How to Forget a Network on Mac Device (Live Steps*)

Let you know about how to forget a WiFi network on MAC device, with reasons why you have to forget a network on mac along with step by step guide, also check how long can one connected to network on Mac…

There are quite interesting features in a Mac device, which let you optimize your work every next time you do the similar process, As such whenever you access the WiFi network to access the internet data, your Mac Device does remember the address and will let you connect automatically next time when you use a similar network.

Thus sometimes it is quite necessary to go beyond this feature and avoid using the similar Network on Mac. If you have been visited and have quite more spaces during travel, then there are chances to fill up unusual networks which need to be removed indeed.

Why to Forget a Network on Mac

The convenience of getting Network on Mac automatically connected is quite a problem most of the time and these are some issues which one does face.

  • If you use your neighbor network and whenever you’re restarting your Mac Device, it tries to connect to that network as there are signals available.
  • In case you wish to choose which network to be used while connecting
  • Lot of networks in list and that will mess which is an actual when having same names for network
  • Hope you have connected to open network accidentally and don’t want to re-connect it for next time

Here we will come across the process that will help you to forget a network on Mac and thus that will benefit you with manual interference while connecting to your preferred network.

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How to Forget Network on Mac

  1. Select the WiFi icon from Menu bar to Open its Network Preferences
  2. Select the WiFi
  3. Click the option Advanced
  4. Move down to preferred network and check which one to be forget
  5. Tap on that network
  6. Click on Minus button to forget Network on Mac
  7. Click on Ok button
  8. Tap on Apply to confirm the change made
  9. Report the same similar steps from top for any number of Network on Mac

This process needs to follow an individual to remove as many as Network on Mac to be forgotten, there is no bulk process indeed defined.

  1. Can I connect back to Network on Mac once it has been removed?

    If you have forgotten any Network on Mac due to any kind of reason and wish to connect it back, it is still possible in Mac devices. Go to the WiFi option and search for your forgotten network to tap on it to connect again. Pass the credentials again and this will remember the Network on Mac for future connection.

  2. Is forgetting Network on Mac an Error?

    No, there is no error in WiFi connection or Network if you delete any unwanted Network on Mac, and thus it will clean your network list and try to show you only the one which is trusted to connect easily.

  3. How Long can one be connected to Network on Mac?

    There is no defined time that has connection to the Network on Mac, until the password to that network is updated or the user has forcibly disconnected the active connections.

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