Comparison On Sikka & Tikona Broadband In Lucknow

Comparison On Sikka & Tikona Broadband In Lucknow

Lucknow, the state capital of Uttar Pradesh, has long been known as the affluent city of Awadh. It is home to a big number of working people, soldiers, and students who want access to fast and reliable internet. In order to assist anybody who may require the same, here is the comparison between Sikka broadband and Tikona broadband. It is critical that you choose a service provider that offers both fast internet speeds and a large amount of data storage.

Sikka broadband

Sikka Broadband is one of the most established, well-respected, and finest Internet Service Providers in the Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh area. In business since 1999, the firm has effectively acquired the technical expertise necessary to provide the highest possible level of service to our customers in the Public Sector and Semi-Government Sectors.

It has its own fibre optic network of more than 2,500 kilometres in Lucknow alone, and it controls the vast majority of the market in both the corporate and broadband sectors in the capital city.

The service provider on the 16th of August, 2015 established a Free Wi-Fi zone in Hazratganj (a prominent commercial centre located in the heart of Lucknow in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh), with permission from the office of the District Magistrate Lucknow.

This market in Hazratganj becomes the first market in a non-metropolis in the nation to have unrestricted access to a fast Wi-Fi network, which has been laid out by the business using fibre optics and high-end Wi-Fi equipment and technology.

The zone has successfully connected over 30,000 users. Students swarming around free Wi-Fi zones to download movies, study materials, big PDF files and programmes are also something we’ve seen in significant numbers. The increased speed made possible by fibre optics is addicting.

Benefits of Sikka Broadband

  • Internet lease line
  • Point to point connection
  • Provides wireless internet
  • Lowest operational cost

Sikka Broadband Plans

Take a look at the Sikka Broadband plans available. We have listed them for your convenience.

PlanSpeedDataValidityAdditional Benefits
Rs. 399 (Unlimited Plan)50 MbpsUnlimited1 monthNA
Rs. 499100 Mbps200 GB (After FUP speed @ 2 Mbps)1 monthSymmetric Speed
Rs. 599 (Unlimited Plan)100 MbpsUnlimited1 monthNA
Rs. 799125 Mbps600 GB (After FUP speed @ 3 Mbps)1 monthSymmetric Speed
Rs. 799 (Unlimited Plan)200 MbpsUnlimited1 monthNA
Rs. 999175 Mbps1250 GB (After FUP speed @ 5 Mbps)1 monthSymmetric Speed

Unlimited Landline Calls

Rs. 999 (Unlimited Plan)300 MbpsUnlimited1 monthUnlimited landline calls
Rs. 1499225 Mbps1500 GB (After FUP speed @ 5 Mbps)1 monthSymmetric Speed

Unlimited Landline Calls

Rs. 1499 (Unlimited Plan)400 MbpsUnlimited1 monthUnlimited landline calls
Rs. 1999275 Mbps2000 GB (After FUP speed @ 5 Mbps)1 monthSymmetric Speed

Unlimited Landline Calls

Rs. 1999 (Unlimited Plan)600 MbpsUnlimited1 monthUnlimited landline calls
Rs. 2999375 Mbps3000 GB (After FUP speed @ 8 Mbps)1 monthSymmetric Speed

Unlimited Landline Calls

Rs. 2999 (Unlimited Plan)800 MbpsUnlimited1 monthUnlimited landline calls
Rs. 4999500 Mbps5000 GB (After FUP speed @ 10 Mbps)1 monthSymmetric Speed

Unlimited Landline Calls

Rs. 4999 (Unlimited Plan)1 GbpsUnlimited1 monthUnlimited landline calls
Rs. 99991 Gbps5000 GB (After FUP speed @ 12 Mbps)1 monthSymmetric Speed

Unlimited Landline Calls

Rs. 120000+taxes

Small Enterprise

5 MbpsUnlimited1 year1:1 Lease Line Plan
Rs. 180000+taxes

Small & Medium Enterprise

10 MbpsUnlimited1 year1:1 Lease Line Plan
Rs. 600000+taxes

Large Enterprise

50 MbpsUnlimited1 year1:1 Lease Line Plan

Customer Services Offered

There is no need to be concerned about assistance for new or existing connections since the firm has established a dedicated helpline for everyone. If you are prepared to pay annually, you will get free activation; else, consumers will be required to pay Rs.3500.

Tikona Broadband

Tikona’s broadband connection is one of the major internet service providers in India, with a total of 1.2 million subscribers. Backed by investors, including the International Finance Corporation, Oak Investment, Goldman Sachs, and Everstone Capital, the company operates in more than 25 locations throughout the country.

The majority of active users are from cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, and Bangalore, among others. In March 2017, Bharti Airtel completed the acquisition of Tikona’s 4G business as well as its wireless broadband access spectrum.

Benefits of Tikona Broadband

Tikona is a Class A Internet Service Provider that is one of India’s fastest-growing enterprises. It provides internet wireless broadband services for both the home and the workplace.

The following are some of the advantages that Tikona provides to make your life better:

  • Installation of wire is restricted.
  • Excellent download and upload speeds in a broadband environment
  • Without a delay, videos may be streamed.
  • FUP at the highest level (Fair Usage Policy)
  • There will be no cable cuts because of the unlimited data.
  • Uploading takes a short time with no interruptions
  • Extremely reasonably priced
  • Router with a distinct aesthetic appeal

Tikona Broadband Plans

Tikona delivers solutions for both the home and the office to its consumers. The monthly subscription fee begins at Rs.420. The download speed does not exceed 6 Mbps and the maximum data transfer is limited to 50 GB.

A popular broadband plan in Lucknow is available for Rs. 399 for a 5 Mbps connection with a 150 GB data transfer limit. It does not provide any additional value for users on a low budget when compared to a local ISPs.

Tikona Customer Service

Unfortunately, Tikona broadband’s customer support and on-the-ground personnel are both of extremely poor quality. The majority of current consumers are abandoning the network as a result of poor service. They propose that readers call the local department and ask for one or two current clients that they may speak with in order to find out more. An established client can provide you with more information about the network than anybody else.


Because of negative internet evaluations, Tikona Broadband did not get much interest from the new target group. However, they are now offering a 1 Mbps connection with a maximum speed of 25 Mbps to new customers. Nobody can guarantee the availability of bandwidth since it tends to be less available on weekends.


With so many service providers competing for the business, it may be tough to determine which one is the greatest fit for us and our needs. Prior to deciding on the best choice for yourself, it is recommended to thoroughly review both the broadbands, think about it, and weigh all of your alternatives carefully.

There is a limit to the quantity of data that can be delivered by a telecommunications service; however, with a broadband connection, these issues are no longer an issue since the horizon of data plans is significantly extended.

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