BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans Kolkata-Tariffs In 2023

BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans Kolkata-Tariffs In 2023

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) was launched on 15th September 2000. It is a 100% government enterprise, operated by the Department of Telecom Operations (DTO) and Central Government Department of Telecom Services (DTS).

It is one of the largest & leading public sector units providing a huge range of telecom services in India. BSNL offers both the fixed line and mobile telephony services on CDMA and GSM networks all over India.

In this article, we will share all the attractive and exciting BSNL prepaid recharge plans 2023 in the Kolkata region.

As of 31 January 2021, BSNL Mobile has a subscriber base of 122.10 million, making it4th largest mobile telecommunications network in India and 19th largest mobile telecommunications network in the world.

BSNL Prepaid Plans- Kolkata

Have a look at all the Kolkata based Tariff plans, prepaid top-up plans, full talk time plans, internet packs, unlimited validity pack, and much more.

BSNL Prepaid Top-Up Plans

BSNL top-up plans in Kolkata are starting at just Rs. 10 along with unlimited validity. Here are all the talktime plans that BSNL offers to its users.

Top-up PlansDataSMSTalk timeValidityAdditional Benefits
Rs. 10NANARs. 7.47Existing PlanNA
Rs. 20NANARs. 14.95Existing PlanNA
Rs. 30NANARs. 22.42Existing PlanNA
Rs. 40NANARs. 30.9Existing PlanNA
Rs. 50NANARs. 39.37Existing PlanNA
Rs. 60NANARs. 47.85Existing PlanNA
Rs. 80NANARs. 64.8Existing PlanNA
Rs. 110NANARs. 90.22Existing PlanNA
Rs. 120NANARs. 98.69Existing PlanNA
Rs. 120NANARs. 120Existing PlanLimited period full talktime offer
Rs. 180NANARs. 149.54Existing PlanNA
Rs. 190NANARs. 158.02Existing PlanNA
Rs. 200NANARs. 166.49Existing PlanNA
Rs. 210NANARs. 174.97Existing PlanNA
Rs. 220NANARs. 220Existing PlanFull talktime offer
Rs. 250NANARs. 208.86Existing PlanNA
Rs. 300NANARs. 251.24Existing PlanNA
Rs. 310NANARs. 259.71Existing PlanNA
Rs. 400NANARs. 355.98Existing PlanNA
Rs. 410NANARs. 344.46Existing PlanNA
Rs. 490NANARs. 412.25Existing PlanNA
Rs. 500NANARs. 420.73Existing PlanNA
Rs. 510NANARs. 429.2Existing PlanNA
Rs. 550NANARs. 575Existing PlanLimited period offer
Rs. 610NANARs. 513.95Existing PlanNA
Rs. 890NANARs. 751.24Existing PlanNA
Rs. 1000NANARs. 844.46Existing PlanNA
Rs. 1100NANARs. 1200Existing PlanLimited period offer
Rs. 2000NANARs. 1691.92Existing PlanRs. 2300 for limited period
Rs. 3000NANARs. 2539.37Existing PlanRs. 3600 for limited period
Rs. 3300NANARs. 3500Existing PlanOver talktime offer
Rs. 5000NANARs. 4234.29Existing PlanNA
Rs. 5500NANARs. 6000Existing PlanOver talktime offer

BSNL Data Pack Recharge Offers

BSNL Kolkata offers amazing data recharges that come with many additional benefits. BSNL designed attractive full data prepaid plans for Kolkata region users. Choose your data plans accordingly.

Recharge PlansData (GB)SMSTalk timeValidity Additional Benefits
Rs. 132NANA1 DayNA
Rs. 281.5NANA3 DayNA
Rs. 561.5/dayNANA14 DaysNA
Rs. 782/day (After FUP speed reduced to 80 Kbps)NAUnlimited8 DaysUnlimited Video Calls

Free roaming

Free EROS Now

Rs. 982/dayNANA24 DaysFree EROS Now
Rs. 1921/day100/dayUnlimited28 DaysFree PRBT
Rs. 1982/dayNANA54 DaysNA
Rs. 3923/day (After FUP speed reduced to 80 Kbps)NAUnlimited BSNL to BSNL56 DaysNA
Rs. 4481/day (After FUP speed reduced to 40 Kbps)100/dayUnlimited84 DaysNA
Rs. 4894/day (After FUP speed reduced to 80 Kbps)NANA84 DaysFree Caller Tunes
Rs. 5515/day (After FUP speed reduced to 80 Kbps)NANA90 DaysFree PRBT
Rs. 1098Unlimited100/dayUnlimited84 DaysFree PRBT
Rs. 149891NANA365 DaysNA

Special Recharge Plans For BSNL Prepaid Users

BSNL Kolkata offers its prepaid users with many special tariff plans along with additional benefits.

Did You Know PRBT stands for Personalised Ring Back Tunes. BSNL offers to its users the PRBT services in which users can change BSNL caller tunes unlimited times.

Special PlansData (GB)SMSTalk timeValidityAdditional Benefits
Rs. 181/day100 SMSUnlimited local/STD/Roaming2 DaysUnlimited Video Calls
Rs. 22NANACalls @ 30p/min on any network30 DaysNA
Rs. 291300 SMSUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

5 DaysNA
Rs. 39NA100 SMSUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

10 DaysNA
Rs. 42NANACalls @ 10p/min for BSNL to BSNL

Calls @ 30p/min for BSNL to others

21 DaysNA
Rs. 44NANACalls @ 1.2p/sec26 DaysNA
Rs. 45NANAUnlimited BSNL to BSNL28 DaysNA
Rs. 65NANACalls @ 15p/min
STD @ 25p/min
30 DaysNA
Rs. 69NANACalls @ 1p/2 sec30 DaysNA
Rs. 71NANARs. 4028 DaysAll calls # 30p/min
Rs. 88NANACalls @ 10p/min for BSNL to BSNL

Calls @ 30p/min for BSNL to others

48 DaysNA
Rs. 92NA40 SMS in roaming120 mins any network30 DaysNA
Rs. 99NANAUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

24 DaysFree PRBT
Rs. 1181NAUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

28 DaysFree PRBT
Rs. 122NANACalls @ 1.4p/2 sec70 DaysNA
Rs. 135NANA300 mins any network24 DaysNA
Rs. 1432100 SMS500 mins any network30 DaysCalls @ 10p/min
Rs. 1641/dayNAUnlimited30 DaysNA
Rs. 1871.4/day100/DayUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

28 DaysFree PRBT
Rs. 1991/day100/dayUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

28 DaysFree PRBT
Rs. 209NANACalls @ 1p/sec90 DaysFree Cricket


Rs. 2981/day (After FUP speed reduced to 40 Kbps)100/DayUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

54 DaysFree EROS NOW entertainment service
Rs. 319Data @ 25p/sec/MbNAUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

84 DaysNA
Rs. 3491/day100/DayUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

64 DaysNA
Rs. 3991/day (After FUP speed reduced to 80 Kbps)100/DayUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

74 DaysFree PRBT
Rs. 4991/Day100/DayUnlimited local/STD &

Roaming calls in Mumbai & Delhi

90 DaysFree PRBT

Free cricket SMS alerts


BSNL has a wide range of SMS recharge plans for prepaid users. BSNL provides the best & pocket-friendly sms plans for all users. We have made a list of all sms recharge plans from where you can choose the best plan for your number. BSNL roaming plan starts at just Rs. 12.

PlansDataSMSTalk timeValidityAdditional Benefits
Rs. 12NA130 SMSNA7 DaysFree SMS 100/day
Rs. 21NA256 SMSNA15 DaysFree SMS 100/day
Rs. 22NA500 SMSNA10 DayFree SMS 50/day
Rs. 34NA385 SMSNA30 DaysFree SMS 100/day
Rs. 52NA860 SMSNA30 DaysFree SMS 100/day

Wow Factor! BSNL Mobile provides all of India services with roaming access, including Delhi and Mumbai, and International roaming access to more than 300 networks across the world.

International Packs Of BSNL Kolkata 2023

BSNL has launched International call packs for those users who just want foreign call benefits. If you are one of them, choose your perfect Internet data pack from below.

RechargePacksDataSMSTalk timeValidityBenefits
Rs. 23NARs. 3/smsRs. 6.49/min30 DayISD outgoing calls

SMS countries Australia, Bahrain, Kuwait

Rs. 24NANARs. 8.50/min30 DayISD calls to Nepal
Rs. 27NARs. 3/smsRs. 2.99/min30 DayCountries covered Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand
Rs. 38NARs. 3/smsRs. 4.49/min30 DayCountries covered France, Germany, UK
Rs. 41NARs. 3/smsRs. 1.49/min30 DayCountries covered Canada, USA, China, Singapore
Rs. 57NANANA30 DaySTV for extension of prepaid international roaming

BSNL Sim Validity Extension Recharge Plans

You can extend your BSNL SIM card by purchasing validity extension recharge plans provided by the BSNL Kolkata. BSNL has designed perfect and effective validity extension recharge packs for its users. Find your best plans below:

PlanData (GB)SMSTalk timeValidityAdditional Benefits
Rs. 742 for 15 daysNA100 Minutes Local/STD/Roaming for 15 days180 DaysSubscription to PRBT for 60 days
Rs. 1081/day500 smsUnlimited180 DaysNA
Rs. 1361100 sms for 30 daysCalls @ 25p/min for 30 days, after that 1.3p/min730 DaysNA
Rs. 1511/day100/dayUnlimited180 DaysFreebies valid for only 24 days
Rs. 153NAsms @ 15p/smsCalls @ 40p/min365 DaysFree PRBT for 28 days
Rs. 1861/day100/dayUnlimited180 DaysFreebies valid for only 81 days
Rs. 4851.5/day100/dayUnlimited180 DaysFreebies valid for only 90 days
Rs. 6661.5/day100/dayUnlimited180 DaysFreebies valid for only 134 days
Rs. 1097251000Unlimited730 DaysFreebies valid for only 365 days
Rs. 16992/day (After FUP speed reduced to 80 Kbps)100/dayUnlimited365 DaysFree PRBT

Pros and cons of BSNL prepaid recharges in Kolkata circle

While competing with several leading network companies, we have found some pros and drawbacks of BSNL prepaid recharge plans. Those are:


  • Cheap prepaid recharge plans
  • Roaming plans are less than other networks
  • Good network coverage in the Kolkata region
  • Special Tariff Plans and offers are good
  • Recharge facility available in Online BSNL website, every UPI apps i.e. Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Paytm, Mobikwik, Phonepe, Freecharge, etc.
  • 24/7 customer support.
  • No hidden charges & bill shock.


  • A wide range of prepaid plans can be confusing.
  • 4G service not available in every corner.
  • Monthly/quarterly recharge can be hectic.

Porting to BSNL Prepaid

It is very easy to jump from other networks to BSNL network service without changing your present number. For mobile number portability, type PORT (space) YOUR CURRENT NUMBER and send it to 1900, then you will get 8 digit UPC code. With the code, you need to visit the nearest BSNL store or any local retail shop.

**Activation of your new SIM can take a week. Till then you can use your old SIM card. Once your old SIM network disappears, insert the new BSNL SIM into your mobile.


Now that you have all the details of BSNL Kolkata Prepaid Recharge plans, you can choose the best one for your requirements. Stay tuned with us to know more about the latest updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is one of the best BSNL 3G / 4G prepaid plans in Kolkata?

There is a wide range of data plans for 3G / 4G Internet in BSNL Kolkata, But We recommend you to recharge for INR 98, Where You will get 2 GB Data / Day with Free Eros Now subscription for 22 Days.

The best recommended unlimited voice calling and data plan for a month comes with INR 139. With this recharge, the user can activate unlimited local voice calling, unlimited data: 2 GB / Day. Post FUP Speed: 40kbps. 100 SMS / Day.

Which one is the best full talk time recharge plan of BSNL in the Kolkata circle?

Recharge for full talk time with unlimited validity in the Kolkata region starts from INR 220.

What is the BSNL Kolkata customer care number?

Dial from your BSNL SIM 18001801503 (Toll-Free) or 1503. Also call 8003451500 from other networks to get in touch with BSNL customer care.

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