How To Port Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid

How To Port Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid

If you made your mind to Port Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid and searched for the methods to port then you reached the right page.

In this article, we will be sharing, how you can raise a Request for Port Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid offline, and online. With that, you will get to see some amazing offers by Vodafone. So make sure you read this complete article.

How To Port Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid?

The simplest process to Port Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid is mentioned below. Follow the few steps given here,

  1. First, Send an SMS to the special number 1900. The porting SMS is: PORT <10-Digit Mobile Number>
  2. Once you send this SMS, you will receive an SMS from 1901 special number
  3. You will get a UPC code with a maximum of 4 days of validity
  4. Now visit any nearest Vodafone Store and show them the UPC code
  5. Ask them to complete your KYC and raise your MNP request.
  6. You will need address proof (Adhar card, voter id card, pan card) and 2 passport size photos
  7. Within the next 7 days, your Airtel number will be successfully ported to Vodafone.

How To Port To Vodafone Prepaid Online

Let me tell you this amazing thing with Vodafone you can now complete all the formalities required for porting your SIM online right sitting at your home.

Follow the basic steps given below to Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid online.

  • Visit the official website of VI i.e
  • Go to the new connection
  • Click on the “port to Vi” option given in the dropdown.
  • Now one Vi executive will connect with you and make an appointment with you
  • The executive will complete the rest of the formalities with SMS, KYC, and MNP at your doorstep and will provide your new sim card.
  • The new sim card will be activated in the next 5-7 days

It’s it simple and time-saving? Cool, right? This way is really helpful for those who could not step out of their house for any of their personal reasons. Or for those who rarely get time to visit the store outside.

Port Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid

How to Port Airtel to Vodafone in Maharashtra?

Porting Airtel to Vodafone in Maharashtra has the same procedure that other states of India have. Check the quick recap of Steps to Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid Sim.

  • First, send the Port SMS on 1900.
  • Then Save the UPC code you received.
  • Now visit the nearby Vodafone Store Show the UPC code and ask Port.
  • Select your FRC and pay the money and get your new Airtel to Vodafone Ported Sim.
  • It will take 3 days to get the port in the Vodafone network.

Why To Port from Airtel To Vodafone?

Actually, both networks are the most popular networks, especially in India. So it’s not they matter of what is good or what is bad.

The best network always depends on your location. For some location airtel data and calling network works best like no one will compete but for a few regions, it is possible that you are not getting the network and data speed as required.

In such a situation its’ always a good decision to port your sim to another network. While Vodafone is a popular network service provider and it also provides exciting offers to its customers.

Now let’s see what are the amazing offers Vodafone is giving to its users and what offers you could enjoy if you port your sim to Vodafone

Best Vodafone Port Offers

  • You will be getting 1-year access to Amazon Prime, Disney+hotstar Vip on 499rs and above plans
  • You will get an additional 150GB of data for 6 months on a 399 rs plan
  • It has amazing unlimited calls and data rollover
  • Netflix subscription with Redx on 1099rs plan

How To Check Airtel to Vodafone Port Status

You can check the airtel to Vodafone port status by clicking on the link in the SMS you received at the time of the MNP request made.

You can also check the status on the official website i.e and then click on track my sim card.

How many days does it take for Port Airtel Number To Vodafone Prepaid?

It approximately took 3-4 working days to successfully port your sim card to the Vodafone network.

I have tried my best to solve all your questions about Airtel Number to the Vodafone port request. If you still have any questions and queries you can comment down.

Thank you so much for visiting here!

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