Compare 40 Mbps Broadband Plans- Airtel, Jio, BSNL & More

Compare 40 Mbps Broadband Plans- Airtel, Jio, BSNL & More

Thanks to the proliferation of online shopping, net banking, audio and video conferencing, social networking, and streaming video, our dependence on internet access has grown exponentially over the last decade. As a result, having a quick and dependable internet connection is essential.

The country’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have been offering a variety of broadband services to meet the demands of its customers. Demand for low-cost broadband plans has risen significantly in recent years, as a diverse spectrum of customers, from students to people or small families, seek affordable and advantageous services. The following are among the 40 Mbps plans offered by major broadband providers.

40 Mbps Plans Comparison

Airtel XstreamBasic₹49940 MbpsUnlimited30 Days
Jio FiberPlan 399₹39930 MbpsUnlimited30 Days
ACT FibernetA-Max 500₹50040 Mbps1000 GB30 Days
BSNL Bharat FiberFibre Basic₹44930 MbpsUnlimited30 Days
Hathway BroadbandHathway Hero Unlimited₹150040 MbpsUnlimited90 Days
GTPL BroadbandGtpl Hathway


₹400040 MbpsUnlimited180 Days
Tikona BroadbandTikona 40 Mbps₹520040 MbpsUnlimited365 Days

Now, let’s take a closer look at each FUP (Fair Usage Policy), audio and video content subscription advantages, and all other available plans.

Airtel 40 Mbps Broadband Plan

When it pertains to the list of Internet service providers in India, Airtel is among the most well-known names. Even though Airtel, via its Xstream Fiber connection, can offer high-speed broadband up to 1 Gbps, the telecom also provides some cheap options.

Airtel’s 40 Mbps plan is its ‘Basic’ pack, which delivers 40 Mbps of network speed, and is one of the quickest broadband connections available. Users may gain access to the ‘Basic’ pack for a monthly fee of Rs 499 (exclusive of taxes).

Fair usage policy (FUP) data is included in this package, which provides customers with 3.3TB or 3300GB of data every month. The package consists of unlimited internet access up to a certain limit and unlimited local and long-distance calls. With its internet package, Airtel also includes ‘Airtel Thanks Benefits,’ which have a membership to Wynk Music and Shaw Academy.

Jio 40 Mbps Broadband Plan

As of now, there’s no Jio Fiber 40 Mbps plan. However, for as little as Rs 399, Jio Fiber plans are available in India, making it one of the cheapest internet packages available. Additionally, the internet service from the Mukesh Ambani-backed telecom provides six additional Jio Fiber recharge bundles, each with features that are tailored to meet the needs of a certain group of clients. The validity period for each Jio Fiber internet package is 30 days. It also includes unlimited data and unlimited phone calls at no additional cost.

This package provides unlimited internet at a speed of 30 Mbps, as well as unlimited voice calls. Even though this plan does not include any OTT features, it consists of enough data for customers to make do with it for broadcasting or remote work reasons.

Consumers may sign up for a monthly subscription to this plan if they only want to check it out is another plus for this plan. On the other hand, other telecommunications companies need clients to sign up for a plan for the whole year to get a discounted rate.

ACT 40 Mbps Broadband Plan

In order to better serve its customers in Hyderabad and Coimbatore, Atria Convergence Technologies (ACT) has raised the speed and data advantages of certain of its broadband services. In addition, the internet service provider (ISP) has introduced a Rs 549 beginning package for new customers in the Coimbatore circle.

ACT 40 Mbps plan costs Rs 549 each month and is available to consumers. This is before taxes are taken into consideration. Users will get 500GB of fair-usage-policy (FUP) data per month as part of the subscription.

Additional perks offer ACT Stream TV 4K at Rs 200 each month and SonyLIV for Rs 299 per month, both of which are available for a limited time only. Users will also receive a free one-month subscription of ZEE5 Premium, Hungama at Rs 99 each month, EpicON for a one-month trial, a complimentary one-month trial of, and aha for Rs 299 per year.

BSNL 40 Mbps Broadband Plan

The government-owned telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has introduced programs that consumers may wish to explore in an era where social distancing has become the norm. The plans that fall within the higher price range provide fast internet connections, allowing customers to effortlessly use remote work tactics and watch their favourite programs and movies.

An example of such a plan is the Fibro 3000GB per year CS336 yearly plan. The annual package provides 40 Mbps download speed and 250GB of data transfer each month. It is possible to purchase the plan for Rs 5700 for a year, which works out to Rs 475 a month.

BSNL’s 40 Mbps plan offers to download and upload speeds up to 250GB of data. Speed is decreased to 1 Mbps after the data limit of 250GB has been met (see below). Users will be able to make an unlimited number of STD and local calls to every network in the nation with this package.

Hathway 40 Mbps Broadband Plan

Incorporated in 1996 as BITV Cable Providers, Hathway is one of the country’s most established internet and cable tv providers. They were the first firm in India to offer internet services over the CATV network. Hathway Broadband was also the first cable operator in the country to provide the digital platform.

When purchasing the Hathway Hero Unlimited plan for INR 1,500, customers will receive unlimited data at speeds of 40 Mbps for the duration of the three-month validity period. With Hathway’s 40 Mbps plan, you will get a free wifi router and installation.

GTPL 40 Mbps Broadband Plan

GTPL Broadband Packages set a new benchmark for other broadband service providers in the city. This is because GTPL offers affordable high-speed unlimited data plans in Pune. This ISP is among the best players in the Pune headquarters market in cable television and internet service.

In Pune, GTPL 40 Mbps Broadband plans are available for six months, nine months, fifteen months, and eighteen months of service. With this plan, you will get an unlimited amount of internet data at a speed of 40 megabits per second.

The price of a 6-month broadband plan is Rs. 4000/-, with a monthly fee of Rs. 565. GTPL does not have a plan for 40 Mbps for less than six months.

Tikona 40 Mbps Broadband Plan

Tikona Infinet Limited is a trustworthy internet service provider in 25 cities throughout India. It was established in 2008, and ever since then, it has grown to become one of the most reliable broadband service networks in the nation. There are now two lakhs and more customers who use it to provide internet networks for their homes and offices. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore, and other major cities have the most Tikona Broadband users.

Tikona’s 40 Mbps plan is for Rs. 367 every 12 months, FUP Limit: Unlimited, installation fees are Rs 0, and the subscription amount is Rs 5200. The number of simultaneous logins permitted from a single place is one. The number of device registrations allowed is five.

We hope this comprehensive list of 40 Mbps plans from top providers will help you choose a suitable one for your home or office. Before finalizing any plan, we recommend getting in touch with a provider, sharing your requirements and budget, and only then deciding on the one that matches your needs. For more such blogs on internet providers, keep visiting Selectra!

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