Error Establishing a Database Connection – Fix WordPress Error in 4

Fix now error establishing a database connection on CMS tool WordPress with simplified steps using 4 methods. Resolve WordPress database errors for load board configuration…

Are you a web developer or a webmaster who likes to create websites with different CMS tools like WordPress and there are times when you might come across an error “error establishing a database connection“.

There is an error largely seen when you try to establish a connection between your website wordpress to database server. Due to this error, your website goes does and in case if it was a live website then it means a lot of sales, traffic and analytics.

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Error Establishing A Database Connection

Before we head into the actual process of solving this error, you need to understand more information on why this error actually exists.

Server Connection is Lost: The most simple reason is MySQL database which powering your WordPress website down which causing your site and database to go down as well. A simple troubleshoot to reinstate the database would solve the issue.

Database is Deleted or Paused: A lot of reasons like databases being corrupted, deleted or being paused in case of delayed payment to the hosting service are common reasons as well.

WordPress Installation Error: Most of the times, whenever you either try to install new plugins or wordpress versions, upgrade or downgrade might actually use the full bandwidth of your server causing this error to exist.

How to Fix Error Establishing A Database Connection in WordPress

Now that we understand why some of the times you might face this issue where your website server is down. It is due to wordpress and database being out of synchronization.

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And now you can go through the methods below that you can consider looking into for further troubleshooting this error.

Method 1: WordPress Installation Corrupted

Whenever the installed WordPress on database corrupted, then it breaks the live website cousin the error. The simplest way to solve this is either reinstalling a new WP version or else when you install WP. You can load the backup version of the previous working file of the website.

Method 2: Check if phpMyAdmin Database is Live, Paused, Deleted or Canceled

Under your hosting service, after you select your database and then click on the phpMyAdmin option which allows you to look at the status of the database and follow the below use cases for each.

Deleted or Removed: Install a backup of WordPress hosting server

Paused: Your hosting payment not completed

Canceled: You might have canceled the hosting IP which removes all the sync between domain name server and hosting. Simply reinstall the new version with old backup.

Method 3: Database Corrupted

This error might seem like a big issue when your database corrupted, but you can easily resolve this by upgrading or downgrading your WordPress version. If this does not solve the issue, then after downgrade simply reupload the backup of your WordPress files. This should do the trick.

Method 4: Repair WordPress

In cases where only your WordPress has issues, then you can click on this link ( which will take you to your domain-hosted WordPress repair section powered by a PHP database.

On the screen, you can go with either Repair Database or Repair and Optimize Database option

  1. How do I fix the database not connecting issue in WordPress?

    If this error exists on your website hosted by WordPress, then you may reinstall WP on the same database. Also, upload the backup version of your website.

  2. Can Database credentials cause databases not to connect issues?

    No, with the most recent MySQL updates and PHP database connection sync we can say that even if the credentials are wrong this error won’t show up. The reason might link to MySQL would be, because the files corrupted and do not accept the correct login details.

  3. List of errors causing database connection in WordPress?

    Some of the list of errors that most commonly cause the Error establishing a database connection is when MySQL server corrupted, paused, or deleted. WordPress may also corrupt due to recent upgrades or installation of virus-based plugins or themes.

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