Hotstar Login to Access Free & Premium Account Features

Do you like to stream channels and multiple episodes from different series, then you must be clearly aware of Hotstar login through mobile App or web login, which is a clear application allows anyone to login for free and stream videos for free and gives you a platform to go through a wide variety of series and their latest episodes.


It lets you not miss any TV series by giving an easy list of all episodes which are just released, and Hotstar App also has a menu of Newly added movies, which can be streamed using free and premium accounts, and do even stream Live news and sports channels based on your interests.

Get to stream popular Movies, Popular Shows, Best in Sports, Trending and more videos absolutely for free, and also, its music and mastic channel allow you to get all oldest to latest music on one platform.

If you are worried about your children streaming, then do use the Kids section to go through the Hotstar Kids platform briefly described for children. Best part of Mobile Application is, it gives you a clear view based on genre, and Just access to your favorite shows by searching them easily without much difficulties

Hotstar Login using Jio Television AppActivate BSNL Hotstar Premium

List of Channels and Shows from Hotstar App

Here is a list of Genre which can be easily found based on your interest and favorite:- Best of Hotstar VIP, Popular Movies, Popular Shows, Best in Sports Live, Music and Mastic Live, Pour in Kids, Popular in Drama, Popular in Reality, Popular in Romance, Popular in Family, Popular in Action, Popular in Crime, Popular in Thriller, Popular in Comedy, Popular in Biopic and more.

How to Register with Hotstar

Getting registered with Hotstar is very simple, as it doesn’t take much details about what you expected to confirm your Name and Age. So, follow the steps below and get access to the Hotstar page to use its features.

  1. Use web URL to launch the Official page of Hotstar
  2. Here select Login button from top right corner of page
  3. Enter Email address or Mobile number to start registration process
  4. An OTP will be sent to selected account type for verification
  5. Once you enter Verification OTP, you will be taken to “Tell us About you” page
  6. Enter Details as your Name, Age followed by Gender
  7. Click on Done button to confirm your Login
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That’s it! You have now successfully registered with Hotstar using your mobile number or email address.

Hotstar Login Password

Hotstar is a large streaming website and almost provides most channels for free, it has come with a different way of login, As it has no password required to access the web page of Hotstar on Browser or using Hotstar Application.

As every time you enter your registered mobile number or email address, respective OTP for verification will be sent to your registered account, and It is necessary to have your registered email address or Mobile number with you, if you want to stream your favorite series or videos from Hotstar.

Hotstar Premium accounts can also be activated with credentials and thus this lets you pay some amount, and as OTP will only be sent to registered account details, access to premium accounts will be limited to one user only.

Users can access a free trial of Premium account for 30 days and the latter usage will be charged with debit details provided, and this gives customers access to a wide scope to stream paid channels and web-series.

Here is a quick step wise process which will let you know how to login and use Hotstar facilities, and make sure you have got a valid mobile number and email account for login.

Hotstar Login

  1. Firstly, launch your browser and search for in URL bar
  2. Now click on Login button shown at right top corner of page
  3. Here enter your email address or mobile number to login
  4. An OTP will be sent to mobile number entered or
  5. Email address provided as Login to Continue in Hotstar
  6. Once you submit OTP, you will be allowed to access Hotstar page
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That’s it! Now you can go through the official website of Hotstar and get live streaming of serials and videos for free, and the same credentials can also be used to access Hotstar App on mobile smartphone devices.

  1. Can we use Facebook Credentials to Login to Hotstar?

    Yes, you have a direct option to enter your Facebook details to easily access Hotstar page without using your personal email ID or mobile number, and If your logged in to Facebook in your device, then same details will be auto read and will allow you to access Hotstar Page.

  2. Do Hotstar Premium account do Charge?

    Premium account of Hotstar will start billing once your free trail of 30 days has been completed, and billing will be charged form your Debit Card; Credit Card saved in your account details.

  3. Do all channels on Hotstar are Free?

    Latest movies & episodes of few selected series are always charged, and this listed video are accessible using Premium account users only.

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