Choose The Best Broadband Plan In Dehradun Uttarakhand-2023

Choose The Best Broadband Plan In Dehradun Uttarakhand-2022

If you are looking for reliable, fast, affordable broadband companies that also provide free calls and OTT benefits in Dehradun Circle you have come to the right place. This guide will help you select the right network provider depending on your usage. Although the list of broadband providers in Dehradun is long, we have selected a few trusted companies which offer plans catering to all kinds of data usage.

Here are our top picks for the best broadband plan in Uttarakhand from the top network providers.

Reliance Jio Broadband Plans for Dehradun

Reliance Jio is one of the best services for the broadband network in Dehradun. Although they have limited plans, it is sufficient for all types of usage, be it work from home or casual browsing. The reason for it getting the name of ultimate broadband experience in Dehradun is because they have amazing OTT benefits with broadband plans starting from just Rs.1000.

You can now watch premium content on multiple platforms for affordable prices. We have categorized the plans available in the Dehradun circle according to speed, Price, data for you to select from as per your requirements. If you are already a Jio Fiber user, you can upgrade to any latest plan with your next recharge.

PriceDataValiditySpeedVoiceOTT Apps
₹999+ GSTUnlimited30 Days150 MBPSFreeDisney + Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and 13 other apps
₹1499+GSTUnlimited30 Days300 MBPSFreeNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, and 14 other apps
₹2499+GSTUnlimited30 Days500 MBPSFreeNetflix, Amazon Prime Video, and 14 other apps
  • Customer care number: 1800 889 9999
  • Website:

Airtel Xstream

Airtel’s Fibernet technology is now available in Dehradun. With four clutter-free plans to choose from, Airtel has certainly kept it simple. Their plans start from as low as Rs. 499 with 40 MBPS speed which is great for home + office usage. The unlimited, high-speed, ultimate fiber broadband experience is complete with free voice calls on each pack.

Airtel is one of the fastest broadband providers in the city and guarantees fast upload and download speeds with their packages. Their professional-grade routers can connect up to 60 devices. They do have OTT benefits on a few of their plans so you don’t have to compromise on entertainment. Below we have categorized these plans according to their price, data, speed, and more.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband For Dehradun:

BasicUnlimited1 Month₹499Up to 40 MBPSUnlimited Local + STD
StandardUnlimited1 Month₹799Up to 100 MBPSUnlimited Local + STD
EntertainmentUnlimited1 Month₹999Up to 200 MBPSUnlimited Local + STD
ProfessionalUnlimited1 Month₹1499Up to 300 MBPSUnlimited Local + STD
  • Customer care number: (020) 44444121
  • Website:


BSNL offers one of the most trusted networks in Dehradun. Although many other leading broadband companies like Reliance Jio and Airtel Fiber have established networks in this city, BSNL is a cheaper option and also reliable. They have plans starting from Rs. 449 with unlimited data usage and FUP cap of 3300GB which is similar to Reliance Jio. The benefit of BSNL is that it is available in mostly all parts of the city.

BSNL also has quite a number of plans to choose from. Users can pick a plan according to their budget as most plans come with unlimited data usage and good speed. The below plans are available for the state of Uttarakhand and UP West.

Bsnl Broadband Plans For Dehradun:

BSNL Broadband Plans DehradunData & SpeedSpeedValidityPriceFUP
BSNL Fibre BasicUnlimited Data Usage30 MBPS1 Month₹4493300 GB
BSNL Fibre BasicUnlimited Data Usage60 MBPS1 Month₹5993300 GB
BSNL Super Star Premium 1Unlimited Data Usage100 MBPS1 Month₹7491000 GB
BSNL Fibre ValueUnlimited Data Usage100 MBPS1 Month₹7993300 GB
BSNL Super Star Premium 2Unlimited Data Usage150 MBPS1 Month₹9492000 GB
BSNL Fibre PremiumUnlimited Data Usage200 MBPS1 Month₹9993300 GB
BSNL Fibre PremiumUnlimited Data Usage200 MBPS1 Month₹1,2773300 GB
BSNL Fibre UltraUnlimited Data Usage300 MBPS1 Month₹1,4994000 GB
BSNL FIBRE_BASIC_AnnualUnlimited Data Usage30 MBPS12 Months + 1 Month₹5,3883300 GB
BSNL Fibre PremiumUnlimited Data Usage200 MBPS6 Months₹7,0243300 GB
  • Customer care number: 1800 180 1503
  • Website:


The telecommunications company MTS (Mobile TeleSystems India) was a joint venture with the Indian subsidiary of Russian mobile operator MTS and was headquartered in Delhi. They provided Broadband network, voice, messaging and data services across India. MTS was acquired by Reliance in 2016. MTS still provides broadband connection on dongle in limited parts of Dehradun.

Mts Mblaze Packs For Dehradun:

₹199990 days15 GB at speed up to 3.1Mbps [Additional usage at Rs.1perMB]
₹149990 daysUp to 10 GB Data Usage
₹129830 daysUp to 15GB Unlimited Data Usage
₹99930 daysUp to 10 GB Unlimited Data Usage
₹99860 daysUp to 6 GB Data Usage
₹79830 daysUp to 5GB Unlimited Data Usage
₹69860 daysUp to 4 GB Data Usage
₹59830 daysUnlimited Access to Social Media + 4 GB Free Data Usage Data Usage
₹59030 daysUp to
₹49028 daysUp to 3 GB Data Usage
₹37528 daysUp to 2 GB Data Usage
₹2987 daysUp to 2 GB Unlimited Data Usage
₹24828 daysUp to 1 GB Data Usage
₹19828 daysUp to 650 MB Data Usage
₹10530 daysUp to 300 MB
₹961 dayUp to 1 GB Unlimited* Data Usage
₹457 daysUp to 150 MB Data Usage
  • Customer care number: 1800 2081 955


With a plethora of network providers in Uttarakhand, or more specifically in Dehradun, choosing the best broadband plan might be a challenge. We hope our list will help you find the best internet in Dehradun. To learn more about various broadband providers, keep reading Selectra.

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