BSNL Gujarat Broadband Plans on DSL / Bharat Fiber

Difference in unlimited internet speed in BSNL Gujarat broadband plans and the duration at which broadband cheapest deal is meant for you defined with various factors like as mentioned under Bharat Fiber and DSL service of Postpaid offered from ISP with new offers.

We present the latest BSNL broadband plans in Gujarat only provides high speed internet for small business and individual needs too, and the most exciting thing is the best broadband services provides through DSL and Bharat Fiber network provides free calling without any rental for Voice, So Let’s check all available tariffs for different areas in Gujarat.

BSNL Gujarat Broadband Plans

NomenclatureSpeedMonthly Rent in Rs6 Months Rent in Rs1 Year Rent in RsNetwork Type
Fibre EntryUpto 20Mbps till 1000GB329Fiber
Fibre ExperienceUpto 30Mbps till 1000GB399Fiber
Fibre Basic Neo (For 1st 6months from installation)30Mbps till 3300 GB after 4Mbps449Fiber
Fiber Basic40Mbps till 3300GB, then 4Mbps49927455240FTTH
3300 GB Annual CS37450 Mbps till 3300 GB, up to 4 Mbps beyond5399FTTH
Fibre Basic Plus60Mbps till 3300 GB after 4Mbps59907188Bharat Fiber
Fibre Value OTT100Mbps till 1500 GB after 5Mbps79909588Bharat Fiber
Super Star Premium plusUpto 150Mbps till 2000GB999Bharat Fiber
Fibre Premium Plus200Mbps till 3300 GB then 15Mbps1277702413409Fiber
Fiber Silver PlusUpto 300Mbps till 5000GB2499Fiber
Fibre RubyUpto 300Mbps till 6500GB4499Fiber
Fibre Ultra **300Mbps till 4000 GB then 4Mbps1499017988Fiber
200GB CUL10Mbps till 200GB,upto 4Mbps39921954190Copper
500GB CUL10Mbps till 500GB, then 4Mbps55530535828DSL
Super Star 110Mbps till 779GB, after 4Mbps77908569Copper
1600GB CUL10Mbps till 1600Gb, then 5Mbps1299013640Copper

99networks present all the various plans available on DSL and Bharat Fiber network in support with digital India for different cities with landline facility also, and the difference in tariff is indicated as above, so choose the best.

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