BSNL Kerala STV Plans for Voice, Data, SMS, ISD & Combo Offers

Different STV plans launched in BSNL Kerala circle for GSM customer with combo benefits to avoid/reduce the Voice, Data, SMS tariff for home and national roaming in India. User can choose any of the required combo STV from the list of plans through online or offline if having basic prepaid plan subscription for his/her mobile number.

These combo special tariff vouchers does not require to recharge with in India, if already having unlimited pack subscription(basic plan), and the below BSNL Kerala STV plans are meant for only Kerala circle GSM customers.

Here we present, only the best STV plans of Kerala circle list, which are most required and activated by lakhs of customers, Have a look at all to choose the best for your required.

4G Combo Special Tariff Vouchers

Stv PricesFreebiesValiditySMS Activation Code To 123 or USSD Code
18Local/Std Voice Calls ( 250 Min/day) + 1.8 GB data/day + Unlimited Video Calls2 DaysSTV COMBO18
29Free Calls (250 Min/day) excluding Mumbai & Delhi + 1GB Data + 300 SMS4 DaysSTV COMBO29
39250 Min/day Unlimited Calls (On-Net/ Other Network)7 DaysSTV COMBO39
78Free Voice Calls +Unlimited Video Calls + 3GB/day + EROS NOW Entertainment Service8 Days
118Any Network Voice Calls ( 250 Min/day) + 0.5 GB/day + 100 SMS/day21 DaysSTV COMBO118
12510620 Seconds ( Local/Std ) in Home LSA + 200 MB data + 100 SMS28 DaysSTV COMBO125
159Free Voice Calls ( 250 Min/day) excluding Mumbai & Delhi + 1GB Data28 DaysSTV COMBO159
187Unlimited Local/Std Calls ( 250 mins/day) + 2GB data/day + 100 SMS + FREE Caller Tune recharge via Ctopup/Online & No Caller Tune via SMS/USSD24 DaysSTV COMBO187
247250 Minutes per day including Mumbai & Delhi + unlimited data at with speed reduced to 80Kbps after 3GB/DAY + 100 SMS/Day any network40 DaysSTV COMBO247


298Local/Std Roaming Calls ( 250 Min/day) incl Mumbai & Delhi + 1 GB/day + 100 SMS + EROS NOW Entertainment service45 Days
319Free Voice Calls
( 250min/day ) + 1GB High Speed Data then 40 Kbps + 100 SMS/day
75 DaysSTV COMBO349
3953000 min Local/Std Calls ( On-net) + 1800 min Other Network Voice Calls then 20Paisa/Min + 1GB data/day56 DaysSTV COMBO395
429Free Calls ( 250 Mins/day) + 1GB High Speed Data 80 kbps + 100 SMS/day81 DaysSTV COMBO429
499Unlimited Voice Calls ( 250 Mins/day) including Mumbai & Delhi + 1 GB data/day + 100 SMS/day + Free Cricket PRBT along with Cricket SMS alerts + Free Caller Tune Option90 Days
599Free Voice Calls (250 min) including National Roaming + 5 GB High Speed Data, then 80Kbps84 Days

Data STV

STV PriceFree DataValiditySMS Activation Code To 123
162GB data1 DaySTV DATA16
27150MB3 DaysSTV DATA27
33200MB5 DaysSTV DATA33
571GB data/day10 DaysSTV DATA57
982GB /day High Speed Data then 40 Kbps + EROS NOW Entertainment Service22 Days
151Free 40GB Data + Zing28 Days
1781GB data + 70 Mobile Tv Channels by Pk Online17 Days
1982GB per day + Free BSNL Tune + Free Caller Tunes bundling on recharge via Ctopup/Online & No Caller Tunes bundling on recharge via SMS/USSD45 DaysSTV DATA198
2412.5GB Per day Unlimited Data, then 40 kbps30 DaysSTV DATA241
251High Speed 40GB Data28 Days
5976GB High Speed Data180 Days
998Unlimited 2GB data/day + PRBT for 2 Months + Free Tunes bundling on Recharge Via Ctopup/Online & No Free Tunes bundling on recharge via SMS/USSD240 DaysSTV DATA998
1098Free Data Without Any Speed Restriction + 100SMS/day + Unlimited Caller Tunes84 DaysSTV DATA1498
1197Unlimited High Speed 14GB Data365 Days


STV PricesFree SMSValiditySMS Activation Code To 123
35385 SMS (Any Network)30 DaysSTV SMS35
59860 SMS (Local/Std)30 DaysSTV SMS59


STV PricesCountry NameChargesValiditySMS Activation Code To 123
19NepalVoice Calls Rs8.50/Minute30 DaysSTV ISD19
24BahrainAll Voice Calls @ Rs6.49/Min + SMS Rs 3/SMS30 DaysSTV ISD24
43Canada, China, Singapore, USAAll Voice Calls Rs1.49/Minute, SMS Rs 3/SMS30 DaysSTV ISD43
  1. Can we recharge different STV packs at a time?

    No, only one voucher will activate at a time, but if recharged at a time, the freebies of both vouchers will credited and expired as per the voucher expiry.

  2. Can we recharge the Kerala STV plans with any mode of BSNL?

    In the above list, if presented as C Top Up/Online, the required voucher will activates only through that mode, but if mentioned with USSD code, it will activate through any mode like (Online Recharge, APP, USSD Code, Selfcare).

  3. If having free balance in main plan, but recharged with STV, which will charged?

    At first STV balance only charged, after the expiry/exhaust of STV, the main freebies/balance will be charged by the operator.

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