mobile Number Current Location Online.

To Track Jio Mobile Number Current Location Online You need any of these two accounts:

  1. Jio Security Account and Password OR
  2. My Jio Account and Password

How to Locate Your Lost Jio Number with My Jio App:

This is a very easy method to locate your Lost Jio Phone, Just need to add your Account in My Jio App and then Locate it.

(Note: You must have added the Lost Mobile Number in My Jio App of another Mobile)

Step 1: Open the My Jio App and click on the Left Menu Panel.

Step 2: Now go to the My Profile Option.

Step 3: Select your Lost Phone and then click on Settings.

Step 4: Now Click on Locate my Phone option to Track Jio Mobile Number Current Location Online.

Locate your Phone using Your Gmail

How to Track Jio Mobile Number Current Location using Any Mobile or Laptop? (Using Jio Security App)

To track your Lost Jio Number Current Location using any Mobile or Laptop we are going to use the Jio Security website. (

This Video from Jio may Help you to Track your Los Jio Number:

Step 1: Visit this Jio Security Website from your Mobile/Laptop – Click Here

Step 2: Click on the Sign-in Option and Log in with the Jio Number.

Step 3: Now in the Menue go to Locate option and check Your Current Location of your Lost Jio Number.

Step 4: You can do multiple things with this security option as below:

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send:- lock Passwcode – To your Lost PhoneLock Your Phone
send:- Scream Passwcode – To your Lost PhoneRing Alarm
send:- locate Passwcode – To your Lost PhoneGet Location
send:- wipe Passwcode – To your Lost PhoneReset your Phone
Jio Security Passcode and controls

You will get unique Passcode for your Phone like a Pin that you can change. If you use the wrong Passcode then the command will not work.

Send any of these commands shown above on your Los Jio Mobile Number with your own Passcode and you can, Lock Your Device, Scream Your Phone, Get Live Location, Wipeout data on your Phone.

Need any Help with JioFi – Check out Jio Guide

You can send this SMS from any Mobile to Your Lost Mobile Number and this command will work.

With this Jio Security, You can protect up to 10 Devices.

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