BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans In Odisha – Tariffs in 2023

BSNL Prepaid Recharge Plans In Odisha – Tariffs in 2022

The validity and prepaid plans were introduced for the first time by the state-run telecom company, BSNL. The price of these plans is much lower than that of any other operator in India, but the advantages are significantly better. These are referred to as special recharges by BSNL, and users must recharge their numbers with these packs in order to keep their numbers operational.

In this article, we’ve provided a comprehensive list of the best BSNL validity packs in Odisha.

Latest BSNL Validity Packs In Odisha

Let’s have a look at all BSNL validity packs in Odisha in 2022 below.

₹35180*MNP 35:*

Validity extension: Only PV-36 must be recharged to extend the validity after 180 days.

Combo Offer: Receive full talktime when you recharge INR 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 550, 1000, 1100, 2000, 3000, or 5500.

After validity, calls are made at a rate of 1.2p every 2sec.

₹3690Plan for Extending Validity

Only PV-36 must be recharged to extend the validity after 180 days.

Refill your Talk Plan (subscription) for Rs.200, Rs.250, Rs.300, Rs.400, Rs.500, Rs.550, Rs.1000, Rs.1100, Rs.2000, Rs.3000, and Rs.5000, to avail full talk value.

After that, make calls at 1.8P per sec. 3 per 10 KB of data

₹4990*PV 49:*

TopUp of Rs 200, 250, 300, 400, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, and 5500 to get full talk value.

The cost of data is 3p per 10 KB. Reduced call prices of 20p per minute to three local BSNL numbers and 40p per minute to two local BSNL numbers to other networks.

The cost of data is 3p per 10 KB.

₹72180Talktime: Rs.72
₹74180This BSNL validity pack 74 in Odisha for Extending Validity offers 6000 Sec for the next 15 days, you can make free calls to any network.

2GB Of Data For 15 Days

₹75180With this BSNL validity pack 75 in Odisha, you get free BSNL-to-BSNL and BSNL-to-Other network calls of 2000 seconds each.

Data: 3p per 10KB Local voice calls to one BSNL Fixed or WLL (Fixed or Limited Mobility) line in his own name are free for up to thirty minutes per day.

Calls that last longer than thirty minutes will be charged at 1.8 pence per second.

₹75180*ValidityExtn 75:* Get 100 minutes of free calls to any network for 15 days Plus 2GB of data.
₹136730For the first 30 days, you’ll get Local and STD calls (home circle/national roaming) at 25 ps/min. After that, you’ll get 1.3 ps/sec. For the first 30 days, a customer gets 1GB of free data that may be used as they choose. SMS(LO/STD) @100PPS Roaming fees for sending local SMS is 25p each, while the fees for sending national SMS is 38p each.

Data usage beyond the free limit will be charged at 25p per MB on the BSNL network and 3p per KB on the MTNL network. This plan is the only one that can use the special combination vouchers 176/377/577.

₹151180Calls to any network are unlimited. Roaming including Mumbai and Delhi.

1GB of free data each day + 100 SMS per day on any network. The freebies are only valid for 24 days.

₹153365*PV 153:* All BSNL Calls @ 15p/Min and Other Calls @ 40p/Min + Free PRBT (Enjoy Complimentary BSNL Caller Tunes Including Unlimited Songs Change) for 28days Plus Local/STD SMS @ 15Paisa
₹186180*PV 186:* Unlimited calls to every network, including roaming (except Mumbai and Delhi) plus Unlimited DATA with 1GB/day FUP Plus 100 SMS/day for 28 days.
₹429180*PLAN 429:* Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls (Except Mumbai and Delhi). 1GB of data each day 100 SMS per day The freebies are only available for 81 days.
₹485180*PV 485:* Unlimited calls to every network, including roaming (except Mumbai and Delhi) with Unlimited DATA of 1.5GB per day FUP also 100 SMS per day for 90 days.
₹666180Unlimited Local/STD/Roaming Calls (Except Mumbai and Delhi).

1.5GB of data each day 100 SMS per day The freebies are only available for 134 days.

₹1699365Only 250 minutes are available to clients whose validity has been extended or whose plan has been migrated. Free any-net (Local/STD) voice calls per day in Home LSA and Roaming, covering Mumbai and Delhi + U/L Data with speed decreased to 80Kbps after 2GB/day plus free 100 SMS/day plus Free PRBT with unlimited song changing option. Only valid with an annual combo.

The operator provides plan migration recharge plans, which allow consumers to transfer from one plan to another while also boosting the validity. BSNL has also made it possible to recharge all of these bundles online.

BSNL Validity Extension Plans 2022- What To Know

For individuals who do not use their BSNL phone frequently but wish to keep it active, BSNL provides numerous validity extension recharge plans. The state-owned telecom offers a wide range of prepaid plans known as ‘Validity Extension’ plans for such customers.

As the name suggests, these are intended to prolong the validity of your BSNL number; however, they further come with additional advantages. BSNL Validity Extension prepaid plans include everything from unlimited calls, daily internet, daily SMS, and a freeZing membership.

This appears to be BSNL’s approach for keeping customers on their network. If you are a BSNL customer seeking the finest BSNL validity prepaid recharge plan, you have come to the correct spot. These plans are universal across the country, with the exception of a handful of region-specific plans in some circles.

Platforms To Check For Online BSNL Recharge Offers

Be it BSNL’s Odisha validity plan for 6 months or 1 year, you may obtain a plethora of deals for recharging your BSNL prepaid phone on various online portals. Here are the best platforms that offer great BSNL prepaid recharge deals:


A mobile wallet or app on your smartphone, PayZapp is specifically used for payments. Without using your credit card or banking accounts, you may make digital payments for a range of online and offline businesses.


Mobikwik is a digital wallet that may be used for a variety of online transactions, including money transfers, payment acceptance, mobile recharges, and utility bill payments, such as energy, internet, and DTH, to list a few.

Amazon Pay

Amazon Pay is a payment processing service that Amazon owns. Amazon Pay was launched in 2007, makes advantage of’s user base and focuses on providing consumers with the best prices and offers.

A Note On The BSNL Account Disconnection DateCustomers can choose between two sorts of grace periods from BSNL. The first is Grace Period 1 (GP1), while the second is Grace Period 2 (GP2).

The GP1 period begins on the day of the validity’s expiration, whereas the GP2 period begins on the eighth day of the validity’s end. The GP1 is only valid for seven days, but the GP2 is active for 165 days. This means you have 172 days from the date of expiration. After 172 days, your BSNL SIM would be disconnected completely.


Now that you know all the options you have when it comes to BSNL’s validity offers and plans in Odisha, you should be able to make an informed decision while choosing the right one. That being said, BSNL keeps updating its plans and offers, so if you can’t find a plan you like or have questions related to the validity extension, you should consider contacting BSNL’s customer care

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to increase BSNL prepaid recharge validity?

These are the top ways to increase your BSNL prepaid recharge plans:

  • Use SMS for your validity extension with the main balance. Type PV (amount) to 53733 or 123 and send it.
  • Use the Automatic Extension feature of the validity option.
  • Another way is coupon recharge or electronic recharge.
  • Last but not the list Via the online BSNL Portal.

Is there a minimum recharge for BSNL validity?

The minimum BSNL prepaid recharge validity is 15 days at ₹36. This recharge plan will offer you free calls, data, and SMS at a lower price.

Will the BSNL SIM expire?

BSNL’s validity begins from the last recharge date. If recharge is not accomplished with the added period of 60 days – the normal grace period of 15 days- the BSNL Mobile prepaid plan will lapse, and you won’t be able to use it again.

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