BSNL Port Offer – Mobile Number Portability

BSNL Port Offer – Mobile Number Portability

If you are looking for BSNL Port Offer in today’s competition between Airtel, Jio, Vi, and BSNL then You are in the right place.

To become the leading Telecompany All Indian Telecom companies are looking for customer acquisition over the period.

But because of this Portability offers customers the freedom to jump from one network to another after every 90 days of utility in a single telecom company.

And so BSNL is not giving up on their customers, and Here is some attractive BSNL Port Offer that you will enjoy for 28 days to 200 days.

If you have any Questions about BSNL MNP FAQ Visit the Official Website.

BSNL Port Offer 2023

These Offers are given on BSNL’s Official website and are available for customers all across India. But If you want to get a Special offer for yourself you must check for a Local Agent selling MNP to BSNL services in your city.

SRFRC PriceRecharge OfferDetails
1₹108Unlimited Calls + 1GB/Day
500 SMS
for 28 Days
For New and MNP Customer
2₹249Unlimited Calls + 2GB/Day
for 60 Days
For All Customers
3₹397 PlanUnlimited Calls + 2GB/Day
100SMS/Day & PRBT for 60 Days
for 200 Days
For All Customers
4₹997Unlimited Calls + 3GB/Day
100SMS/Day & PRBT for 180 Days
for 200 Days
For All Customers

Else you can visit the BSNL Office Near you and ask for any new offer for a new Sim or MNP offer from BSNL for you.

I know BSNL is currently struggling to get on 4G technology but as per the new leaks, BSNL is planning to launch 5G technology skipping 4G.

So this will save BSNL from a huge cost of development and BSNL can compete in real-time with opponents.

Ambani on the 5G meeting up said the Government is planning good things for BSNL and BSNL will oppose the future Monopoly in the telecom companies.

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How to Get BSNL Port Offer?

The Best way to Get the Best BSNL Port offer is to Visit the BSNL office Near you OR look for a sales guy in your city that sells Portability offers.

I have seen the same Sales Guys in my area they help people in MNP to Vi, Airtel, Jio, and BSNL.

  • First Search for a local sales guy that help you to get Ported into BSNL
  • Check the Offer you will get After Porting to BSNL.
  • If no offer is available Check the offers shared above in the Table.
BSNL Port Offer - Available in your Area

How to Port to BSNL from Vi, Jio, and Airtel?

Now let’s get to the real but easy part of Getting the BSNL offer. Please Note: Once you port to BSNL or any company you are not allowed to Port back or to others until the next 90 Days.

The Best BSNL Port Offer: If you do not find any portability offer with BSNL I would suggest you to go with BSNL ₹397 FRC Offer it gives you 200 days Validity with 2GB/Day and Unlimited Calling.

image 1

Follow these Steps to Port from Vi, Airtel, and Jio to BSNL:

  • First Go to your SMS App and Type PORT Your Current Mobile number
  • Then Send this Message to 1900 (This Number is Chargeable you need at least ₹5 in your Sim)
  • Then You will Receive a UPC code Keep this code with you
  • Now Visit the BSNL office or the Portability Sales guy and give your UPC code and Adhar details and get your new Sim.
  • Activation is done in no time but your New BSNL Sim will get into service in the next 48 Hours.

If you face any issues keep the Sales guy’s Mobile Number with you or visit the nearest BSNL Branch if possible.

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