BSNL Broad Fi & BSNL 4G Plus Login Id and Password

BSNL Broad Fi & BSNL 4G Plus Login Id and Password

I know you are using the 4G network already, but have you ever tried the BSNL Broad Fi or BSNL 4G Plus network? This is also known as BSNL 4.5G Internet.

Yes! BSNL has launched this service of Free High-Speed wifi for All of us. You will find Free WiFi or PUBLIC WiFi from BSNL at Railway Stations, Malls, and Hospitals.

What is BSNL Broad Fi or BSNL 4G Plus?

It is a High-Speed WiFi Service provided at particular locations all over India. You can use 100 MB of Free Data at 20MBPS speed.

These are three types of BSNL Broadband WiFi Services:

  1. BSNL Broad Fi
  2. BSNL Public WiFi
  3. BSNL 4G Plus

Each service is defined and designed for a different purpose. I will explain in short and then we can discuss how you can use each service for free…

The BSNL WiFi or BSNL PUBLIC WiFi is free for all High-Speed WiFi where you can simply enter your mobile number and then enter the OTP to get 100MB of Free Data WiFi.

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If you want more Data you can Recharge with any of the recharge plans starting @ just ₹9 for 1GB.

The BSNL Broad Fi is a Free WiFi Service for BSNL Broadband or BSNL FTTH Broadband service users. You just need to enter your Broadband User Id password and then you will receive an OTP to the registered mobile number.

Once you enter the OTP your Broadband Data will be deducted as you use this BSNL Broad Fi.

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The BSNL 4G Plus is a Free WiFi Service for BSNL 4G Users, Insert your BSNL 4G Sim in slot 1 of your Mobile and connect to this WiFi and you can use your BSNL 3G/4G data at high speed.

But for this, your Daily remaining data will be deducted in exchange for the BSNL 4G Plus WiFi Data you consume.

BSNL WiFi Price for Extra Data

Coupon value for BSNL WiFi SSID that you can recharge after using the Free 100 MB Data.

Name of PlanPriceDataValidity (in days)
BSNL WiFi 9₹91 GB1
BSNL WiFi 19₹193 GB3
BSNL WiFi 39₹397 GB7
BSNL WiFi 59₹5915 GB15
BSNL WiFi 69₹6930 GB30

The Plans shown above are supported for BSNL Public WiFi which is Free for all up to 100MB and you can upgrade onwards with any of the recharge above.

Features of using BSNL Broad Fi:

BSNL Broad Fi or BSNL 4G Plus or BSNL WiFi are served together in all Hotspots zone in India provided by BSNL Telecom. Here are some key features of why this BSNL WiFi is so good!

  • Anybody can use this BSNL WiFi (BSNL or Non-BSNL customer).
  • You get Free Data of 100 MB initially using a simple OTP sign-in.
  • The High-Speed Internet provided over this WiFi gives a 20 MBPS Internet Speed.
  • BSNL Broad Fi gives Mobility to BSNL Broadband/FTTH customers to use their Data Balance using this WiFi Hotspot.
  • Also if you are using a BSNL 3G/4G Sim you can offload your Data balance on BSNL 4G Plus and enjoy high-speed wifi for Free.

How to Use BSNL Broad Fi OR BSNL WiFi OR BSNL 4G Plus?

Here are two different ways to sign in using the WiFi Settings or directly using the Android App.

Before we get started on how you can use the BSNL Free WiFi Service you must know which WiFi is suitable for you.

Types of Free Hotspot at BSNL Broad Fi
  1. The BSNL WiFi is Suitable for Non-BSNL Customers those who want to use high-Speed Internet can recharge with any amount starting from ₹9 for 1 GB.
  2. The BSNL Broad Fi is Suitable for BSNL Broadband users or BSNL FTTH Users; when you use this Hotspot your Broadband Remaining Data Balance will be automatically deducted and you get Remote access to your Broadband on your Phone.
  3. The BSNL 4G Plus is Suitable for BSNL 3G/4G customers, When you use this High-Speed WiFi your Remaining Data balance will be deducted in exchange for your WiFi Used here.

How to Connect with BSNL WiFi?

Follow the Process to Connect with BSNL WiFi Hotspot and get 100 MB of Free Data to use. After that, you can Buy a Data Plan and enjoy 20 MBPS Speed Internet.

  1. Turn ON your WiFi and connect to BSNL WiFi
  2. A sign in Page will be open automatically with two Options Public WiFi and BSNL User
  3. Choose Public WiFi if you are a Non-BSNL Customer enter the Mobile number you will receive an OTP.
  4. Put the OTP and Connect you will get 100 MB of Free Data to use.
  5. Choose BSNL User if you are a BSNL Customer then enter your Mobile Number and you will receive an OTP
  6. Put the OTP and connect your 3G Data will be consumed as you use this WiFi.

How to Connect with BSNL Broad Fi?

If you are a BSNL Broadband or BSNL FTTH customer click on the BSNL Broad Fi option and follow the process.

  1. When you will on BSNL Broad Fi you will need to follow some settings options.
  2. In EAP method select PEAP
  3. Select Phase 2 Authentication as MSCHAPV2
  4. Select CA Certificate as do not validate or Not required.
  5. In Identity Put your BSNL Broadband ID ending with OR
  6. In Password put your BSNL Broadband Password.
  7. Then Click on Connect and the page will redirect to an OTP Page the OTP is sent on your registered mobile number.
  8. Enter the OTP to get connected with BSNL Broad Fi and your BSNL Broadband Remaining Data will be consumed as you use this WiFi.

How to Connect with BSNL 4G Plus?

The easiest way to connect with High-Speed WiFi is BSNL 4G Plus if you are a BSNL customer.

  1. Make sure you have put your BSNL Sim in Slot 1
  2. Connect to BSNL 4G Plus WiFi
  3. Choose EAP Method as SIM
  4. Then Click on Connect
  5. Your BSNL 3G/4G Data will be consumed as you use this WiFi.


BSNL is Providing a Great service in the form of PUBLIC WiFi if you are in some remote area where your Network is not supported you can use the WiFi and recharge if you need more data.

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