D2H Stream Box 2022: Benefits, Features & Subscription Plans

D2H Stream Box 2022: Benefits, Features & Subscription Plans

Dish TV-owned D2H company has finally jumped into the smart STB battle. As we all know, at present Airtel and Tata Play already offer Android-powered STBs that allow people to seamlessly combine their Live TV and streaming apps like Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Netflix, and more on one hand.

This runs Google’s Android TV smart TV platform and offers access to popular channels like Live TV. You can also enjoy video streaming apps- including Watch, Amazon Prime Video, Zee5, Voot, ALTBalaji, Twitch, and YouTube.

The d2h Stream HD STB comes in two versions: A price of Rs 3,999 for new subscribers and Rs 2,499 for existing users who want to upgrade. The Stream with Android TV 9.0 has built-in Google Assistant and Chromecast support, as well as Dolby audio formats. Users are also able to access the Google Play Store to download more apps.

The d2h Stream’s remote allows you direct access to Amazon Alexa – just say what you want the TV to do. In this article, we’ll be discussing what a D2H stream box is and how you can use it as well as what are the plans it has.

What Is D2H Stream Box?

Dish tv’s Direct to Home services (DTH) is becoming better than ever thanks to their new, smarter set-top boxes. One such example is the D2h Stream, which was announced by Dish tv. Users have shared their d2h stream box reviews and given feedback on how they cherish the experience.

This new STB will provide all of the functions that you need in one device and eliminate the clutter from your television stand. The company also launched a d2h Magic voice-enabled add-on kit for existing d2h subscribers. This can simply be plugged into a d2h V7000 HDW RF STB and adds Wi-Fi, allows access to video streaming apps, and has the Alexa assistant built-in.

That means you can set up what in the world of Alexa is known as skills for accessing the functionality of third-party apps and also use voice commands to discover and play content, get the news updates, check sports scores, and more. The Dexcom Diabetes app is a great example.

With its new STB & add-ons, d2H is taking on Tata Play and Airtel Digital TV head-on. Tata Play has recently launched its Binge Plus Android TV STB which comes with a remote that can be used to search Google etc.

The Binge Plus set-top box offers Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Sun NXT, Eros Now, Zee5, and Hungama Play. It also includes a modular ‘Catch-up’ mode that seemingly allows users to view live TV programming content. D2H stream box review done by several users states they enjoy it as it gives them a chance to watch TV channels and OTT shows at the same time.

It also comes bundled with Tata Play’s Binge subscription service, which offers bundled access to all the streaming platforms and lets you view TV content from Tata Play. Users upgrading to the Binge Plus set-top box will get the first month free and be charged Rs 249 per month after that.

The Benefits of Using D2H Stream Box

  • Get the best in digital entertainment with d2h premium + FTA satellite TV channels.
  • D2H Stream box also supports OTT applications.
  • Get the benefit of Google Voice Assistance
  • Acquire the best 2K Resolution Video
  • Use it on any type of TV
  • It has the 1GB RAM / 8GB Internal Space

Features of D2H Stream Box

  • The d2h Stream STB runs on Android and supports content in 2K Quad HD. It also has built-in Wi-Fi for a smooth work experience.
  • This set-top box comes with a Bluetooth-enabled remote. You’ll be able to record your favorite shows on this cutting-edge technology STB.
  • Over-the-top platforms can be accessed through your tvs, such as Disney+ Hotstar, TVF, ZEE5, Voot, ALTBalaji, and others. You need a DTH package for this.
  • It is worth noting that it is not possible to play content from Netflix, which is one of the most popular online services. It isn’t clear why D2H would not provide access to Netflix content.
  • You can buy the STB both online from the company’s website or through offline retail channels.
  • Before buying your new phone, you can also check the Android boxes for companies like Tata Play, Airtel Digital TV, and Dish TV.

D2H Stream Box Price And Plans

The D2h Stream is priced for new subscribers at Rs. 3,999 and for existing subscribers at Rs. 2,499, while the D2h Magic Stick is priced at Rs. 1,199 and only available to select customers. It’s not known when these products will be released in the future.

On the whole, it is a great product and better than HD and HD RF STBs from D2h. Other Android TV STBs like Tata Play Binge+, Airtel Xstream Box, and Dish SMRT Hub is priced at Rs 5,999, Rs 3,999, and Rs 3,999 respectively. Other than that, you can adapt to the d2h stream box monthly pack, to experience the best entertainment quality.

D2h Stream does not include any OTT subscription app besides Watch, which is entirely available for free to Dish TV and D2h subscribers.

Monthly Subscription Plans Of Videocon D2H Stream Box

Get the best TV experience with Videocon d2h stream box price curated combos. You can now select from a variety of special custom packs to create your own custom TV experience. Explore the d2h stream box monthly pack at a reasonable cost.

SD Channels For All Languages

Combo PackPrice Channels
Aamar Bangla Combo₹123.5753 Paid53 SD
Aamara Odia Combo₹124.2545 Paid45 SD
All In One English Combo₹146.9837 Paid37 SD
Amcha Marathi Combo₹166.1467 Paid67 SD
Amcha Marathi Plus Combo₹164.2571 Paid71 SD
Diamond Bengali Combo₹188.9978 Paid78 SD
Diamond Bengali Combo₹196.9980 Paid80 SD
Diamond Combo₹188.9976 Paid76 SD
Diamond Combo₹197.4480 Paid80 SD
Diamond Gujarati Combo₹188.9981 Paid81 SD
Diamond Gujarati Combo₹196.9984 Paid84 SD

HD Channels For All Languages

Combo PackPrice Channels
All In One English HD Combo₹241.2038 Paid14 SD24 HD
Amcha Marathi HD Combo₹298.9565 Paid40 SD25 HD
Bengali HD Combo₹185.8861 Paid50 SD11 HD
Bengali Sports HD Combo₹213.8858 Paid46 SD12 HD
Celebration Hd Combo₹206.2436 Paid23 SD13 HD
Diamond Bengali HD Combo₹336.2582 Paid56 SD26 HD
Diamond Gujarati HD Combo₹319.3085 Paid61 SD24 HD
Diamond HD Combo₹305.4579 Paid54 SD25 HD
Diamond Kannada HD₹333.2567 Paid46 SD21 HD
Diamond Kids Bengali HD Combo₹311.8776 Paid53 SD23 HD
Diamond Kids Gujarati HD Combo₹252.4583 Paid65 SD18 HD
Diamond Kids HD Combo₹259.5579 Paid61 SD18 HD

The all-new d2h Stream offers you simplicity and flexibility, so you can shift your focus from one TV show to another without skipping a beat. You can control your entertainment, control your house and even tell the TV what to do next with voice commands so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Using Google Assistant is ahead of its time and hope you enjoy what this new API has to offer. To learn more about the list of channels that are currently available, please check out Selectra.

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